Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Asian Sensation Post Game

Strikes n Spares- 21 points

Asian Sensation - 2 points

The atmosphere for this matchup was hostile from the outset. Both teams had been attacking each other for weeks both in person and social media. The stakes were high as the number 1 and number 2 teams competed. However, SnS showed exactly why they are number 1, delivering a pulverizing performance and an all out asian domination.

Game 1

Both teams showed up without saying much to each other. Practice sessions were quiet. Right away Raza Dastgir wanted to bowl against Amin and placed himself first in the lineup. The sensations had their own tactical approach, placing Jin as their anchor in an attempt to capitalize on his handicap of 28 pins against the most dominant bowler in the league Jason Reis. Amin backed out of the challenge and felt his chances were better going up against Amaad. Raza came out firing with a new 14lb ball and bowled a monstrous 222 against JR2K who had all sorts of issues with tape. He ended up bowling a season low 144 as he could not find his mark. Amaad bowled a solid 189 easily taking the matchup point from Amin who bowled a 157. Mufthy vs. Yash was perhaps the most even matchup but Yash came out and folded under pressure. He delivered a horrid performance of 135 against the number 1 seed, his lowest for the season. As for the anchor's, Jason bowled a 226 and easily took the point from Jin who was bowling well below his average in this series. Believe it or not, as if it couldn't get worse, he bowled the lowest score out of all the sensations with a 134. SnS came out with a clean sweep bowling an astonishing 806 scratch.

Game 1 - SnS 7 points - Asian Sensation 0 points

Game 2

With Raza starting to cool down a little, this was the Sensation's chance to try salvage some dignity. However, they clearly were intimidated by the presence of SnS. Raza still bowled a respectable 169 and JR2K continued to struggle with a 165. Amin stepped his game up with a 168, but Amaad starting off with 4 strikes in a row easily took the point bowling a season high 209. Yash finally showed some life in game 2 bowling a 191 and took the first point the Sensations gained in this matchup, defeating Mufthy who bowled a 179. J-Wow bowled around 20 pins below his average in this game but if there's anything we learned from this matchup, it's that being an anchor takes greatness both physically in your skill, but also mentally. As Jin's anchor debut, he continued to disappoint with a mere 140 in game 2.

 Game 2 - SnS 6 - Asian Sensation 1 point

Game 3

Finally in this game one of the Sensation's was able to break 200 as Amin bowled a 207 scratch earning the matchup point for his team. The jerk-release curve was working in his favor as he knocked down multiple strikes. All the practices every week before the game seemed to pay off, but the rhetorical question remains - how is he supposed to make his teammates better by practice? JR2k continued to struggle, bowling a 161. Raza continued his 'player of the week' status bowling with a 197. Yash bowled a solid 181, but Mufthy came back with a vengeance as he was not losing 2 points to Yash, and bowled a 222. As for Jin, I feel bad even publicly publishing his score of a 151 as an anchor against J-WOW who did his thing and bowled a 225. Jason ended the game bowling 7 strikes in a row sealing Asian Sensation's fate.

 Game 3 - SnS 6 points - Asian Sensation 1 point

 SnS came and took care of business, reminding all in the league that they are the team to beat. Maybe next week the polls will show a different outcome for the most feared team as they delivered a devastating blow to the number 2 seeded sensations. They have soared ahead in he standings by taking a demanding lead. The rivalry continues between these 2 squads. If I had to give advice to the sensations, it would be to spend more time bowling their game and less time strategizing. However, the way SnS has been playing, all the advice in the world may not be enough to beat this team.


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