Monday, December 10, 2012

Balls n Strikes
When will this team learn their lesson. When you bench Wahid who is your best bowler you will lose the game. This team has to play to win instead of playing to have fun, and be fair.

Strike Kings
Strike Kings won 12-11 this week in a very intense battle. Since week one they have not won more than 12.5 points in a week. That's a streak of 7 weeks in a row for them. With players like Don Ali and Eddie this should not happen. It's still early, but they have focus and get it together.

Strikes n Spares
After TMZ released news that Jason "Mr Clutch" Reis was benched, Strikes n Spares decided to play him. He ended up bowling a 265, and 6 strikes in a row to win game 2. Was this a motivation tactic by Strikes n Spares, or did they get lucky?

Pin Pals
Well Asif showed up bowling lights out to get the Pin Pals to 11 total points. Ayaz was there, but he bowled maybe the worse games of his life. He has a new nickname "Mr. 133", as he bowled a 133 in game 1.  Some people are saying it's just a bump in the road to their 2nd championship. But some people are saying it's something more. Which is it?

Asian Sensation 

The hottest and loudest team in the league laid a beat down on Balls n Strikes. This sets up an epic duel vs the number one team in the league Strikes n Spares next week. Will the Yash "the shark" smell blood and attack? Or will the sensation disappoint again?

"Use the Force" This team is on fire showing up with enough guys and winning games. They are lucky they play Snipers next week who will be missing all of their guys. This team is the new sleeper team that can make a playoff run. Is their time left? Or is it too late?

Pin Smackers
There is nothing to say when you take 3 total points against last place team Force. I have a great idea. Maybe Abhi should help out his out team, and stop trying to help the bowlers of Force get better. This strategy of being "mr nice guy" has totally backfired as every team in the league has gotten better. Ahbi has to hold practice sessions or they are in trouble.

Snipers ended up winning 2 games this week but lost total pins to Strike Kings 11-12. This shows that every pin matters and every ball you throw matters. Next week they have a chance to pick up points as they play force. TMZ broke the news yesterday, that they won't be showing up due to undisclosed reasons. Say Hello, to the new last place team in the league.  HELLO

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