Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Captain Ammad Sheikh is bringing in SWAT to the world wide league of bowling.

Just like in Softball while he is happy to stick to hitting singles. He has brought in some big boppers.

Jason Reiss
Don Ali Hugo
Arshad Majid
Solyman Najimi
Ammad Sheikh
Farsan Bukhari
Amin Khwaja
Nisrah Ahmed

Rumor has it that this team has some two real power bowlers who may be the top two in the league.

Asian Sensation

Khaled goes way back to his Stony Brook days to bring in his team of Outlaws. No these guys aren't the usual suspects that you find on the softball field or the gridiron. But this band of Stony Bros is going to show the league that they can turn back the clock and rekindle all of those days that they went bowling. As Yash put it. We are good bro we are very good.

Khaled Ahmedy
Amin Sadiqi
Yash Mahajan
Jin Park
Latif Sadiqi
Sekander Yosofi
Manish Sharma

Pin Pals - Team Preview

Captain Ayaz Dar and Asif Siddiqui bring together some old friends to come in and get their bowling on. When Asif isn't ripping his sleeves off of his uniforms. He is throwing the bowling ball with the same type of ferocity that he hits a softball with. Ayaz also isn't a slouch. He is ready to show the league that he really is their daddy.

Pin Pals

Ayaz Dar
Asif Siddiqui
Chris Deblasio
Dave Deblasio
Sid Farooqi
Rizwan Patel