Monday, December 3, 2012

Pin Smackers vs Asian Sensation Post Game


Game 1: Score: Asian Sensations 6 points 
team and 3 individual points) vs Pin Smackers 1 (individual point)
Both teams had a full roster as the handicap differential of 7 pins favored the Pin Smackers. Amin and Khaled performed consistently from frame 1 to the end of the game in which resulted Amin's 179 and Khaled's 190. It came down to Yash who finished the game with a double in the 10th frame to take the victory. Yash recently has proved Asian Sensation made a great move switching him to anchor. Every week he gets more comfortable in that position. The Pin Smackers did not showup game 1 as Abhi bowled a 157, Sony with 159 and Eugene with 150. They lost by the games by 50 pins total.

Game 2: Score: Asian Sensations 7 points (team and 4 individual points) vs Pin Smackers 0.
In game 2 Asian Sensation kept their momentum going as they swept the Pin Smackers. Asian Sensations took nothing for granted as they know the Pin Smackers are known as a reslience team and will fight for a win. The whole Smackers' starters were not there, having every player bowling under their average.  In Game 2 Jin's 180, Khaled's 199, and great support by Amin and Yash finishing with 184 has secured the win. Eugene bowled a 144 and Sony bowled a 184. Adam chipped in with a low score of a 111. There was nothing Pin Smackers could do with Asian Sensations' being this hot.

Game 3: Score: Asian Sensations 1 point (individual point)  vs Pin Smackers 6 (team and 3 individual points) .
Game 1 & 2 Losses have clearly locked Asian Sensations with confidence to stay in 2nd place.. Game 3, Adam lead of with a turkey and Eugene bowled 4 strikes in a row. This motivated Sony and Abhi to perform better, resulting with a strong start in 1st 4 frames as a team. In the 6th frame, Khaled and Jin have started hot and resulted both having turkeys by the 9th frame. The Smackers kept it balance with Adam's spares and strikes plus Abhi's double right before 10th frame to sustain their lead. Pin Smackers ended with a victory of 945 with handicap as a team to take 6 points. Adam's 178, Eugene's 201 and Abhi's 238 has closed out the game to avoid the  sweep from Asian Sensation. Khaled's 214 and Yash's turkey in the 10th frame was not enough to beat the Pin Smackers.

After today's Asian Sensations performances, they continue to strive for a victory collectively as a team. Khaled bowled a 603 series and a strong support of  Amin's 180 avg. Jin's 170 avg has provided strong support with Yash closing out the games . Asian Sensations took final 2 points by a margin of 22 pins over Pin Smackers resulting a double digit wins in today's game. Hats off to Khaled and Asian Sensations performances to lock in 2nd place while Pin Smackers need to wake up as they are gradually losing and falling down in standings. 

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