Sunday, December 23, 2012

All-Stars Announced!

The following players have been voted into the all-star game:

Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares)
Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings)
Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers)
Ayaz Dar (Pin Pals)

Yash Mahajan (Asian Sensation)
Eddie Santana (Strike Kings)
Asif Siddiqui (Pin Pals)
Guerrier Connor (Snipers)
Prince Panicker (Force)
Mufthy Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares)
Khaled Ahmedy (Asian Sensation)
Wahid O. (Balls 'n Strikes)

Reserves (only if starters cannot come, in order):
Justin Reis (Asian Sensation), Shumail Haque (Balls 'n Strikes), Gage Nestor (Snipers) (all tied in voting)
Raza Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares)
Sony Singh (Pin Smackers)

The all-star game will feature 4 teams battling it out, drafted by the captains in a snake draft.  Draft order is determined by average, with the lowest average getting the first pick.

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