Friday, November 30, 2012

Asian Sensation vs Pin Smackers Preview

Asian Sensation(#2- 77pts) VS PinSmackers ( #3- 73pts)

PinSmackers are coming off a sub-par performance by gaining 10.5 pts against the Strike King.  Asian Sensation accumulated 19.5 pts from a depleted Force team but both teams are lookin at this as a Statment game.
Lets see how these teams matchup !!!

1st bowlers-
Amin(148.1) vs Adam Elfiky(120.4) & Raheel Nadim(149.2)
This is a very crucial matchup as these 2 teams have great depth with exceptional bowlers on their roster. Adam E. has shown vast improvment even though his avg doesnt reflect it., Adam has bowled well and his 72 handicap makes it hard for an opponnent to catch up especially if he runs off couple of strikes.  Raheel has been a great addition for the Pin Smackers. Raheel improved his avg over 14pts in the past2 weeks , going from a 135 to a whopping 149. Amin avg does not indicate his capabilities as he recently bowled a game high 184 scratch. He has won 11pts in head to head which is good for 2nd in the league.
EDGE- Team Asian Sensation. Ever since Amin purchased his own ball he went from a 134avg to 148avg. Adam simply leaves too many frames open and Raheel will make it close but Amin should come out on top.

2nd Bowlers-
Both of these bowlers have been struggling big time. Khaled who once was a anchor on the Sensations has been in a funk where he's been regulated to the 2nd bowler position. He is still capable of a big game in which he showed by a game high 201. Same goes for Eugene Mr. "DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK". His patented celebration has not been seen lately, but the same goes with his capability of bowling a quality game in which he threw a 201.
EDGE-Team Pin Smackers. Eugene will find his approach and the do his"DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK" on Khaled, who will still be "SILENT"

3rd Bowlers-
Jin "GANGNAM STYLE"(166.6) VS Sony "SNEAKY SNEAKY"(174.0)
Jin has shown incredible improvement after buying a ball of his own by bowling a game high 224. This resulted in him bowling in the #3 poisition. Sony should be tabbed "SLEEPY SLEEPY" apparently this past week the alarm clock did not do its job. Sony showed up late, but bowled great games in games 2 and 3.
EDGE- Team Pin Smackers.  Sony will show why he won the championship in the summer league by coming up clutch as Jin will come up a bit slow by taking last week off.

4th Bowlers-
Yash "SHARK"(176.3) VS Ahbi "MAYOR"(202.9)
Both bowlers cant be more opposite in personality , Yash trash talks all week, and Ahbi looks to improve the opposition bowler approach.  Yash has been clutch by beating "Daddy" Dar 2 out of 3, but Ahbi has the capabilty to carry his team on his shoulders by bowling a game high 245.
EDGE- Team Asian Sensation.  Yash will be on his game to prove all the NAY sayers by beating the "MAYOR" on his home court.

ROUNDUP- This will be one of the best matchups this week. As all 3 games will come down to the 10th frame but Team Pin Smackers. will take 2 out of the 3 matches.

Number 5 most clutch bowler in the league

5. Eddie "Money" Santana
This is only Eddie’s second season in the league, but he has made a name for himself very quickly.  Eddie has been the anchor for his teams since he has joined the league which is not easy to do. There are less than a handful of guys who have done that.  He took the Other Guys to one game of missing the playoffs during the summer season but has been fun to watch. He is currently 5th in average with 186.4 and tied for third in 10th frame strikes with 9th.  He like other clutch bowlers have single handily won games for his team and the pressure does not faze him. After every shot you know when he gets a strike because he will rub it in the opponents face. The one knock on his game is all of a sudden is average is declining rapidly. Eddie has almost been switched from anchor to bowling third.  Over the past three weeks his average dropped 13.1 pins. Has his average been dropping because he is not anchor, or is it just a coincidence.

Force vs Strike Kings Preview

Force(#8   41.5pts) vs Strke Kings(#6    65.5pts)

StrikeKings and Force clash as both teams look to make a push in the standings.  Force came away with 3.5pts from last week, but have a new addition to their roster. With the exception the league gave Prince on his rosters issue, hopefully he will have a full squad to go up against an opponent every week. Strike Kings are coming off a 12.5 pts from a formidable opponent in the Pin Smackers.

Let see how these 2 teams Matchup !

1st Bowlers-
Abbas(128.0) VS Nisar(134.9)& Raheel(141.3)
Abbas is added to team Force and hopefully it will pay off as Abbas filled in for the Sensations and performed well by winning his match-up opponent. The Strike Kings have 2 "blue collar" type of bowlers in Raheel and Nisar. Both have been improving their game every week. Raheel has bowled well with a high score of 198 to add to his game and Nisar has been able to close out frames .
EDGE- Team Strike Kings. It will come down to the 10th frame and I believe the combo of Nisar & Raheel will be able to prevail by closing out frames as Abbas will def show signs of rust in his game.

2nd Bowlers-
Alan(135.0) VS  Ammad S.(154.3)
Alan made his debut with Force last week but took away 1pt out of 3 by goin up against Amin. Once he gets to his grove he can be dangerous with his 60pt handicap. His lone point last week came from bowling a 154 scratch but with his handicap will equal to a total of 214. Then you have "EL PRESIDENTE " Ammad Shiekh. mmad is the most underrated bowler in the league by bowling a game high 201 and even bowling as an anchor at time when Eddie has been absent. If you factor in his 45 pin handicap, thats a dangerous combo right there .
EDGE- Team Strike Kings. Alan is still rusty and hopefully will make it in time for the match but, "EL PRESEDENTE" will be "MUY MALO" for team Force.

3rd Bowlers-
Riz(155.2) VS Eddie"MONEY"(186.0)
Riz has been bowling his avg all year long but it does have to be frustrating to come to an undermaned team. It does seem to show as Riz hasnt had any motivation to pickup his game. Riz had his share of highlights by bowling a game high 188. Eddie "MONEY" Santana has been steadily declining every week since a great 1st week where Eddie bowled a game high 236 and avg over 200. Eddie has the meanest hook in the league and the most flamboyant celebration by "throwing the flag" after every strike .
EDGE- Team Strike Kings. Eddie will gain his rhythm and be "Throwing flags" all day.

4th Bowlers -
Don Ali(202.6) VS Prince (178.6)
This will most likely be a one sided affair as Prince is going up against one of the best bowlers in Don Ali. Don has been "hammering" down the pins in recent weeks and now is putting his team on his shoulders by assuming the anchor role. Prince on the other hand is a much better bowler than his avg indicates. His mind on his team arriving to the games has taken a toll on his mental focus. Even though he is still is one of the best and the most humble bowlers in the league.
EDGE- Team Strike Kings ! Don Ali will give his "Hammer" job after every strike and will end it with his arms "Wide Open" pose that he is famous for lol

ROUNDUP- Its what every team looks forward to....."When We Are Facing Force" . An unfortunate reality to a great person in Prince.  Clean sweep for Team Strike Kings

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snipers vs Strikes n Spares Preview

Snipers are coming off a week where they took 1 game and and 6 individual pts to total 8 pts. Team SnS are coming off a lucky week as well by coming away with a split of 11.5 pts. What i meant by lucky is a member of BnS decided to bench their BEST player WaHID, where SnS took advantage of it by getting the last game and total pins.

Lets see how these 2 teams matchup !!!

1st Bowlers-
Amaad Bhatti(163.3)Naeem Bawla(138.4)Omar Hussein(140.4) VS Patrick Vatel(99.2)Uday Gosalia(112.5)
The only advantage that Snipers have is that Patrick, and Uday have a considerable handicap. Uday has shown some life by bowling a turkey in recent weeks.  They are goin up against the best leadiff bowlers in Amaad , Naeem & Omar who have a 75% winning pct. They won 18.5 pts out of 25 and to top it off Amaad took home the tab of "PLAYER OF THE WEEK" !
EDGE- Team SnS as they show with thier leadoff bowlers can be bowling a #3 bowler for other teams and thats scary.

2nd Bowlers-
Raza Dastgir(158.3) VS Yasar Bokhari(156.4)
This is as close as it gets right here as the 2 bowlers avg indicate. Yasar has been great by closing out frames and bowling very steady week in and week out. The opposite can be said for Raza "MR 108" as his avg has been dropping every week.  From week 4-6 it has gone from 165 to a 158. Raza does have big game capability and may have to show it to get a victory. Yasar has to compile some matchup points as they are goin up against a stacked SNS team.
EDGE- Team Snipers but it goes down to the 10th frame.  Raza downhill slide continues as Yasar EEKS out a couple of points against "MR 108".

3rd Bowlers-
Gage AKA Chocolate Thunder(164.0) VS Mufthy Dastgir(175.5)
Wow, this a great matchup with 2 bowlers who are on top of their game.  We got Chocalate Thunder whonow took the honors of PLAYER OF THE WEEK.  Gage is also an emotional catalyst for Team Snipers as he wears his emotions on his sleeve and tires to build momentum by being the most vocal on his team. Then we got the opposite of "Mr 108" Mufthy is on a rampage in recent weeks by raising his avg from a 166 to a 175. These 2 have been getting their teams crucial matchup pts as well with Mufthy on top with 12pts and right Behind him is Gage with 11pts.
EDGE- Team SnS. Mufthy will frustrate Gage with his relentless prowess on the lanes and this time Gage's emotion will get the best of him.

4th Bowlers-
Guerrier Connor AKA THE TERMINATOR(180.4) VS Jason "J-Wow" Reis(223.9)
Unfortunately Mr Connor is goin up against Jason who recently bowled an astonishing 279 last week and seems to be on a mission. Jason guaranted a championship before the season started and as of now he is on the right path. With that being said Guerrier is no joe shmoe as he is the leading candidate for rookie of the year. I can see him try to keep pace with Jason and hope to will his team to victory.
EDGE- Team Sns. It's hard to go up against one of the elite bowlers in the league,but you can make sure "THE TERMINATOR" will say to JWOW ........I"LL BE BACK !

ROUNDUP- This will be easy as the depth of team Snipers will be exposed. SnS will take advantage of their great leadoff bowlers in this matchup.  Team SnS take 2 out of 3 games.

Yash “The Shark” Mahajan


This is Yash “The Shark” Mahajan's third season in the South Asian Bowling League and is quickly becoming a household name. Yash has gotten his nickname because like a shark when he smells fear he attacks.  He’s currently one of the leaders on a dangerous Asian Sensation team that has many teams worried. This team went all the way to finals in the summer season, but fell short losing to The Four Horsemen. Yash has proved he was clutch bowling six strikes in a row to win game 2 of the semi finals to advance them to the finals last year.

Yash currently is 9th in average with a 176.3 and has been improving every week.  “I am by far not the best bowler, but it’s something I will strive for,” Yash Said.  Yash has shown he will put in the work as you will find him at East Meadow Lanes every week working on his game. He is tied for third with 9 strikes thrown in the 10th frame. Throwing a strike in the 10th frame is not easy, but Yash has shown he has been clutch. Yash is also third in individual points with 10.5. This means that Yash is beating his head to head matchup consistently every week.  He has the 5th most total strikes in the last three weeks with 42.

Yash’s bowling has been improving, but what has made him a celebrity is his trash talking. The trash talking has been getting intense especially when he’s going against his rival Ayaz “Daddy” Dar.  “The rivalry causes some electricity within the league, and I really want to kick his butt,” said Yash. Yash will put photos on facebook to talk up his game but he has struggled at times.  “The reason for trash talking, it’s me I can’t help it....If I can get in your mind to affect your game so be it... prove me wrong,” Said Yash. Many bowlers around the league think that Yash is too focused on trash talking and not on bowling. “It has to be getting in his head. The more he talks the more Yash has struggled,” said a bowler in the league.  

As of now Asian Sensation is in second place in the standings and making an improvement every week. The question will be can they beat the best teams in the league?

 “Honestly where will the Sensations finish? Of course 1st. Our team has something other teams don’t, HEART,” said Yash. With this confidence Yash instills into his team, it could only help improve his teams overall ability.


SASN Radio 11/16/2012 - Talking SABL, SAFL, SABowl, NY Knicks, and Hurricane Sandy

South Asian Sports Network - SASN header image 1

November 29th, 2012

Your browser does not support the audio element. Podcast Powered By SASN Radio
Host Ammad Sheikh was running solo today as Siddique Farooqi was unavailable. The show started out with Ammad talking up the Knicks. For the longest time Ammad has been critical of the NY Knicks and specifically Carmelo Anthony....does he change his opinion? Talking South Asian Basketball Randi Dhanram of the Killer Cobras came on to talk about his team. He talked up some of his players and made some bold predictions about the team. He was asked about joining the Western Conference the tougher conference of the South Asian Basketball League.  Randi talked about wanting to play the best of the best competition. Burhan Gorgani came on the air to talk about the status of South Asian Football League, he mentioned the situation with Hurricane Sandy. He talked about the fields were commandeered by Nassau County in order to set up a FEMA Camp and how the league is adjusting accordingly. But he previewed the teams that are playing this upcoming weekend, specifically what is going to be done with the league and how the teams are going to handle the rust  with all of the teams not playing for so long. Lastly Prince Panicker called in to talk about Bowling. The South Asian Bowling League lost a few weeks due to flooding in East Meadow. The Bowling alley had no power and some damage. So it took a few weeks for the bowling league to come back online. Prince broke down the match ups and spoke about the match ups and what they were going to do what the action plan was. Next up was Salman Quader of Prime Time Salman talked about his experience in the South Asian Basketball League. Salman is one of 2 players who have 3 championships in the SABL. 2 coming via the HUMANS and 1 with Prime Time. He talked about the evolution of the league. But he also told us about a personal situation about himself. He spoke about his battle with cancer, and specifically Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Lastly Prince Panicker called in to talk about the status of the South Asian Bowling League. The league was also hurt by hurricane Sandy. Prince spoke about the status of the site of the South Asian Bowling League at AMF East Meadow Bowling lanes. He mentioned that they were closed for 2 weeks but had reopened. How the league was looking to build the momentum that it had lost and to talk about the notable match ups for the upcoming weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 6 Power Rankings

Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes Post game Recap

SnS: 1 win + 6.5 individual match points + total pins (11.5 points)
Balls 'n Strikes: 2 wins + 5.5 individual match points (11.5 points

This was the game of the week as Balls n Strikes played the number one team in the league Strikes n Spares. This game did not disappoint as it was filled with excitement and drama. The commissioner Jason “J-WoW” was using a different ball today so anything could happen. Every single person who predicts game predicted Strike n Spares to win.  But that is why you play the game.

Game 1 Balls n Strikes came out strong as Wahid came out firing with three strikes in the first three frames. Shumail and Ali did their thing in the first 5 frames as they both hit many strikes n spares. Amaad hit a turkey from frames 3-5 to bring the game close, but this game was over in a hurry. Ammad finished the game with a 168 bowling above his average while Raza bowled a 149 to continue his dry spell of subpar games. Mufthy ended the game with a 194 as he took is point and to continue his dominance lately. Mufthy has been on fire the past couple of weeks, continuing to get better. The real story was Wahid vs Jason as Wahid dominated Jason with a score of 213 to 189. Jason could of make it close it the 10th but hit a spare with only a 6. Balls n Strikes took game 1 and it seemed like it would be a long night for Strikes n Spares.

Game 2 it was Shumail aka the Mailman’s turn to take control as he bowled 6 strikes in his first 7 frames. He would finish with an amazing 233. Alisher bowled well with a 159 and Ali’s 131 really put the pressure on Strikes n Spares. Mufthy and Jason again took control for Strikes n Spares as they finished with a 213 and 212. Jason being down in the 10th frame needed three strikes in a row to tie Wahid for the point. Being the MVP that Jason is he got the job done to split the point. Wahid finished with a 179 another amazing game giving Jason all he can handle. Raza and Amaad finished with a 148 and 153.

Game 3 there was a change that may have changed the entire landscape of the whole season. Balls n Strikes benched Wahid for unknown reasons. Strikes n Spares would take advantage as they took the necessary points to comeback and tie the series of 11.5-11.5. Real story of this matchup was the dominance of Jason Reis who bowled a 279. He bowled all strikes except the 5th frame which he got a 10pin spare.  Raza finished with a 163 Mufthy a 187, and Amaad a 135. But Jason took control of this game and this series bowling a 680 for the series.  Abdul who replaced Wahid bowled a low of 89 which really hurt his team.  Hakim a 124, Alisher a 140, wasn’t enough. Shumail bowled a 170 but this was a collapse as their leader Wahid was benched. 


Force vs Asian Sensation Postgame Recap

Game 1: AS wins 796-746
Game 2: AS wins 826-756
Game 3: AS wins 836-711
Asian Sensation takes 19.5 of 23 points
Yet another week of Force not having a full roster, and once again they paid for it. In game 1, Yash continued his good streak bowling a 198, and Amin added in a 151, both of whom scored points for Asian Sensation. For Force, Alan made his season debut with a 142, while Riz scored a 149, splitting a point with Khaled, who also bowled a 149. Prince won his point with a 188 against Justin, who bowled for the first time since week 1.
In game 2, Yash struggled, only bowling a 140, but the rest of his team picked him up. Amin bowled his season high of 184, Justin also had a 184, while Khaled had a 179 to round out the team effort. Khaled, Yash, and Amin all scored points for Asian Sensation. For Force, Alan struggled, but Riz bowled well once again with a 165. Prince bowled a 215, saving Force from the shutout.
In game 3, Amin struggled, but the rest of the team was on point. Yash bowled a 194, Khaled bowled a 180, and Justin bowled a 176 to all score points for Asian Sensation. Alan picked up his game with a season high of 154 in order to score a point for Force, but he got no help and Riz and Prince both struggled. 
Asian Sensation ends up taking 19.5 points and moves into 2nd place with their win.

Player Of The Week

Gaetjens Nestor
This weeks Player of the Week goes to Snipers, Gage Nestor. Gage bowled 29 pins over his average. He has been improving his game week after week and has won the 2nd most match up wins in the league with 11. He also has a spot in the league’s top 10 single game high with a game of 244.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Balls n Strikes

Balls n Strikes were destroying the number one team Strikes n Spares as they won the first 2 games by a total of 80 pins. Everything was going great until the coach decided to bench Wahid. Wahid took 1.5 pins against Jason and seemed to be dominating the game. In game 3 the coach decides to bench Wahid and the unthinkable happened. Balls n Strikes went from a dominating lead to tying the series 11.5-11.5. Even though they tied, just awful coaching on Balls n Strikes part for benching Wahid. What were they thinking?

Strike Kings
Finally the Strike Kings showed up and decided to bowl. They won the first 2 games from the Pin Smackers and did not look back. Don Ali "Mr.Consistent" bowled an amazing 213,213, and 215. Ammad decided to join the party with a 159 in game 1 and a 179 game 2. What was more impressive was Don Ali in the anchor position. He sealed the deal in games 1, and 2 for the Strike Kings and seems to be more comfortable there. As there is always good news, there is always bad news. Eddie Santana has been struggling since his amazing start. In week one he had an average around 220. We are now in week 7 and he is below 190. This is good because of the handicap but Eddie has to pick up his game. He needs to practice if the Strike Kings want to keep up this success.

Strikes n Spares
Last week was the first time all year Strikes n Spares were dominated in the first 2 games. This team came out flat and looked like they didn't know what hit them. After a huge team huddle this team went to work.  They responded with a 187 by Mufthy and a whopping 279 Jason in game 3. Jason had stikes in every frame besides the 5th frame in game 3. They came back and ended up with a tie 11.5-11.5. They showed that they could fight off the storm, and even when behind they are never down. This was the most impressive week by them as their back was against the wall and they never gave up.

Pin Pals
Pin Pals jumped in the standings from 5th to 4th as they took 15 points from Snipers.  Ayaz "Daddy"Dar bowled his tail off this week bowling a 231 and a 210. Sidd the Kidd bowled a 151 in game 3 and Chris "Chrisanity" bowled two games over his average with a 140 and 142. Sidd the Kidd continues to imporve his game and if he gets better this team will again be a scary team down the road. Ayaz just seems to be in the zone with his bowling as he is averaging 190 pins.  After this game they are saying Asif who. Without Asif they were an underdog in this matchup but with this victory showed the world that they are the real deal. Next week they have a real test vs the up and coming team Balls n Strikes. Will Asif be there? We will find out.

Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation was looking foward to this week the entire week and as they played Force. Asian Sensation was led by Yash "The Shark" with a 198 and 194. Amin also poured in a great game 2 with a 184. Justin showed up as he bowled for the first time since week 1. He was alittle rusty, and will have to pick up his game come playoff time. Asian Sensation didn't play their best, but they didn't have to as they were basically facing nobody.  After the weekend Asian Sensation jumped from 4th to 2nd place in the standings. Next week they face a real test in the Pin Smackes led by the Abhi "The Mayor". We will see if they can beat the Pin Smackers without Justin "JR2K."

Birds Fly, Fish Swim. and Force can't get enough guys. There really isn't anything to say when Force has to wait 20 minutes just to get a third guy to show up. Time is running out as they are free falling in the standings. Prince has to do something really quick before the clock strikes zero. Riz had a great game 2 bowling a 165 while Prince had a 215 in the same game.  I feel bad for Riz and Prince who are bowling better every week but to no avail.

Pin Smackers

Sony where art thou? Sony decided to sleep in and miss game 1 which proved to be costly. They lost game 1 by only 24 pins, and with Sony there it would of been an easy win. He did bowl well in games 2 and 3 with a 188 and a 196. Ahbi bowled great as he alway did bowling a 201 and 223 in games 2 and 3. We say it everyweek but we will continue to say it. Eugene whats going on? Eugene bowled a 145 and 130 in games 2 and 3 and that is not going to cut it. He is their 2nd best bowler but his game is going down hill quickly. We are not sure if he needs sleep, he needs energy, or if he needs an Ahbi pep talk, but something has to be done. If the Pin Smackers want to be a contender Eugene has to bowl better.

They really didn't bowl bad at all, they just didn't win. Gage bowled an average of 29 pins over all 3 games and Guerrier bowled a 190 in game 2. Pat and Uday were consistent with their averages it just was not enough. They stayed in 7th place but are only 6 points from Strike Kings.  Guerrier has being bowling poorly lately though and has to pick it up. He is the leader for rookie of the year but if they stay in 7th place, he may lose than honor. Snipers should really start Yasar who bowled a 158 in game 2 and practices every week. It is still early, but 7th place for this team is not where this team wanted to be as of now.

Post Game Strike Kings vs Pin Smackers

Game I – Strike Kings 796 vs. Pin Smackers 772
Game II – Strike Kings 837 vs. Pin Smackers 831
Game III – Strike Kings 810 vs. Pin Smackers 857
The Strike Kings starting lineup consisted of Nisar, Ammad, Eddie and Don Ali. For the Pin Smackers, it was Raheel, Eugene and Abhi. Sony arrived late and very well could have made a difference in the first match both for his team and on an individual basis.
Game I was a very close matchup right until the end. It came down to the tenth frame – one in which Nisar, Ammad and Don Ali all had strikes to close out and win the match. Ammad and Don Ali also took their individual points. On the Pin Smackers side Raheel won his matchup vs Nisar with a 164 – his game of what would be a very good series for him. Meanwhile Eugene won his matchup against Eddie with a 187. Abhi had an off game of 164 which let the door open for the Strike Kings to take the game. Another factor was Sony – a decent performance by him could have led the Pin Smackers to victory but he didn’t arrive on time.
In game II Raheel came in for Nisar on the Strike Kings side while Sony was now able to join his team. Raheel (Pin Smackers) bowled a 157 and took the only match point for his side. Sony bowled a 188 but lost to Ammad who bowled a 179. Eugene bowled under his average with a 145 while Abhi just missed his average with a 201. For the Strike Kings both Eddie and Ali won their individual matches. The Strike Kings as a team also had another stunning 10th frame with Don Ali closing out the 10th frame win for the team.
Game III saw an improved Pin Smackers showing. Raheel bowled over 30 pins above his average with a 168, though he lost his individual matchup to Nisar who bowled a 166. Sony bowled another good game with a 196 and he took his individual match point against Ammad. Eugene had an off game while Abhi came back with a 223. The Pin Smackers not only won the game but also eked out total pins as well having won this game by 47 pins.
It should be noted here that Eddie’s average has been consistently dropping since his week I stellar performance. Ammad on the other hand has been improving his game of late and cannot be underestimated. For the Pin Smackers, Sony is definitely their most important player after Abhi – he has the second highest average on the team with (170+) and can put together a string of strikes on any occasion. Eugene on the other hand, previously described as one of the top 10 players in the league has not been amongst the top 10 in terms of averages the whole season. If both Eddie and Eugene improve they will make their respective teams much more difficult to beat

Difference in Averages


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Week 6
Don Ali with a strike to win game 1 vs the Pin Smackers
Uday with a nice shot
10th frame, Wahid Shows he's clutch
Jason Reis's last strike finishing with a 279
Amin with a Strike
Justin "JR2K"

Week 5
Asian Sensation vs Pinpals
Nisar and Gage
Snipers mark the entire frame
Raheel and Yasar
Prince interview after game 1 defeat
Snipers vs Asian Sensation
Uday with a strike plus rest of Snipers

Monday, November 26, 2012

As of Week 6
Highest Average

1. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 223.9
2. Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers) - 202.9
3. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings) - 202.6
4. Ayaz Dar (Pin Pals) - 190.5
5. Eddie Santana (Strike Kings) - 186.4
6. Asif Siddiqui (Pin Pals) - 182.4
7. Guerrier Connor (Snipers) - 180.4
8. Prince Panicker (Force) - 178.7
9. Yash Mahajan (Asian Sensation) - 176.3
10. Mufthy Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 175.5

Highest Single Game

1. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 279
2. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings) - 258
3. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 256
4. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 247
5. Mufthy Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 247
6. Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers) - 245
7. Gage Nestor (Snipers) - 244
8. Ayaz Dar (Pin Pals) - 243
9. Eddie Santana (Strike Kings) - 236
10. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings) - 234

Highest Series

1. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 713
2. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 680
3. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 659
4. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings) - 654
5. Eddie Santana (Strike Kings) - 649
6. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings) - 641
7. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings) - 637
8. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 635
9. Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers) - 633
10. Ayaz Dar (Pin Pals) - 631

Most Points Won

1. Mufthy Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 12.0
2. Gage Nestor (Snipers) - 11.0
2. Amin Saqiui (Asian Sensation) - 11.0
4. Yash Mahajan (Asian Sensation) - 10.5
5. Ayaz Dar (Strike Kings) - 10.0
5. Prince Panicker (Force) - 10.0
7. Wahid O. (Balls 'n Strikes) - 9.5
8. Guerrier Connor (Snipers) - 9.0
8. Raza Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares) - 9.0
10. Khaled Ahmedy (Asian Sensation) - 8.5

Min 11 games bowled for high average
Updated as of 11/25/12
Balls of Fury- Episode 6

Ayaz Dar interviews Mufthy Dastigir

***Right click on link above and then press open in new tab or new window****
Includes Weeks 4-6
Updated as of 11/25/12
Week 6
Top 5 Games Over Average
1. Shumail Haque(Balls n Strikes)    Average 174.5 Game 2 Bowled a 233 for 58.5 pins over
2. Jason Reis (Strikes n Spares)-    Average  223.0 Game 3 Bowled a 279 for 56 pins over
3. Ayaz Dar (Pin Pals)-                    Average 186.5  Game 2 Bowled a 231 for 44.5 pins over
4. Wahid O.(Balls n Strikes)             Average 168.9 Game 1 Bowled a 213 for 44.1 pins over
5.Mufthy Dastigir(Strikes n Spares) Average 170.6 Game  2 Bowled a 213 for 42.4 pins over

Top 5 Games Below Average
1. Abhi Kumar (Pin Smackers)         Average 204.4 Game 1 Bowled a 163 for 41.4 pins below
2. Yash Mahajan (Asian Sensation) Average 176.1 Game 2 Bowled a 140 for 36.1 pins below
3. Amaad Bhatti (Strikes n Spares)  Average 167.5 Game 3 Bowled a 135 for 32.5 pins below
4. Eddie Santana(Strike Kings)        Average 192.3 Game 3 Bowled a 161 for 31.3 pins below
5. Guerrier Conor (Snipers)              Average 181.8 Game 1 Boweld a 151 for 30.8 pins below

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 6 Stats
Most Strikes
1. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares)-24
2. Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings)- 19
3. Mufthy Dastigir ( Strikes 'n' Spares)-17
4. Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers)-16
4. Yash Mahajan(Asian Sensation)-16
4. Ayaz Dar ( Pin Pals)-16
4. Gage Nestor (Snipers)-16

Most Spares
1. Khaled Ahemdy(Asian Sensation)-17
2. Eddie Santana (Strike Kings)-16
3. Raheel Nadim (Pin Smackers)-15
4. Shumail Haque(Balls n Strikes)-14
4. Prince Panicker(Force)- 14
4. Eugene Lampione(Pin Smackers)-14
10th Frame Strikes

1. Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares)-6
2. Don Ali Hugo(Strike Kings)-5
3. Prince Panicker(Force)-4
3. Ayaz Dar( Pin Pals) -4
4. Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers)-3
4. Yash Mahajan(Asian Sensation)-3
4. Gage Nestor (Snipers)-3
4. Guerrier Conor (Snipers)-3
4. Ammad Sheikh (Strike Kings)-3
4. Raza Dastigir(Strikes n Spares)-3

Updated as of 11/25/12

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pin Pals vs Snipers Preview

Pinpals are coming off with 13-10 pts from the Sensations and it all came from the brute force of David Deblasio. David "HGH" rose his avg by 7 points last week. He bowled 192 ad 198 in games 1 and 2 and winning 2-3 matchup pts from khaled. Yash "THE "SHARK" took 2-3pts from Ayaz as he was strugglin a bit 164 & 176 but redeemed himself with a 201 in the final game. Chris has to learn to close out frames as he left one to many frames open and lost to Amin 2-3 matchup games . Asif was bowling to his avg but ran into Jin who was peakin last week, but Asif is the most underated bowlers that is mr reliable.

Snipers  came away with 12-11 pts , very impressive , especially with a "STACKED" StrikeKings team. Patrick bowled a 138, but with a hefty handicapp it was enough to propel his team to victory. If he finds his stride they could do big things especially being 1.5 pts away from 6th place and 6.5 pts away from 3rd place. Gage "CHOCALATE THUNDER" & "THE TERMINATOR" Mr. Connor were bowling their usual avg but Connor"s 229 was quite impressive as he is the leading Candidate with the tab of "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR." The X-factor was Yasar , who bowled a 175 but was not present for the first game . If yasar shows up consistenly, then this is a team you dont want to run into !

Without Asif out the matchup will be focused on Ayaz and Guerrier. They are complete opposite bowlers as Ayaz's mouth never closses and Guerrier is a quiet bowler. Don't let Guerrier fool you cause he is very loud with the scores that he puts up. These two men will battle it out where we predict will come down to the 10th frame in 2 ouf out of the 3 games.

PinPals will continue to roll as David "HGH" shows his brute force, and Ayaz "DADDY DAY CARE" bounces back.  Pinpals take at least 2 games this week.

Strike Kings vs Pin Smackers Preview

StrikeKings vs PinSmackers

StrikeKings are coming off a glass half full/half empty week. They took 11-12 pts with 1 win & 6 matchup pts & redeemed themselves with total pins against the Snipers.  The half full part is that Don Ali & Eddie took the week off by bowling a 156 and177 but game 2 is when everybody was bowling at their peak. With Don Ali bowling a 224 and Eddie bowling a 198 but the X factor was Raheel by bowling 198 and gained about 5pts on his avg. Raheel took over for Nisar because Nisar bowled to his avg at 141 & Ammad bowled a 160+ avg. Ammad is slowly climbing the stat sheets as Strike Kings dominated game 2. If the StrikeKings have the same lineup as they did in game 2 by scoring a 899 then they will be making a run deep into the playoffs !

PinSmackers are coming off a week by facing off with the SnS who are the number one team in the standings by getting 10.5 pts to 12.5. Adam is trying to reach his potential as he showed some sign of life by scoring a 186 in the firstgame. He secured the matchup pts as well & winning 8 out of 14 matchup pts throughout the season. The scary part is his 70 pt handicap help which is huge for the PinSmackers. Eugene is in a bit of a funk lately. "MR DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK" has been struggling and the 2 week layoff didnt help his cause. Once in a groove Eugene has the sweetest approach in the game. Raheel did ok filling in for Sony bowling a 135 avg in the 3 game set and winning 1 matchup pt out of 3 but if Sony was there last week the results surely would've been different. sided. But theres nothin to fear when "THE MAYOR" Ahbi is here. Nothing seems to unravel Ahbi , not the 2 week layoff or facing off with one of the best bowlers out there in "J-WoW".  Ahbi carries much of the workload and shows no ill effects of it. As Stuart Scott would say "He is as cool as the other side of the pillow."

Strike Kings and the PinSmackers will be a great matchup, but with Sony missing again it will make the Strike Kings take 2 out of 3.  The PinSmackers will be in trouble as Don Ali poses with his arms wide open after every strike.

Asian Sensation vs Force Preview

Its 10am ! Do you know where the rest of team Force is? They are not at the bowling alley that's for sure. Prince has been under stress with his roster and it has been reflecting on the lanes as he bowled well below his avg with a 152,147 & 169.  Riz is doing well with a 160 avg and winning 2-3 matchup pts per week. Prince needs Moe and Matt to show up, but once they do Force will be a viable team to face. Looks like teams like BnS will look to pounce on Force and the Standings. Force has slowly dropped to last place in the league, but Prince knows there is plenty of time to stage a comeback. The first step to the comeback would be obviously bowling with a full roster.

Asian Sensation are coming off an intense showdown with the Pin Pals with coming away with 10 pts . The "SHARK" Yash lived up to words as he went heads up with Ayaz "DADDY DAY CARE" in the anchor position and took 2 matchup pts.  Jin "GANGNAM STYLE" had an impressive series especially bowling 3rd and scoring 173,158 and a 224. Amin had a decent showing averaging a 160+ series and winning 2-3 matchup pts but Khaled "THE SILENT ASSASIN" was sure silent.  While they were practicing Khaled was not on his game which is why he was bowling 2nd. He finally woke up in the 3rd game with a 185 but it was too little too late .

The story of the match-up is the return of Justin aka JR2K this weekend. He will be using Jason's bowling ball, and it will be easy as taking candy from a baby. Force will likely be missing players, so this is a clean sweep for Asian Sensation as they take all 3 games.

Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes Preview

SnS had a rematch of last weeks opponent of the PinSmackers but with  different results by getting 12.5 pts to 10.5 pts. Jason was bowling to his expectations last week but sporting a new "DO" as Jason showed if the chia pet can sprout so can hairlines.  Other than his new fondue  a little birdie says that since JR2K is back he will be using Jason's bowling ball. "J-WoW" will be using a house ball on his next opponnent showing its not the ball but the player that comes to play every week. Mufthy bowled exceptionally well by improving 5 pts high in his avg, plus throwing a whopping 6 strikes in a row in the 2nd game. Now we got the "UGLY" in the Dastgir bro"s.  Which is, Raza "Mr.108", not to mention his 136 as well. Everybody has an off week, and apparently was too busy watching the Sensation game than his own.  Omar and Amaad were their typical selves as they held their own but didnt have their "PEAK" games as they did on their first matchup when the team totaled 20-3 pts.

BnS came away with 20 pts against the "M.I.A." force , is this team for real or just lucky with facing a short handed team. With that being said fellow rookie of the year candidate Wahid has been the rock and anchor of the team with his steady performance of a 167 avg. Ali N. has been steadily improving, but cant say anything about Ali S. or Abdul as they did not face anybody except the blinds. Hakim who has a 200 under his sleeve will be an interesting matchup agaisnt Mufthy. Both bowlers have bowled mulitple strikes in a row so this will be the matchup to watch out for.

The hottest team in the League Balls n Strikes will have a their fire put out by SNS because last week's total scores of 706,764 & 792 of BnS will not cut it with an Elite team. Even if J-wow bowls with a "HOUSEBALL" or a different bowl we know he can bowl well with any ball.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Player Of the Week

Player Of The Week
David DeBlasio
This Week’s “Player of the Week” went to Pin Pals David DeBlasio . David Averaged a 169 this week which is 32 pins higher than his average. David went up against Asian Sensations Former Anchor Khaled Ahmedy and took him 2 out of 3 match up’s. He also led his team to 2 big wins in Games 1 & 2 with some big time strikes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 4 to Week 5 Average Differences

Asian Sensation vs Pin Pals Post Game Recap

Game 1 Pin Pals win 805-801
Game 2 Pin Pals win 857-789
Game 3 Asian Sensations win 905-855
Pin Pals take 5 indivividual, 6 match, 2 total pins = 13 total points
Asian Sensations take 7 individual, 3 match         = 10 total points

The stage was set for a great rematch between the Pin Pals and Asian Sensations. After a two week layover, the question would be if Sandy would cause destruction to either one of the teams bowling game? The answer was yes, and the Sensations would pay for it.

In the first match of the series, the rust clearly was shown in all the players’ games. But David "HGH" DeBlasio, clearly came to play with a new style and a whopping 192. Despite Asif's and Ayaz's slow showing at 164 and 176 and no help from Chris Farrell's 110, they were able to fight off the Sensations. Khaled "The Silent Assassin" Ahmedy had a slow showing at 141, while Amin S. scored a 161. Jin and Yash both scored a 173. Yash started very slow but finished strong with 4 strikes in a row but it wasn’t enough as the Sensation was too far behind.  Ayaz threw a split in the 10th which gave Yash the point over him. A mere 4 points separated the two teams.

The second match was just simply a crushing defeat. The Sensations had no chance with David Deblasio scoring a 198, Asif hitting a 196, and Chris showing some good form at 138. Ayaz was slow yet again only bowling a162.The Sensations had a good start with Amin scoring a 156, and Jin hitting a respectable 158. Khaled "The Silent Assassin" Ahmedy lived up to his name; unfortunately he cut his own teammates throats with a 121. The shark hit his stride with a 201. But it was a little to late as they lost by 68 pins.

The last game, the sensations obviously got some coffee because they decided to wake up after a lack luster showing in the second game. Ayaz, Asif and Chris didn’t make it easy as they bowled a  201, 206, and 167. David Deblasio went back to reality as he only bowled a 118 in game 3. The sensations came in force with Khaled finally realizing he was playing with a 185. Yash and Amin scored a respectable 171 and 172. But the unsung hero of the Sensations, would be Jin " Gangnam Style" Park with a respectable series and a 224 to finish. Jin has shown time and time again he can bowl a big game, and he carried Asian Sensation to victory.

This matchup was very close as the Pin Pals revealed a new force in David Deblasio. While the Sensations showed they have great potential to hit high scores. On a side note Yash "The Shark" Mahajan went head to head with Ayaz " Dadddy" Dar, and won with the handicap after two weeks of trash talk.




Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Pin Smackers Post Game Recap

Game 1: Score: SnS 6 points (team and 3 individual points) vs Pin Smackers 1 (individual point)

SnS like usual had all their starters vs a Pin Smackers team that only had 3 regular starters because Sony couldn’t show up. Ahbi brought Raheel into the lion’s den for an intense matchup. Just like the previous week SNS went on a roll taking 6 points and just missing the sweep. The only point won for the Pin Smackers was Adam who beat Amaad 186 to 179. Mufthy and Raza took advantage of poor bowling by Eugene who got a 164 and Raheel bowling a 162. As usual the Pin Smackers are still struggling to help out Abhi's 190 performances. The commissioner Jason got back on track bowling a 229 ending the game with 4 strikes in a row to seal the deal.

Game 2: Score: Pin Smackers 5 points (team and 2 individual points) to SnS (2 individual points)

Omair virtually the best individual points match with a record of 6-1 takes over Raza to continue his hot individual match. Pin Smackers had to come out with a victory which they have yet to obtain against Strikes and Spares. In the 5th frame, Mufthy started his string of 6 strikes in a row doing whatever he could to lead Strikes n Spares to victory. He ended the game with a 247. The deciding factor probably was Jason’s 9th frame spare miss. He ended the 10th frame with two strikes but that spare in the 9th would have given them the victory. This game came down to the wire in the 10th frame which SnS have arguably the most efficient clutch performances as team, and maybe the best 1-2 punch in the league. Adam finished off with a spare and a strike while Raheel's and Eugene's missed spares on 10th frame came with 196 performances.. This leaves the clutch master, Jason Reis, and Mayor Abhi countdown, as many believe Jason will finish the game with a victory. Abhi's leading off doubles before start of 10th frame has finished with all 3 strikes in 10th frame (ending with 5 strikes in a row) to take a victory of 4 pins vs. Jason's strike and a spare in 10th frame finish.

Game 3: Score: Pin Smackers 4.5 points (team and 1.5 individual points) to SnS (2.5 individual points)
With a small margin victory of Game 2 for Pin Smackers, they needed to be ready for Raza taking over Omair to get back the victory. Adam finding his rhythm, Eugene's hot performance of 196 and Raheel's struggling for his game has no means for SnS where they are ready and always up for the competition. After 2 subpar performance games by Raheel's, he turned around his game of 168 that has supported the Smackers to fight for another victory. As Amaad, Mufthy and Jason had consistent performances getting strikes and spares collectively that didn’t stop Abhi's 214 performances to get another victory. Jason needed to bowl a 8 to beat Abhi and get the point but he threw a 7 and tied. Jason threw his third game over 210 this series, but it was to no avail.

Pin Smackers showed a lot of heat after almost getting swept the previous week by Strikes n Spares. Without Sony, Pin Smackers came out strong and only lost by 2 total points. This was not a normal game for Strikes and Spares as it seemed like they were off. Jason bowled three games over 210 but didn’t close twice. Raza bowled a 136 and 108 which are way off his average. I don’t know if Strikes and Spares weren’t focused this game but this series showed that they are indeed human.

Strike Kings vs Snipers Post Game Recap

·     Strike Kings 1 win + 6 Individual Match points + total pins (11 points)
    Snipers 2 Wins + 6 Individual Match points  (12 points)
    Week five was delayed two weeks due to Hurricane Sandy and the snowstorm that preceded it. This would appear to have showed in some key performances in this matchup. None of the top 2 bowlers on each team bowled above their averages for more than 2 games.

In game one, Gage and Guerrier bowled close to the averages with a 168, and 189, but Patrick bowled a 138. With an average of 95 for Patrick, this was a great game for Patrick and helped lead the Snipers to victory. The Snipers did not have a fourth person for this game but it didn’t make a difference. On the Strike Kings side, both Ali and Eddie, who are their best bowlers had bad games  of 156, and 177. This made the attempted comeback in frames 8 and 9 a feat that could not be accomplished. Both Ammad and Nisar bowled above their averages however and Nisar bowling a 141 took the only individual point this game.

Game 2 was a complete turnaround for the Strike Kings and one of their highest games so far this season. Ammad bowled above his average again with a 163. Eddie bowled a 193 while Don Ali bowled a 224. The biggest game however was bowled by newcomer Raheel who had come in for Nisar this game. He bowled a 198, over 60 pins above his average. All together the team bowled a 899 (including handicap) while the Snipers bowled a 699. That’s 200 pins less and would make the difference for total pins in this matchup. Both Gage and Guerrier fell short of their averages this game bowling a 131 and a 118. Patrick and Yasar (who was not present for the first match) bowled slightly above their averages. Strike Kings also took all individual points this game.

The final game saw things tip back in the favor of the Snipers. Guerrier came out flashing back with a 229 while Yasar bowled a 175. Patrick bowled above his average again while Gage had another off game. Of a 131.That would be back to back games for Gage of a 131. On the Strike Kings side everyone came up short of their respective averages and thus took no individual points, same for Eddie. While the Snipers won by over 100 pins, combined with their win in game one, it was not enough to take total pins.

Balls N Strikes Vs Force Post Game Recap

Game 1 – Balls n Strikes wins 706-669
Game 2 – Balls n Strikes wins 764-657
Game 3 – Balls n Strikes wins 792-696
Balls 'n Strikes takes 20 out of 23 points

Force was undermanned this week going into battle with only 2 players. Only Riz and Prince showed up for Force, so Prince had to pull a miracle if he wanted to come out with a win.

Even then Force had a chance at taking game 1 going down only 37 pins against a rusty Balls n Strikes team. Riz P was consistent all day going 153-146-163. Riz also took 2 out of Force's eventual 3 points. Force shouldn't get discouraged though, Balls n Strikes had similar attendance issues to start the season and they paid dearly with back to back weeks scoring a total of 5 pts, but now they're in 3rd place in the standings.

Prince was a little rusty, only bowling a 152, 147, and 169. Maybe he got distracted that two guys were missing from his team. Nevertheless he took only 1 point from his opponent, when we expect more from Prince. Only losing by 37 in game 1, if Prince bowled a high game which is a capable of, Force would of pulled the upset.

Alisher carried the burden in the opening round going 27 pins over his avg scoring a 160. He single handily saved Balls n Strikes the embarrassment of losing to a 2 man team. Then Wahid turned on the heat in games 2 and 3 scoring a 195 and 181. These scores with the help of Wahid easily gave Balls n Strikes the victory and almost the sweep over Force. After week 5, they vaulted over 4 other teams to the #3 spot in the standings. AbdulSattar and Ali N both took care of business and got their points against the blinds.

Although it was enough to beat a depleted Force team, Balls n Strikes definitely underperformed, and the rust from the 3 week break definitely showed. They will need to get back on track to have any hopes at upsetting the #1 team in the coming week. Hopefully Balls n Strikes can bring in their big guns for their upcoming match up vs. Strikes n Spares.

As for Force, Prince has to find new guys or get his team to show up. Every week it seems like he does not have enough guys to compete. It looks like everyone is going to want to play Force due to the fact they can hold field half their team each week.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Standings as of Week 5

Match Record
Win Percentage
1. Strikes ‘n’ Spares
2. Pin Smackers
3. Balls ‘n Strikes
4. Asian Sensation
5. Pin Pals
6. Strike Kings
7. Snipers
8. Force

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