Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 9 Hot Pins

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Asian Sensation

This team hit a brick wall on sunday getting destroyed by Strikes n Spares. The Sensation have to practice and stop talking on the boards. Obviously it is not working when the first place team just destroys you. Link

Balls n Strikes

This team is a top 2 team when they have Wahid and Shumail playing. When one is missing this is a bottom 2 team. I am no genius, but if I were Balls n Strikes I would make sure Wahid and Shumail play in every game. Link

Strike Kings

Strike Kings won again this week. But again they barely won and only captured 13 points. Lanes were difficult this week as Don Ali bowled a career low.  The question that is circulating the bowling world and twitter is. Will Don yell at the manager of East Meadow to get the lanes better? Link

Strikes n Spares
After destroying Asian Sensation we have learned that this team can talk the talk, and also walk the walk. Is there any team in the world that can beat this team?  Link

Pin Pals
After losing to Strike Kings this team showed they need Asif as he was missing this week. Was Asif not feeling well? Or was he making a statement to his own team? Asif Asif where art thou? Link

Force has now moved into 7th place and .5  points away from Balls n Strikes for 6th place. Cinderella has a new favorite team. She is wearing the colors of team Force. Link

Pin Smackers 

Pin Smackers win two close games vs Balls n Strikes in 1st 2 games. The problem was Balls n Strikes only had 3 guys.  Shumail comes for Balls n Strikes and they destroy Pin Smackers 6 to 1 in points in game 3.  This team is very confusing. No one knows if they are a good team or not. Link


After three awful weeks Snipers are now in last place by 13 points. The bright side, Uday bowled very well , and looks like he is getting better. Will Gage be too upset though over the Giants lost to bowl next week? Link

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