Sunday, December 16, 2012

Strike Kings vs Pin Pals Post Game Recap

Game I – Pin Pals 742 vs. Strike Kings 745
Game II – Pin Pals 728 vs. Strike Kings 627
Game III – Pin Pals 766 vs. Strike Kings 778
Strike Kings – 13 points
Pin Pals – 10 points
Here we go again! The Strike Kings won two games in the 10th frame and Nisar hit a strike in a bowl-off making the day a close call on many fronts. Nevertheless taking 13 pins was yet another mixed bag for the Strike Kings. And the oil pattern on the lanes?? East Meadow once again threw everyone for a loop. While SNS and Asian Sensation had players breaking 200 like it was nothing (on the pairs of lanes right next door), ONLY one game in this matchup was above 200. Coincidence or oil machine error – who can know for sure?
Asif was a no-show for the day and it showed for the Pin Pals in game I. Dave bowled a 170, some 22 pins above his average but so did his opponent, Raheel – Dave loses as Raheel’s handicap makes the difference. Eddie actually lost against the blind with a 144 but with handicap he takes the point. Nisar took his point against Chris and Ayaz took his point against Don Ali. The Strike Kings were winning up until the 8th frame when the Pins Pals took the lead. The Strike Kings rallied in the 10th frame however and after Eddie hit a strike and a spare, so did Don Ali. Ayaz needed a strike in his first shot for the win but couldn’t do it so the Strike Kings win by 2 pins.
In game II the Pin Pals came out strong. Both Ayaz and Dave won their individual points. Nisar won his first ever bowl-off against Chris with a strike. Chris bowled first and got 9 pins so the pressure was on Nisar and he delivered in typical last minute fashion. Eddie took his point against the blind, once again losing scratch but winning with his handicap. In the end, Pins Pals take the game by 100 pins, thereby assuring themselves total pins.
For game III the Pin Pals had Ammar make his 2012 debut and bowl in the third spot. Ammar started off with a turkey and would go on to win his point against Eddie. Dave came back with a 176 and took his point against Raheel. Nisar took his point against Chris and Don Ali took his point against Ayaz. And so it came down to the 10th frame. Eddie made a spare and then Don Ali did as well, ending with a strike. Don Ali bowled the high game of this matchup with a 201, which is actually 3 pins below his average. Once again Ayaz needed a strike in his first shot but he missed. Strike Kings win by 10 pins.
It should be noted that in game III, Pin Pals left up almost 15 pins throughout the match after splits were left. In one case there was a 5 pin split left and no pins were taken down on the second shot. Same for a split that left four pins and a couple other splits throughout the game. If the Pin Pals had just hit some of those pins, Ayaz would only have needed a spare and some pins to win the game. The Strike Kings once again capitalize on this scenario. Ayaz gets stuck in the position of needing a strike in the 10th frame for a second time on a pair of lanes that appeared to be the toughest of the week. To put the state of the lanes in perspective, neither Don Ali, Eddie nor Ayaz – with averages of 204, 191 and 187 respectively – bowled a single game above their average. Nisar and Dave were the key players for their respective teams as they both bowled above their averages twice.

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