Saturday, December 15, 2012

Game of the Week Asian Sensation vs Strikes n Spares

SnS #1 124.5pts VS Asian Sensation #2 108pts

There is no doubt that this is the game of the week. Asian Sensation has been rolling the last couple of weeks. They destroyed the Cinderella team in Balls n Strikes , pummeled the PinSmackers and now SnS is standing in the way. This matchup is for first place & JR2K will be attending this sunday to help propel the Sensations to victory.
SnS has been of curise control through out the last couple of weeks, thanks to a fat lead they opened on the league. But both teams have big turmoil within the locker room. Sal Palontonio reported that the Sensations have a some tension between them. This started last week when Amin was frustrated with Yash missing the 10th pin on 3 consecutive frames while playing Balls n Strikes.  Both went at it behind the scenes and also on social media as Amin had some harsh words for Yash. Yash retaliated on social media by posting the obvious stats that his scores are better than Amin's. Will this bickering back and fourth carry on to the playing field? Or will the sensations put all the nonsense to the side and keep the ball rolling as they have been the hottest team in the league.
TMZ reported last weeks fued bettwen Raza and Jason. Raza likes to be the authority and give orders. While Jason is a pure diva and cannot be tamed or controlled. Raza folded and this time Jason was hashtagging #likeaboss in raza"s face. This was a reponse since he was not suspended and played the whole series . TMZ has heard that their might be a "SHOCKING" development this sunday but they dont want to get sued by raza"s lawyer"s if its a false story.

Which team will put the dirty laundry to the side and focus on the lanes? Lets see how these 2 heavyweights matchup!
1st Bowlers
Amin 14pts 155.3avg & Jin"GANGNAM STYLE" 8pts 169.4VS Ammad 10pts 165.1avg

Amin had a rough first game last week but was agitated by his score, and by Yash's bad bowling. He knew his team got blown out the 1st game and needed to light a fire in his game. He bowled a 234 scratch and had the highest handicap score of the week. He also bowled 190 scratch in the 3rd game . His average has gone up an amazing 15pts in 4 weeks.
Jin has been the most consistant bowler and he bowled amazing last week. He had a scratch score of 225. Jin succsess has come by investing in a new bowling ball and considering he still has a 32pt handicap it will be a devastating combo for any opponent.
Amaad is "SELF PROCLAIMED" best leadoff bowler but there is no doubt he is one of few best leadoff bowlers. He has a very unique approach for getting the 10th pin for a right bowler. Amaad "HELICOPTERS" the release in order to get the 10th pin and has been mastering it . Capable of bowling a game high 201 score and his 36pt handicap makes him one of the best leadoff bowlers in the league.
EDGE-Team Asian Sensation. Jin will be throwing in the first game as Amin will sit because the Sensations will be having a 5 man roster on sunday. This will be very close matchup but Jin will show why HE is  one of the best leadoff bowlers in the league.

2nd Bowlers-
Raza "MR 108" 13pt 162avg VS Justin "JR2K" 1pt 173.5
Raza has been filled with controversy lately but it doest not affect his play. He plays a very important role bowling second for this stacked Strikes n Spares team. He knows that he will have to bring it all since he is bowling Justin this week. This is a playoff type game where every pin matters, and I expect Raza to be on his game. We are not worried about any fighting between SNS since on sundays its all about business.
Sal Palantnio reported last week that the sensations will be getting back Justin "JR2k" and comes just in time to faceoff on the biggest stage of the year. Justin has one of the biggest pin action in the league and it  intimidates the opposition and pumps his team with every strike he throws . On most teams Justin is an anchor. This shows the depth of the Sensations that if full roster attends on gameday it can matchup with the best of them.
EDGE-Team Sensations. Raza will be on his game thats for sure with this being an important game.  Justin will show Jwow on who's the better brother and we have breaking news. Sal Palantonio reports that Justin will be practicing on Saturday at East Meadow so he can shake off that rust

3rd bowlers
Mufthy is the most dangerous bowler and as Ayaz lashed out needs to stop shopping at babygap. But at least it hasnt hindered his game. Mufthy is the most lethal bowler in the league as he can easily reel off turkey's and then some.
Sal Palantonio is reporting that Khaled just purchased a new 16lb ball for this matchup and will unleash it on SnS. There is one downfall as Khaled was missing last week. Will he have any rust or have enough time to adjust to his new ball? Stay tuned
EDGE-Team Strikes n Spares The layoff and new ball will effect khaleds game as Mufthy will be celebrating his new turkey handshake !

4th Bowler
Jason "J-WoW" 218.8avg 13pts VS Yash "THE SHARK" 15pts 175.2avg
This will be a difficult task for Yash, but has shown come crunch time he is the most clutch bowler in our league. Sal Palantonio reported the on the field argument that carried itself to social media. Will this effect Yash"s game or light a fire to it? Ttime will tell!
TMZ is nor confirming nor denying on J-WoW"s intentions for this sunday. We have to wait and see what culminates, but Jason has been bowling in another level recently. He is keeping his statement that which ever team he joins will win the championship! Only Raza can deter this freight train that Jason's on because he is pulverizing every opponent when he is bowling.
EDGE-Team Strikes n Spares.  Yash is a great bowler and even with his spat with Amin in game 1 didnt effect his scores as he won all 3 pts against Wahid from BnS. This is not Wahid who he is going up against.  J-WoW will be pumped for this game  and show THE SHARK who is the best ANCHOR in the league.

ROUNDUP-Well as you can see it is dead even for who has the edge. Who will prevail as this playoff type of atmosphere event will take place at east meadow. This is so far the best game of the season and it has been shown as the talks on social media has been very quiet this past week. The quality of play and intensity will be on full display. But this week"s matchup will go to the SnS. There are  two factors which are Khaled"s new ball and J-WoW"s presence. We will have to wait until gameday sunday on what's Jason"s shocking revelation that TMZ will neither confirm or deny.

Oh and attending this event is Rated "R" strong language and explicit celebrations will incur which might be offensive ........VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED !

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