Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Snipers Post Game Recap

Game 1 – SnS wins 817 - 703
Game 2 – SnS wins 823 - 714
Game 3 – SnS wins 859 - 721
SnS takes 19 out of 23 points from Snipers

The Snipers were a 2-man team this week with only Gage and Patrick showing up to bowl against the #1 team. If they had a full squad, it would have been Strikes n Spares who have been in trouble, who had sub-par performances from both Mufthy and Jason.
Game 1 – Both the Snipers in attendance took their matchup points and this game featured the South Asian Bowling League’s very first Bowl-Off. Mufthy and Gage tied scores at 182. Rather than splitting the point, each bowler had one shot each at the pins, with whoever knocking down more taking the full point. Gage bowled a strike while Mufthy bowled a 7, allowing Gage to take the point for his team. Patrick whose average is a 99.1 bowled a 133 scratch first game, which came out to a 221 with handicap. Although Amaad bowled a 183 scratch, it wasn’t enough to overcome Patrick. However, the two blinds cost them the game as Raza and Jason easily took their points. Jason bowled a season low 183 as the lanes were just against him, and perhaps he was thrown off by the consistency of the blind. Raza brought his game back with a 201. SNS 5pts – Snipers 2 points
Game 2 – In this game Patrick continued to bowl above his average with a 107 scratch, 195 with handicap. But Amaad took the point from him by bowling a 182 scratch, 219 with handicap. Gage took his point in his matchup against Mufthy, as Mufthy only bowled a 151 scratch. Jason bowled a 201 and Raza a 183, as they continued to dominate the blinds. SNS 6 points – Snipers 1 point
Game 3 – In this game Patrick bowled a 106 and lost to Amaad who bowled a 191 scratch. Chocolate Thunder GaGE bowled a 190 scratch and swept Mufthy who bowled a 181, taking all 3 matchup points for the week and a strong lead for matchup points won overall, as he was only behind Mufthy by 1 point in the number 2 spot. Raza continued to bowl over 108 with a 180 this game and Jason bowled another 201. SNS 6 points – Snipers 1.

Had Guerrier and any other member of this Snipers team shown up, it would have been a real battle for SnS who had under average performances from their number 3 and 4 bowlers. Jason averaged around 25 points below his average and Mufthy averaged around 12 points below his average. However, there are no ifs ands or buts. SnS won 19 points and jumped further away in the #1 spot. Hopefully the Snipers have learned their lesson and will have full rosters from here on out.

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