Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SASN Radio featuring Carlos Molina, Razi Hussaini, Mohammad Bahi, Raza Dastigir

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Host Ammad Sheikh was joined by Atif Tatari as they had an action packed show.

From start to finish it was jam packed.

Atif and Ammad talked about the NY Knicks and how they were exceeding expectations. Ammad a notorious Melo criticizer seems to be softening up his tune. They spoke about Carmelo Anthony and the performance of Raymond Felton.

They were joined live by Carlos Molina the undefeated fighter who is taking on Amir Khan live this Saturday on Show Time in Los Angeles. Carlos spoke about growing up in the area and how this was his Rocky moment and how he planned on shocking the world. He did mention that Angel Garcia the father of Danny Garcia was going to be in his corner in a way to psyche out Amir Khan.

Razi Hussaini called in to discuss the most epic games in the history of SA sports. He spoke about his team the Chargers defeating the Bandits in a game that lasted 5 over times.

Mohammad Bahi of the Warriors talked about how they took apart the Slum Dogs and how they were going to execute their game plan this upcoming Sunday.

Lastly Raza Dastigir of Strikes N Spares came on for a few minutes to talk about South Asian Bowling and the controversy surrounding his team mate Jason Reis. He also gave his predictions for this week.

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