Friday, December 23, 2011


The leaderboard page has been updated. See who's tops in our league!

A stats page has also been published. Where do you stand against the other bowlers in the league?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don Ali Hugo of the South Asian Bowling League on SASN Radio

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Can Anyone Stop the Strike Kings?

Week 3 in the books and another win for the Strike Kings. Can anyone stop this team? This past week they played the second place Asian Sensation team and swept them just like they have swept their other opponents. Game 1 was very close with Strike Kings taking some time to warm up while Asian Sensation was all fired up. Strike Kings found themselves down by 59 pins going in to the ninth frame. They all had a strike or a spare and were able to over come Asian Sensation and won by 51 pins. A 110 pin turn around. Jason Reiss continued to destroy the competition by averaging 203 pins this game which is right around his average of 206. Don Ali Hugo came in with 190 average for this series just a shade below his 192 average. But the dangerous part of this team is the fact that their 3 other bowlers are learning the game and heating up. Arshad Majid had a game 2 high of 135. which is above his 120 average. Nisar Ahmed averaged 126 this past weekend 20 pins above his 106 average and had a monster game 2 with 176. Ammad Sheikh went over 160 two times way above his 129 average. So the question is with two of top 5 bowlers and the beginner bowlers finding themselves can anyone beat the Strike Kings?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 saw a lot of great action as some teams are starting to find their stride while others still need some more time.

Abhishek Kumar of the Eagles continues to dominate with scores of 235, 279, and 234 as his team swept a short handed Pin Pals team. However the Pin Pals have a lot of promise as Ayaz Dar made his debut with scores of 213, 172, and 160. Asif got it going with scores of 167, 203, and 209.

Nadeem's team made its debut against the Strike Kings. Not the team you want to debut against. Jason Reis had a 180, 247, and 193 while Don Ali shows his consistent ability with scores of 193, 192, and 193. Strike Kings with the sweep, but expect good things from Nadeem's team.

Force vs. Asian Sensation featured 2 teams with a balanced, inconsistent attack. For the Asian Sensation, Khaled had a 201 game to start out but tailed off after. For Force, Bobby impressed with a 184 start, but also tailed off. Both teams need someone to step up and consistently carry them each week to compete with the top teams.

The league continues to feature tough competition and great talent. Excellent week 2 overall.

Looking forward to a great week 3.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


League Leaders have been posted. Check out the competition the league has to offer!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 200 crew

This past weekend we had some unbelievable performances. The following players broke 200 points in the opening week and have the bar as the best players in the league. Abhishek would have to be in the running for the MVP of the league and a franchise cornerstone as he has 2 of the highest scores in the SABowl's brief history.

Highest Scores from this weekend
Jason Reiss - Strike Kings 249
Abhishek Kumar Strikes and Spares 245
Abhishek Kumar Strikes and Spares 212
Don Ali Hugo - Strike Kings 202

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 started out with a large turn out of teams. 6 teams began their journey towards the one goal of being the last team standing when the championship is given.

Some early favorites are teams Strike Kings anchored by Jason Reiss and newcomer Don Ali Hugo.

Force showed a balanced attack where from beginning to end Roswell Lo and Alan Tang along with Captain Prince Panicker have a relentless even handed attack.

Pin Pals led by Asif were missing Ayaz Dar and still managed to sweep to win 11 points early on.

Asian Sensation also were missing Manish who is supposedly their best bowler but got some major contributions from Latif Sadiqi and Khaled Ahmedy who were able to save them for 2 wins and 8 points against the Eagles.

Great first week and a few more people are looking to join to even out the teams.

Look forward to a great first season.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bowling begins This Sunday !

The South Asian Bowling League will be kicking off its inaugural season THIS Sunday, December 4th. Our season will be 14 weeks, and will feature teams of 5 bowlers competing for the first annual SABowl title!

Location: East Meadow Lanes:

Time: Warm-ups - 11:15AM, matches begin promptly at 11:30AM

We still have spots available! Anyone who is interested in joining please email to get more information.

Everyone should look forward to a great first season!

Boxer Amir Khan on radio station WLIE 540am South Asian Sports Network

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Captain Ammad Sheikh is bringing in SWAT to the world wide league of bowling.

Just like in Softball while he is happy to stick to hitting singles. He has brought in some big boppers.

Jason Reiss
Don Ali Hugo
Arshad Majid
Solyman Najimi
Ammad Sheikh
Farsan Bukhari
Amin Khwaja
Nisrah Ahmed

Rumor has it that this team has some two real power bowlers who may be the top two in the league.

Asian Sensation

Khaled goes way back to his Stony Brook days to bring in his team of Outlaws. No these guys aren't the usual suspects that you find on the softball field or the gridiron. But this band of Stony Bros is going to show the league that they can turn back the clock and rekindle all of those days that they went bowling. As Yash put it. We are good bro we are very good.

Khaled Ahmedy
Amin Sadiqi
Yash Mahajan
Jin Park
Latif Sadiqi
Sekander Yosofi
Manish Sharma

Pin Pals - Team Preview

Captain Ayaz Dar and Asif Siddiqui bring together some old friends to come in and get their bowling on. When Asif isn't ripping his sleeves off of his uniforms. He is throwing the bowling ball with the same type of ferocity that he hits a softball with. Ayaz also isn't a slouch. He is ready to show the league that he really is their daddy.

Pin Pals

Ayaz Dar
Asif Siddiqui
Chris Deblasio
Dave Deblasio
Sid Farooqi
Rizwan Patel

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Season Begins December 4th

The South Asian Bowling League will be kicking off it's inaugural season starting December 4th at East Meadow Lanes.

The league will begin at 11:00am for everyone to get their shoes. Warm up begins at 11:15am with games beginning at 11:30am sharp.

We have Men's divisions and Women's divisions as well.

We will be listing teams one by one shortly.

We have 6 teams confirmed with 4 more in the potentially in the pipeline.