Friday, December 7, 2012

Force vs Pin Smackers preview

Force (#8 52.5pts) VS PinSmackers(#4 80pts)

PinSmackers are coming off  a beating from Asian Sensations last week. Force actually fielded not 4 but 5 players on sunday but came away with 11pts. Prince "HUMBLE" Panicker has guaranteed a playoff spot for team Force. They are currently in last place, so they are going to need to bowl well to fulfill Prince's promise.

Lets see if Pin Smackers can bounce back with Force.

1st Bowlers-
Adam(9pts 122.3) vs Abaas(2pts 127) James LINSANITY(3PTS 119)
Adam is trying to find his approach and trying to build on his game high of 174 that he threw on sunday. It could be a long day for anybody especially counting Adam's 70pt handicap.  Abaas came in and did a admirable job by getting a point last week, and james came in as well rotating. This matchup will be close untill the 10th frame as both team's bowlers do leave plenty of frames open.
EDGE-Team Pin Smackers Adam will start to improve his avg and his momentum with last weeks performance. It will comedown to the 10th frame as Abaas and James will make Adam sweat till the end.

2nd Bowlers-
Eugene"DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK"(8PTS 158) VS Matt(6pts 152.9)
Even though Matt has 6pts it has come while playing 8 games. Thats a great ratio that team Force desperately needs as Matt hasa high game of 178. Eugene was abysmal last week until game 3 , where he finally woke up and threw down the belt with his patented move. He bowled a 220 and finally gave his team that boost it needed to propel them over Asian Sensation.

EDGE-Team Pin Smackers Eugene will finally find his groove as he has the smoothest release for a lefty. Hopefully Matt shows up and gives Prince some much needed help this week.

3rd Bowlers -
Riz(9.5 pts 158.1) VS Sony "SLEEPY SLEEPY" (5PTS 173)
Riz finally looked like he was motivated to play, and who can blame him. I dont think anybody will bring their "A" game if the team is short handed but last week Riz got his motivated by bowling a 173 avg and a game high 190 score. Sony has been "ASLEEP" ever since 2 weeks ago where he slept in and showed up late. Sony"s avg seems more SNEEKY SNEEKY cuz even though he has a 173 avg he only has 5pts in 14 games. That means Sony will either bowl a 130 or a 190. The question is which Sony will arive? Or will Sleeping Beauty still be in his slumber?
EDGE-Team Force Riz will finally comeup big for Team Force and show what he is capable of once motivated. SLEEPING BEAUTY better not wait for his princess to awake him cuz this is not a CO-ED bowling league.

4th Bowlers-
Prince "HUMBLE"(11PTS 175.9) VS Ahbi "THE MAYOR"(6.5PTS 201)
Wow can this be the QUIETEST anchor matchup in SASL history.  Both players are anchors for a reason and both have no emotion or trash talk in their game. Prince"HUMBLE" Panicker shows the same emotion if he throws a strike or an open frame. He just looks down and walks away. He has no smile, no thrust of the arms or the pelvic area. Prince bowled a pathetic 124 in the 1st game last week cuz he probably had to over think with a 5 man team. He redemmed himself with a 204 and 224. Same goes to Ahbi after every throw he has the same mentality except he helps his opposition in their game. Ahbi was a bit overwhelmed with the Sensations in the 1st game by bowling an un-Ahbi like performance of 156 but ended the day with a 238.
EDGE ! Team Pin Smackers. Ahbi will know the importance of this matchup and what his team needs to stay with the ELITE teams. Prince will need to stop focusing on his players and more on his game.

ROUNDUP- Team Pin Smackers knows what's at stake and will be more determined after last week. They will look to bounce back, but Force will need to bring a full roster every week to be consistent. Team Pin Smackers will take 2out of 3 games.

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