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Strikes n Spares vs Asian Sensation Preview

Strikes n Spares Vs Asian Sensation Preview

This matchup is a rematch of last week’s debacle where Strikes n Spares took 21 out of 23 points from Asian Sensation. Throughout the week there was a lot of drama and excitement leading up to this match. The one problem was Asian Sensation forgot it's not who trash talks the most, its which bowlers bowl the highest scores. Strikes n Spares showed why they are in first, and the Sensation had to think and wonder what went wrong. The schedule makers have given the Sensation a chance to redeem themselves as they are playing again this Sunday.

The feud between Raza and Jason seems to be over as they are now best friends on facebook. Last night Jason's email account has been hacked and many emails have been discovered. Jason and Raza have been secretly feuding with eachother over the balance of power on the team, calling out eachother in big ways. According to Jason's PR man Adam greenbergstein, lawyers on both sides have been called over this matter. Will this be a factor on Sunday? We will find out. So many storylines but let’s see how these two teams will matchup on Sunday.

Amaad "The Natural" Bhatti vs The "I don't miss spares" Blind

Sources have told us Asian Sensation will only have 3 bowlers so we expect that Amaad will be facing the blind. Amaad is one of the best leadoff bowlers in the game averaging 167.8. He was of fire last week and got a season high for him which is a 209. On many teams he would be bowling third, but that shows the depth of Strikes n Spares. Amaad will need a 151 in each game to beat the blind and take his 3 points. He will have to focus because SNS is going to need more than a 151 to win every game.

Many people think the blind is a joke, but they are wrong. The blind has problems getting a strike, but hits every spare in every frame. We have seen Abhi and even Eddie have trouble with the blind so dont't let that fool you. The blind puts pressure on bowlers by not missing and is very consistent scoring a 150 in every game. The blind has also set the record by most spares in a series with 30.

Prediction- Even though the blind does not miss, Amaad will take all 3 points from this matchup.

Raza "Mr 108" Dastigir vs Yash "The Shark" Manajan

If there ever was a bowler who gets no respect in the league its Raza. Raza put on a clinic last week taking 3 points and bowling 34 pins over his average. Still even with having a great week there is people who are still trash talking him. Even with all the people calling him a tanker he is risen his average to a 166.0 which is very respectable. He also had the high handicap of the week with a 261 answering to his critics who accuse him of tanking. When will the bowlers learn that when you make Raza mad your team will usually lose? Asian Sensation did not listen to this lesson.

Yash "the shark" has to redeem himself as the shark decided it would be better to hide behind a rock than attack. He had a low game of 135 in game 1 and in game 3 was not clutch after not throwing a strike in the last 3 frames. Yash still has an average of 174.5 which means he can still bring it when he wants. With Yash having 16.5 indivdual points and Raza with 16.0 you know this will be an intense matchup.

Prediction Both players will be ready but Yash will come out of this matchup taking 2 out of 3. Raza will bowl well as he does in big matchups, but we predict the Shark will smell blood and go for the kill.

Mufthy "Tighest Outfit in the League" Dastigir vs Amin “Outlaw" Sadiqi

Mufthy has been on an absolute monster lately bowling at least one 200 game a week for the past couple of weeks. He is currently 10th in average with a 174.1 and has been more clutch every week. Every sunday it seems like Mufthy will close out strong with at least one strike in the 10th frame. If he is bowling against Amin this will give him more motivation especially with all the drama going on.

Amin is one of those bowlers who talks a big game but also backs it up. The last two weeks he was top two in high handicap game of the week. Even with all the drama Amin came out firing last week bowling a 207. He currently has a 157 average and is tied for third for 15 match points. Amin is going to need another big game if Asian Sensation wants to win.

Prediction- Amin will be fired up this game and take 2 out of 3 points. Mufthy will bowl well but we except Amin's handicap to be the difference.

Jason "J-Wow" Reis vs Justin "JR2K" Reis

You cannot ask for a better matchup as it is brother vs brother in the anchor position. This is a matchup that will be having fans going crazy as major endorsement spots are on the line. What is there to say about Jason honestly? He leads the league in average (218.4) high game (279) high series (713) and it tied for 2nd in most individual points with 16. After guaranteeing a championship the man has been a machine and nothing will stand in his way. The only way Jason will lose this matchup is if Zeus fires a lightning bolt and Jason's ball splits in half. If that doesn’t happen then Justin has a lot of work cut out for him.

Justin came back last week after coming home from tryouts for the NHL and looked rusty. Justin had a low game of 144 and didn't seem like himself. He was throwing more splits than a banana has on an ice cream sundae. Justin's agent Brian smitgenger has told us that he has been practicing and is he ready to take on the mvp of the league aka the dictator aka J-Wow aka the NSA President. In 9 games this season Justin has only taken 1 matchup point which proves he has to pick his game up especially against J-WOW.

Prediction- Jason is known to throw his lowest game in game 1 as he warms up. Justin is going to have to pounce on that. We expect Justin "JR2K" to take 2 out of 3 points as he is on a mission to beat the self-proclaimed MVP of the league.

Recap- Last week Strikes n Spares took 21 out of 23 points. If Asian Sensation has three players SNS will take 17 points. If the Sensation are pulling a fast one and have 4 players showing up, I expect Asian Sensation to win the game 16-7.


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