Sunday, December 2, 2012

Force vs Strike Kings Post Game Recap

Game I – Force 751 vs. Strike Kings 798
Game II – Force 870 vs. Strike Kings 801
Game III – Force 748 vs. Strike Kings 797
Strike Kings – 12 points
Force – 11 points
The Strike Kings were favored once again by a majority of the critics to take all three games and total pins. Instead, they came up with another mixed bad taking 12 points.
In game I, the Strike Kings gave a decent performance with Eddie giving the best showing with a 207. Unfortunately for him, however, Riz scored a 190 and with his 44 pins handicap he finished with a clear win for this individual matchup. Matthew took the other point for Force this game due to an off game by Ammad with a 132. Nisar took his point against new member of the Force team, Abbas. Lastly Don Ali took his point bowling a 197 against Prince bowling who bowled a 127.
In game II, Force made a better showing for a clean sweep. While Eddie had a good game of 190 and Don Ali had a better one at 221, it made no difference as they both lost their points to Riz with a 170 and Prince with a 206. Handicap made the difference in each case. Nisar lost to Abbas by just a few pins. Meanwhile James (Lin) came in for Matthew this game and took his point against Ammad with a 151, some 34 pins above his average.
At first game III appeared to be a make or break for both teams – or was it? The Strike Kings took the game and won by 49 pins, thereby assuring themselves of total pins. However, due to individual matchups, it was again a mixed bag. Don Ali took his point against Prince with a 224 while Ammad also took his point with a 140 and that was it. Riz took his point with a 157 as did Matthew  with a 165, who came back in replacing Abbas.
After being several men down for the majority of the first six weeks, Force not only had a complete roster, they had a sub. Watch out for this team, they have some ground to cover but it’s not over yet. If only all the members of the Strike Kings were on their game at the same time. This league is not the league of Season I. No team can be carried by a single player or two anymore. This author sees a key middle average bowler, he ones who average between 145 and 17. Who bowls the occasional 220 or better and make it impossible for their opponents of the day for that game. They are the key to this league so far this season. This also evidenced in the top ten individual point scorers. Time will tell if this trend will last or not.

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