Friday, August 30, 2013

Finals- Mean Machine Vs Lane Warriors

Champions-Mean machine 16-7   6-1 4-3  4-3    2 for total wood
Finals MVP- Jason Reis
Regular Season MVP- Justin Reis

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st Round Playoffs (8/22/13)
Mean Machine vs Black and Tan
Lane Warriors vs Pins Go Down

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Remaining schedule:
Thursday 8/15/13 8:15pm
Monday 8/19/13 8:15pm

First Round- 8/22/13 8:15pm
Finals  8/29/13 8:15pm

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hot Pins

1. Did another bowler just quit the league? What is going on with everyone? Who is next?
2. I'm pretty sure Jason put to rest this week that there is no one in the league that is on his level.
3. Congrats Ayaz you bowled 7 strikes in a row!! But you still didn't have the high game for the week. Womp Womp.
4. Is Ammad taking deer antler? He bowled his career high series breaking a 550 series.
5. How is it possible that Abhi is one of the worse bowlers on his team? Oops I hope I didn't make him mad.
6. What will the drama be on monday? I know you are excited just like I am.
7. Looks like Prince was caught bending the rules trying to take all 23 points in a forfeit. O well he still took 16 points.
8. Khaled welcome back to bowling. I'm pretty sure we've seen him for the last time this season.
9. Eddie you are at the bowling alley every week. Why aren't you bowling!!!????!!!!!!!
10. Last match is monday before the one month break. Finally!!!!!!!!

Black & Tan vs The Dudes

Black & Tan Vs The Dudes

Game 1:  874 - 795
Game 2:  809 - 882
Game 3:  715 - 801

This matchup pitted Black & Tan, AKA Snipers plus Prince versus The Dudes, AKA Asian Balls n' Pals, two mid-level teams that have much talent and are strong contenders to be in the playoffs when the season is over.   In the leadoff spot we saw the return of Khaled, "The Silent Assassin", bowling for the first time this summer vs Brian, a rookie, and one of the few straight bowlers left in the league.  If Brian had joined at the start of the league he would have fit right in with his grip it and rip it bowling style, but as many have learned  over time, buy a bowl, learn the curve and you'll see your score improve.  In the 2 hole we have the Captain Amin vs. Pat, Amin has been putting up solid games this season but is still looking for that break out +200 game that he had thrown many times during the fall, Pat jumped out of the gates on fire being named Player of the Week in week 1, but has since cooled.  His new style of throw shows great promise, but he just needs to hone it in and find the pocket more consistently.   In the setup role we have two players David "HGH" vs Gage, "Chocolate Thunder"  that have matched up previously, David being swept by his nemesis the first time out in an epic battle, during one of Gage's best weeks.  It was an evenly matched contest as the handicap (only separated by 1 point)  would not be a factor, scratch score wins the points.  In the anchor position we saw Alisher "The Prince Killer" vs. Prince "The Potato Thrower" Panicker.  Would Alisher live up to his temporarily assigned nickname or
would "Mr Consistent" / "All times head-head points leader" Prince get the job done for his team?

Game 1:  In game 1 we saw the layoff bowling rust from Khaled as he bowled a decent 144, even though the strikes were not falling he was able to put up some points with consistent spares.  Brian came out firing beating Khaled scratch, his high velocity throws sent the pins into a frenzy, picking up impressive spares with fast moving pin action,  the law of physics states Force = Mass times "throw the ball really hard", Brian takes the point.  Amin puts up a sold 159 vs Pat's 116, even with the handicap it wasn't enough as Amin takes the point.  David and Gage both start off on fire, for every strike David threw Gage answered.  They both started with turkeys, but Gage was able to follow it out till the end and end up with a string 218  vs David's 181 to take the point.  Prince also started strong not leaving any pins up as he would spare and strike his way to a 202 taking the point from Alisher.  B&T take the first game.

Game 2:  For the leadoff spot game 2 was much like game 1, Khaled increased his score to beat Brian scratch, but factor in the handicap and Brian takes the point again.  Amin broke out with a 180 to easily take the point from Pat who began to struggle with the direction of the lanes.  Once again David and Gage battled both starting out with Turkeys, but again Gage was able to fend him off and put up another +200 game beating him 206 to 192.  To David's frustration it seems that he somehow brings out the best performances in Gage as every time they have matched up Gage puts up monster games.  At the end of the match Gage had asked David for a framed 8 X 10 portrait of himself that Gage could place in his bedroom to see if his presence would help his performance in other areas as well.  Prince once again put up a solid score of 184 leaving no open frames but this time it was not enough as the lefty Alisher bowls an impressive 204 beating him scratch.  The Dudes come back taking the second game, leaving only a 6 pin difference for Game 3, meaning win game 3 for final 5 points.

Game 3: Game 3 saw decreases in everyone's score as fatigue set in and the lanes started to breakdown.  Khaled was able to shake off the rust and bowl a 172, but it still was not enough to take down Brian with his handicap who would walk away with the sweep.   The Dude's get a sweep of their own as Amin beats Pat in the final game.  Once again David and Gage battle matching each other shot for shot, but in a miraculous turn David is finally able to beat Gage in the final game  taking at least one point from his arch nemesis.  And to round it out Alisher does live up to his nick name of the "Prince killer" as he again beats Prince scratch and takes 2 out of the 3 points.  Dudes take game 3.

The final tally was Dudes 15 points to B&T 8 points in a great back and forth battle between 2 teams that will most likely play again in the coming weeks.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mean Machine vs Strike Kings 6/27/13

Mean Machine vs Strike Kings
What is up with the Mean Machine lately? No one expected this team to be in first place, and they are rolling over every team. They are playing Strike Kings who on paper is one of the most dangerous teams in the league. This matchup includes the best bowler in the league Jason vs the ringer Avi. Everyone in the league was saying how Avi is the closest thing to Jason and is the only bowler who can keep pace with him.  9.9/10 times Jason is up for the challenge and usually will come out on top. We will see how it played out.

Game 1- Strike Kings 5-2 851-810

Game 1 was a nail bitter as the lead went back and forth and was not over till the end. Justin and Jason did their thing bowling a 203 and 212 while Ammad bowled a 192 which helped Strike Kings take the victory. Jason had a slim chance in the 10th frame but threw a split which sealed the fate for the Mean Machine. He did take game one against Avi, and he was only getting warmed up. Mean Machine are going to need help from their Chris and Kenny who only bowled a 142 and 130. Avi finished with 198 while Alan had a great game with a 194.

Game 2 Mean Machine 6-1 886-862

What happens when you make Jason mad? This is what happens. Jason throws the front 6 strikes bowling an amazing 274 which is the season high for the summer season. He completely demoralized Strike Kings and Avi who only bowled a 179. Jason would throw 2 strikes in the 10th frame to redeem himself to seal the victory. Justin beat Raza again bowling a 209 to Raza’s 179. The big story was the supporting cast for both teams. Kenny came back and bowled a 163 while Ammad bowled a whopping 210. Ammad would be on pace for his first ever 500 series.  Without Kenny’s 163 it would of easily have been a Mean Machine lost.

Game 3- Mean Machine 6-1 886-784

How can you follow up a 274 you may ask? Jason again threw the front  6 in a row finishing with a 268. Justin and Kenny both took their points bowling a 198 and 156. Today was not Avi’s day as he finished with a 159 throwing the ball in the gutter in the 10th frame in disgust. Mean Machine wow easily by 100 pins showing that this team is for real and a true contender for the championship. Ammad bowled a 171 ending with a career high series of 571. The last frame was very interesting has Justin missed his spare which looked like he would lose his point. Shockingly Raza missed his spare too falling just short to Justin for the point.

Mean Machine 16- Strike Kings 7

When Jason bowls like this there is no stopping this team. He may be the best bowler but without the supporting cast today of Justin, Chris and Kenny, the mean machine would not have won the match. Even Lebron James needs help sometimes. Jason finished with a career best 27 strikes thrown in 3 games throwing a 754 series. He quickly quitted the critics saying can keep pace with him. Justin and Jason have become the best one two punch in SA Bowl history. These brothers only have championship on their mind, and as of now it looks like they are in prime position.

If I were to tell you Ammad bowled a career series you would think Strike Kings would have won the match easily. Well that’s why we bowl. The real story was Avi who was the ringer in the league getting crushed by Jason by over 200 pins and taking 0 points.  He showed everyone that when he can’t control his emotions he will bowl very poorly as he did today. Strike Kings is still in last place and needs to pick up ground quickly if they want a chance to make the playoffs.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BOWLING JULY 1st 8pm!!!! Last day before the month break

We will have regular bowling tonight, June 27th.

Then our next match will be MONDAY, July 1st, which will be the last bowling before the break.

Lane Warriors vs Pins Go Down

Overall: Lane Warriors 14 points - Pins Go Down! 9 points

Game 1: Lane Warriors 6 - Pins Go Down! 1 point
Lane Warriors one of the hottest team escalating in standings and power rankings has proven this game 1. A new player Amrit 'Tap Out' 'Mahajan, yes Yash's young warrior breed. Amrit bowled inaugural start as 148, Eugene's 162, Ayaz's 179 and Yash's 178 taking the win after being behind for 5 frames. Pins go down weren't getting any pins down except Joe's 186 getting the individual point. Jeff and Phill were no where near their numbers as they bowled 129 and 133 including Abhi's in a slump of 158!!! Total score 798 - 658 Lane Warriors.

Game 2: Lane Warriors 5 - Pins Go Down! 2 points
After pulverizing Pins Go Down, Phill's 202 and Joe's 185 has improved but yet lost again barely due to establishing avg for the new lane warrior were determined after 3 games. Before accounting established avg, Pins Go Down closed Lane Warriors by 39 pins but with after established avg, Lane Warriors escaped the loss with winning by 14 pins. Amrit consistent performance of 143, same with Eugene's 166, Ayaz's 212, and Yash's 152 has shown the resiliency and Abhi's 160 game is deplorable plus Jeff's 157 can only do much.
Total Score: 811 - 797, Lane Warriors.

Game 3: Pins Go Down 6 points - Lane Warriors 1 point.
Lane warriors are too hot to handle with all their warriors in their roster but Pins Go Down will not be swept. Pins Go Down has great support of Joe's 235 and Jeff's 234 helping carrying the team and get the win and match points. Lane Warriors has their new breed Amrit bowled a 103, Eugene's consistent 162, Ayaz's 203 and Yash 'Nemo' 152 could not sweep their opponent. Pins Go Down crushed them with score of 893 - 751, but lost the total series by merely 12 points as Lane Warriors stole last 2 points.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Black and Tan vs Lane Warriors Recap

Lane Warriors - 18 points (2 games + 10 individual match points + total pins)
Black and Tan - 5 points (1 game + 2 individual points)

When Ayaz "I don't know what humble means" is the top bowler of the night, everyone in the alley is going to hear it.  But for once, he backed up his talk with 3 incredible games.  Game 1 featured Ayaz bowling the league high of 256, while also getting big games from Adam (182) and Yash (181).  For BnT, only Gage showed up game 1, bowling a 210, but lost since he was the one playing Ayaz.  Brian also bowled well, with his SABowl high of 144, but was stuck against Adam and lost as well.  Lane Warriors take all 7 in game 1.

In game 2, BnT got the rare 4-3 win.  Ayaz bowled a 227, but was matched exactly by Prince who also bowled a 227.  Shumail bowled well with a 182, but the other members of the Warriors cooled off.  Gage didn't bowl as well as game 1, but his 167 was vital,  With the handicap, BnT gets the win and Prince gets a point.

Game 3 was more of the same.  Ayaz bowled another 200 plus game, finishing with a 212, giving him a league high 695 series.  Yash added a 194.  BnT kept it close but Prince had a big split in the 10th ensuring another Lane Warriors win, getting 6 points in total.  Patrick scored a point and prevented a shutout for BnT.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Power Rankings Week 3

43 points, 6 – 3
If I were to tell you Jason is bowling 20 pins under his average, you would think Mean Machine is in last place. Thanks to Justin aka Lebron aka the Chosen One they have been in first place 3 weeks in a row. Reis may win the MVP award again. Although his name isn’t Jason, it’s Justin.
34 Points, 3 -3
How is Pins Go Down still 2nd in Power ranking? A huge series win against the Mean Machine has catapulted this team to back into the race. It also helps that Joe bowls a 309 with handicap in game 2.  Is it possible Abhi is not the best bowler on this team? That’s scary.
38 Points, 5 – 4
Really?? DUDES rocking the series last night vs. Strike Kings. Wahid ‘Crusher’ swept Avi ‘Guarantee 300’ and as a team are very dangerous even though Amin & Dave are still finding their groove!!!  No one expected this place to be in 2nd place. Lets see if they can keep it up.
35 Points, 4 - 5
Wow, Warriors no longer a Chump, though Ayaz still has yet to keep his mouth closed!!! Damn is the 7/11 store ever close??? Adam with a ‘New’ ball coming of 180 game & Ayaz is now the league leader with a 695 series!!! With Yash and Shumail this team is very dangerous.
34 points, 5 – 4
Black & Tan fading slowly as they can’t come up with the strength of Lane Warriors last night.
PRACTICE PRACTICE, ‘What you gonna do when Hulkamania comes down on you!!!!!’ Pat started out so strong and now has faded to his normal bowling around the 100 range. Common PAT, get it together. Let’s go.
29 points, 2 – 7
Seems like missing a player really hurt their chances vs a great team in The Dudes.  Avi & Alan can only do so much with Raza’s support though not enough.  Avi needs a seat with all that temper & Alan needs to smile and maybe they will rise. This team is still very dangerous and probably the favorite to win it all, but they have to start winning.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lane Warriors vs The Dudes Week 2 Post Game Recap 6/13/13

The Lane Warriors VS. The Dudes

Here we go with another great match-up in bowling with these two teams,in which former teammates are going against each other, Yash (The Man Bait) and Adam(Hammer Time) going against former Asian Sensation team member Amin(Sutter Home). Wait, didn't Eugene(Check Mate) bowl on the same team with these guys in the fall(St. Thomas) Another guy against Amin. Also Shumail(Mail Man) from the season 3 Champs BnS Vs Wahid(WAAAAHHHHHHIIIDDDD) from that same team. Did we forget the season one champions Dave(HGH) and Chris(check out my arm!!) VS. The Mouth of the South Asian Bowl DADDY DAR!!! Woooo!!............Yeah take it easy Dumbo Dar!! Game 1 starts off and there is no Mouth from Ayaz cause he got suspended for game 1( DUMB ASS) Without him didnt seem to be an issue for the warriors cause they were able to take care of the dudes with a great game from Yash (226) against Wahid (179) and Eugene (221) putting the hurtin' on Amin (121) (yeah he lost by 100 pins scratch).  Adam(119) still trying to find his grove against Chris (135).  Shumail (187) against Dave (182) The Lane warriors come up with the win in Game 1.

Game 2- with Ayaz back in for game 2 the lane warriors looking to keep the momentum going. Alot of trash talking and hooting and hollaring coming from Ayaz (185) who closed out the 10th frame with 3 strikes against Chris (133). Yash (213) keeps the pressure on Wahid (159).  Amin (183) gets the better of Eugene (138). Dave (165) wasn't able to handle the package delivered by Shumail (221). The Lane Warriors take Game 2.

Game 3- EXCUSE ME!!!! can someone tell the Lane Warriors that there is 3 games of bowling. Hey Daddy Dar maybe you should stop talking smack and smack some pins instead. Not one strike was thrown by Ayaz (152) the whole game, he lost to Chris (142)..( Your welcome Chris!!)   Amin (151) getting some payback against Adam (134). Shumail (166) squeezing one more out of Dave (138). Yash (168) gets another one from Wahid (142) It didn't seem to be enough this time as The Dudes get the win in Game 3.

Final result- With a good showing from both teams The Lane Warriors take the series with a final score of 15-8. This match up is only going get better the next time

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Black and Tan vs Mean Machine Recap

Week 2 saw the league's top 2 teams from week 1 match-up as Black and Tan took on the Mean Machine. BnT used an interesting strategy lining up Pat against one of the league's best in Justin Reis, and the plan totally backfired.  Justin bowled a 232 game 1, the highest game for anyone in this series.  Ryan made his SABowl debut in the leadoff spot and rolled a 139 game 1.  Both Ryan and Justin won points.  Gage matched up with Kenny and was able to beat him with a score of 153.  In the anchor position, the 2 commish's battled as Reis and Prince had a good 1 on 1 match going, with Prince winning 203 to 197.  Team wise, Mean Machine wins game 1 830-815, taking 5 points.

Game 2 BnT bowled about the same.  Brian (120), Gage (153), and Prince (201) all won points for the team, meanwhile only Justin (197) was able to score a point for the Mean Machine.  Jason (216) and Justin made it really close late, as both of them had 3 strikes in the 10th frame, but it wasn't enough.  BnT squeak out a really close game 2, 808 to 802, taking 6 points.

Game 3 Mean Machine bowled much better as a team.  Justin had his lowest game of the series (170), but the rest of the team picked him up as Ryan bowled a his high of 157, and Kenny bowled his high of the night with a 172.  Justin, Kenny, and Ryan all won points in this game.  Jason once again broke 200 with a 204, but Prince kept it close enough, using the handicap to win despite a score of 192.  Despite bragging rights against Jason being the first bowler to sweep him, BnT only got 1 point, and lost 836-812, with Mean Machine taking 6 points.

With the total pins, Mean Machine took 14 points, while BnT took 9.

No Bowling Tonight

Since today is Father's day, we will NOT be bowling tonight.  Week 3 will continue on Thursday.  Week 4 will be on Sunday, June 23rd.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in the league!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Power Rankings Week 2

33 points, 5 – 1
Reis Bros (Jason & Justin) were not a power duo this week as Justin ‘Lebron’ carried the team. Team white is very dangerous as they’ve shown they have great depth in their lineup. Could this be the year Jason finally wins? So far it looks like it.
21 Points, 3 -3
They are in 4th place and yet they are 2nd in rankings.  Pins go Down had 3 guys’ vs. Strike Kings in 1st 2 games and split. Phil “Lefty” put up high games in the first 2 games & Jeff ‘The 4th Man” was hot with a 218 to capitalize and win the match. The mayor Abhi has some tricks going on. So everyone watch out!!!!.
29 Points, 4 – 2
Black & Tan didn’t bowl so well even though Prince Tanned Jason Reis winning all match points. Pat went back to reality bowling around 110, as Gage has shown he is top bowler in the league. Brian needs to practice if this team wants to win.
23 points,  3 -3
Yet Again, where is Alisher?? Still hitting the gym with no bowling!!!! The Dudes didn’t get much vs Lane Warriors!!! Wahid tried, David becomes a Ringer in last frames and figured out to get 10 pin! Chris “TEMPER” cooled off & Amin can’t have Grape Juice with all gutter balls, maybe Tomato Juice???
17 points, 2 – 4
They may have moved up a spot but very controversial since Ayaz’s First SUSPENSION in SA Bowl history. All that yelling hasn’t helped the team at all. Maybe Eugene’s ear plugs, Adam’s Timeout & Yash Sharking has proved that maybe Ayaz should bowl without any words coming out of his mouth! C’mon MAN!!!! It’s still really early, but this team has to come alive especially with all these super teams.
13 points, 1 – 5
Speaking of super teams……Ok Ok, we get it you guys got Avi the NEW RINGER that went front 7 to almost a perfect game. Don Ali, seems like the team has forgotten you. This is probably the most dangerous team in the league. If they get into the playoffs they will be the favorite to win it all.


Week 2 Hot Pins

1. So Don Ali quits the league and Strike Kings brings in a better bowler? Makes you wonder if this was part of the plan.
2. If Jason=Superman then Prince=Kryptonite. Prince beat the 2 time MVP all 3 games.
3. Is there a better 1, 2 combination then Justin and Jason? 2 weeks in a row bowling at least 5 strikes in the 10th frame.
4. Really Pat? After getting player of the week Pat goes back to normal averaging a 111. Can we say the new madden curse for bowling?
5. Finally a week where Yash talked trash and backed it up. Bowled a 213, a 226, and uhhhhhh 168? hmmmmmmmmm
6. How many gutter balls will be thrown this season? It seems like every other frame some one throws the ball in the gutter
7. After getting suspended, Ayaz bowled 0 strikes in game 3. What's up with that?
8. Drama in week 2? Oh you know it!!!
9. Is it me or is this league turning a little more whiter every week?
10. You have to love when people throw 2 good games n then bowl one awful game the week before handicap is established. Hmmmmmmmmm


Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Lanespiracy Theory

1. Is Phil listening to some bowling enchantment, its obviously working!
2. Amin seems to be bowling well, I guess you can focus when you're not worried what your teammates are saying on the boards
3. Do we all bowl like garbage to make Reis feel better?
4 .Raza is in , then out, he's in then out, and in again. Did he actually do something wrong, or are we going through the motions?
5. Justin bowls well first day back, but bowls like crap with the asian sensations. Things that make you go hmmm.
6. Daddy Dar loses miserably, part of his season master plan?

Week 1 Power Rankings

Mean Machine
Week 1:
21 points, – 3-0
Reis’ Bros (Jason & Justin) are the power duo and got the job done with High Handicappers from Kenny, Chris (the new guy), and extra support by Sid ‘The Voice.’ Still early to see since matchups ahead will be tough.
Week  1:
20 Points, 3-0
Huh?? Black & Tan is what is happening to all opponents with Prince “Tanned Jorge” and Gage “Black Giant” both with 180s avgs & Pat “Black Dawg” slowly rising his game with high handicap & Supporters from Brian a Newbie which is slowly conforming to the colors. Tough road ahead for the opponents.
The Dude
Week  1:
15 Points, 2 – 1
The Dude or Dudes??? Returning Champs Wahid & Alisher teamed with Finalist Amin “The Grape Vine” and Also another Champ Chris “The Roller” have a lot of experience in their team and many power with or without Handicaps. Seems the Dudes are in Hail Mary of Killers.
Pins Go DOWN!!
Week  1:
8 points,  1 -2
Pins Go Down with full of Ringers so the people says. Honestly, Mayor Abhi makes it fair with Joe ‘Wild Cat’, Abbas ‘The wink & gun’ kind of guy, & Newbies Phill ‘Double LL’ & Jeff ‘The Chain’ will bring support as a team and week 1 was all new for the players.
Strike Kings
Week 1:
3 points, 0 – 3
Strike Kings many of them with Finalist Expereince Raza ‘Twitcher,’ Ammad ‘The Purple Thumb,’ Mufthy ‘The Clutcher,’ & Alan ‘Catalyst’ as a team will gel once the rhythm comes. Week 1 was nothing but past.
Lane Warriors
Week 1:
2 points, 0 – 3
Ayaz ‘The International Star,” (so he says)leads of with Eugene ‘Double Checker’ needs evaluation, Yash ‘The Gutter,’ and Shumail ‘Mail Man’ fell down horribly with Adam ‘Subway 50 pds’ who can’t carry 16 pounds ball anymore. Full of weights training they need & Seems like The Chump Warriors.

Mean Machine vs Lane Warriors Post Game Recap Week 1 6/6/13

The Mean Machines VS. The Lane Warriors

What happens when the #1 bowler in the league goes against the only 2 time SA Bowling Champion? You get a great season opening match-up, or so you would think. 

Game 1 Started with the return of Adam (Hebrew Hammer) leading off, followed by Eugene(Double Check) in the 2 spot and then everybody's favorite trash talker Ayaz(Daddy Dar) in the 3rd spot with Yash(The Shark) in the anchor position. With this newly formed team, going against Kenny, Chris (the New Guy) Justin, and Jason Reis, anything less then a split would be a disappointment. Since Adam has not bowled since the summer of last year, there was a lot of rust in the hammers arm bowling a very low 107, followed by Eugene with 136, Daddy Dar comes through with a nice 211 to get the only point for his team for that match, and Yash closing the anchor position out with a 154. Not the numbers you would expect from this team. The Mean machines however did step up with Kenny bowling a 151. Chris bowling a 121, Justin with an impressive 191 and  Jason closing out with a whopping 223. Lane warriors-1, Mean Machines-6.

Game 2 Brings the return of Shumail(The Mailman) in the anchor position for the lane warriors. With a big improvement from his game 1 score Adam 149, followed by an 148 from Eugene. An impressive 222 from Ayaz and a bad showing from Shumail bowling a low 142. Daddy dar getting the only point for his team, from a tough mean machines group. The Meanies did there thing again, with Kenny bowling a 159, Chris bowling a 151, Justin bowling a 154( Say WHAT?!!!) and finally Jason with an impressive 227. Lane warriors-1, Mean machines-6.

Game 3 After taking a beating game 1 and 2, the lane warriors are looking to make some noise and try and pick themselves up. Sadly enough that was not the case. The lane warriors got rolled over by the mean machines, With Adam bowling 123, followed by Eugene with a 116(seriously?!!) and Ayaz with a low 173 and ending this bad performance with Shumail delivering a 181. Not the scores you would expect from this caliber of players. On the other side, Kenny ending with a 172(his high game for the night), Chris with a 131, Justin bowling a 174, and Jason with another impressive 236. The Lane warriors-0, Mean Machines-7.

Not what you expect from the Lane warriors but with all the rust being shaken off in week 1, lets see what week 2 holds in store for this newly formed team. Oh yeah, good job Mean machines(sarcastic

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 2 Schedule (6/13/13)

The Dude vs Lane Warriors
(The Dude Video, Lane Warriors write up)

Pins Go Down vs Strike Kings
(Pins Go Down video, Strike Kings write up)

Mean Machine vs Snipers
(Mean Machine video, Snipers write up)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 1 Hot Pins

1. Jason averaged a whopping 228 in the first week of the season. Is it possible he will become the first ever back to back triple crown winner?
2. Is Prince on steroids? He bowled a 255 in game one. O wait, no he is not. He finished with a 151 in game 3. Womp Womp
3. Hey Justin, maybe you should stop talking about basketball and worry about bowling. Ayaz destroyed you and took 2 games from you. Good job, good effort
4. Ayaz really? Are you really going to say your team stinks? Good coaching brah
5. Hey Strike Kings? I mean Strike Queens? Maybe you guys should worry about bowling and not worry about fighting with each other.
6. Patrick has to be cheating I mean how did he get better.  This has to be all luck right? I've heard crazy things, but the craziest thing I've heard is that if you practice you will be better.
7. We get it Abhi. You are the mayor and have put a team that no one wants to face. Do you want a cookie or a pineapple?
8. O hey Wahid, Shumail, Mufthy. Don't you just love bowlers who say they are part time but show up to week one.
9. Wait there was drama in week one? One word describes that. Shocker

Videos Week 1 6/6/13

Lane Warriors vs Mean Machine
Justin bowling a strike
Eugene and Chris
Adam bowling a strike
Ayaz doing his thing
Adam and Kenny

Strike Kings vs Brown and Tan
Patrick Vatel Bowling
Mufthy with a Strike

The Dudes vs Pins Go Down
Phil and end of game 1
Abhi the Mayor
End of game 2

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Dudes vs Pins Go Down Week 1 Post game 6/6/13

The Dudes vs Pins Go Down!

The Matchup with all the variables came down to Pins Go Down led by Abhi Kumar vs The Dudes let my Amin Sadiqi. Wahid showed up unexpectedly to this game showing that The Dudes mean business. In the first week it is also important to jump out of the gate, so we will see what happened.

Game 1: Score: 799- 736 Victory the dudes; Points 5 - 2, The dudes.

The dudes has Wahid and Alisher led with hot game of 193 and a 151 to take the individual points and win the game without the mayor in game 1. To avoid a full loss of game 1, Abbas and Jeff got individual points. Wahid showed in this game that there was no rust coming off his championship win the previous season. Abhi being the mayor didn't bowl in this game and probably could of won the game if he had bowled. I guess we will never bowl.

Game 2: Score: 824 - 795 Victory Pins Go Down! ; Points 5 - 2, Pins Go Down

Mayor Abhi  came in to shake off that game 1 loss bowling his usually 215. Wahid showing no fear beat the mayor straight up by bowling a 217. Jeff and Abbas took their respective points bowling a 160 and 158 scratch. Dave bowled a 129 which he knows he is capable of doing better than that. Dave has to bowl a better game down the road if The Dudes  want a chance to win more games.

Game 3: Score: 920-821 The Dudes; Points 6 - 1, The Dudes.

Both teams relatively tied after 2 games and one team will outlast the others in which the dudes claimed getting 6 points vs Pins Go Down. The mayor got his revenge by beating Wahid 226 to 166 taking the only point for Pins Go Down. Right on cue Dave bowled a 225 scratch winning his point and sealing the deal for The Dudes victory. Alisher also contributed with his high of this early season with a 197.

The Dudes 15  Pins Go Down 8.    Pins Go Down took total pins 2514 to 2381

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