Sunday, December 9, 2012

Post game- Strike Kings vs Snipers

Game I – Snipers 854 vs. Strike Kings 787
Game II – Snipers 748 vs. Strike Kings 878
Game III – Snipers 849 vs. Strike Kings 789
Strike Kings – 12 points
Snipers – 11 points

Does this score result look familiar to you?? It certainly does to the Strike Kings. In fact, you could sum up their season so far with this result – an almost even split. East Meadow threw SA Bowl a changeup with dry lane conditions, especially on the back end. A lot of right-side spares were missed in this matchup as some people had a difficult time adjusting. Eddie’s massive hook took on new dimensions and he had the highest series in this matchup.

In game I, the Strike Kings bowled around their averages as a team with Eddie and Don Ali both scoring over 200 with a 203 and 209 respectively. Both Nisar and Raheel bowled under their averages with a 113 and 125 respectively. For the Snipers, Gage had a great game with a 203 as did Uday (who barely made it on time) with a 149. Guerrier and Patrick bowled a few pins under their averages with a 99 and 179. Snipers take the game and all individual points except Guerrier who lost to Don Ali. The Strike Kings tried to rally in the 8th frame but didn’t have what it takes.

In game II, the Strike Kings “hammered” the Snipers and made a clean sweep. Don Ali had the high game with a 228 followed by Eddie with a 185, Raheel with a 171 and Nisar with a 161. Meanwhile Uday bowled above his average with a 127 and he was the only one who showed up in this game for the Snipers. The Strike Kings take the game by 140 pins – a margin that would prove crushing later in game III.
Game III saw Guerrier start off with a string of strikes. Then Gage had his own string of strikes. Making most of their spares and then putting some more strikes together Guerrier and Gage made it impossible for the Strike Kings to take the game with a 228 and 213 respectively. Eddie’s 237 couldn’t lead the Strike Kings to victory but when it came down to the 10th frame, the Strike Kings showed everyone who perhaps the best 3rd and 4th bowler combination is in the league. Both Eddie and Don Ali struck out in the 10ths frame to ensure that the Snipers would end up losing total pins. Despite Eddie’s and Don Ali’s strikes, Guerrier had a chance to close it out and take total pins with a strike in the 10th frame but he missed it. Strike Kings take total pins by just 3 pins.

How many times does it have to be said?? Every pin counts!! Whenever you see your opponents blowing off a split by chucking the ball down the lane and making a field goal or throwing a gutter ball, take advantage. In this game the Strike Kings did just that in this exact scenario. They went from taking 10 points to taking 12 and the Snipers went from taking 13 to taking 11. Both these teams need to practice more but they both have promise.

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