Saturday, December 8, 2012

Strike Kings vs Snipers preview

Strike Kings(#5 77.5pts) VS Snipers(#7 63.5pts)

Snipers came off a schalacking last week by Strikes n Spares.  It was purely based on 2 players that were missing. Strike Kings barely beat a FULL Force team by getting 12pts. This will be a great matchup because of playoff implications as Snipers are looking to rebound, and Strike Kings looking to surge towards the top.
Lets see how these 2 teams matchup !

1st Bowlers
Nisar(6.5pts 134.6) & Raheel(6pts 141) VS Pat(6pts 102) Uday(5pts 112)
Pat & Uday are still novice bowlers but Uday needs to showup because his handicap will be crucial in this matchup. Uday has shown he can catch fire by bowling a turkey earlier in the year but by not showing last week his form and approach will be effected.  Pat still leaves one too many frames open and his high game is only a 138. Nisar is one of the veterans in the league that comes up big especially in the 1st slot. Seems like Nisar breaks away against his opponent in the 10th frame as he closes his frames when it counts.  Raheel has big potential as he has a game high score of 198 and with his 55pts handicap will be a dangerous combo.
EDGE-Team Strike Kings Raheel & Nisar are just more consistant bowlers that can recover if they have some open frames. I can't see Pat & Uday winning any of the games, but Uday NEEDS TO SHOW UP in order for Snipers to have a shot.

2nd Bowlers-
Ammad S."EL PRESEDENTE"(7pts 149. VS Yasar(3pts 156.4)
Ammad was a bit off last week as he dropped about 5pts in avg but still with that said Ammad was once an anchor on Strike Kings. He has potential to bowl a great game as his high score was a 201 but his last weeks score of 132, 151, & 140 will not be good enough to win this week.
Yasar has shown he can give a great lift for his team. But he needs to show up this week if team Snipers want to creep closer to that 6 slot. Yasar has great potential as he has a game high 215.
EDGE-Team Strike Kings.  Even with Yasar showing up I can  predict a little rust in his game. Ammad will take all 3pts, and will have a bounce back week after an putrid performance last week.

3rd Bowlers
Gage"CHOCALATE THUNDER"(14pts 165.2) VS Eddie"MONEY"(7pts 187.3)
This is one of the best matchups with these 2 teams squaring off.  Both bowlers bowl with great emotions and flare.  Gage came up huge for Snipers as he took a great matchup pt by winning a bowl off with the hottest bowler Mufthy.  Gage is a beast when he's on as  he showed last week by winning all 3 matchup pts against Mufthy.
Eddie has one of the sweetest hooks in the league.  He was on his game last week as he bowled a 207 and a 190. When hes on he can elevate his team with emotions but at times his emotions can get the best of him.

EDGE-Team Snipers. Gage is rolling and even with his team not appearing last week  it did not create a distraction to his game. Eddie will bowl well but I can see Gage  taking his game to another level.

4th Bowlers-
Gurrier"THE TERMINATOR"(14pts 165.2) VS Don Ali"MR CONSISTENCY"(10pts 204.2)
Another great matchup with these 2 teams. But what happened to the "Terminator" last week? This would have been a great matchup, but THE TERMINATOR was M.I.A. and it is yet to be determined for what reason. He is also losing his rookie of the year lead by Wahid of Balls n Strikes Wahid took the lead in matchup pts, and is creeping closer in avg as well . Will Guerrier show some rust with the layoff, only time will tell. Don Ali is one of the prolific bowlers in the league is starting to show the moxy he lacked in 2 previous seasons.  He has now taken the anchor position and baffled many people in the league because of his great talent. He seemed he was very hesitant by bowling in the 3rd slot and didnt show his true grit  But ever since taking the anchor position, and throwing down the hammer after every strike, Don is showing to be a true leader

EDGE-Team Strike Kings This one is pretty simple as Guerrier will show what happenes when you take a layoff and it wont be a pretty sight. Don will throw down the hammer to the Terminator. and it will be "Hasta La Vista" for Guerrier !

ROUNDUP- This will be close if Yasar shows up for Sniper, but even with that said Strike Kings have great depth that Snipers lack. Strike Kings. take 2 out of 3.

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