Sunday, December 23, 2012

Draft completed!

In the fastest draft in SA sports history, here are the results of the all-star snake draft:

With the first pick, Ayaz has announced that he will be drafting Eddie Santana of the Strike Kings.

With the second pick, Abhi has drafted Mufthy Dastigir of Strikes 'n' Spares.

With the third pick, Don Ali drafts Yash Mahajan of Asian Sensation

With the 4th and 5th picks, Jason Reis drafts Guerrier Connor of the Snipers, then Prince Panicker of Force with his 2 picks.

With the 6th pick, Don Ali selects Asif Siddiqui of the Pin Pals.

With the 7th pick, Abhi has taken Khaled Ahmedy of Asian Sensation.

With the last pick, Ayaz takes Wahid O. from Balls 'n Strikes.

Completed Teams:

Captain 1: Ayaz Dar
Eddie Santana
Wahid O

Captain 2: Abhishek Kumar
Mufthy Dastigir
Khaled Ahmedy

Captain 3: Don Ali Hugo
Yash Mahajan
Asif Siddiqui

Captain 4: Jason Reis
Guerrier Connor
Prince Panicker

If a player does not show, a 'waiver system' will be used to determine the first pick up.  Lowest pick from round 1 has the highest waiver priority. 

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