Sunday, December 30, 2012

All Star Game Thursday 1/3/13 at 9:30pm. The all star game is not free so please bring $12.00 which will cover the cost for unlimited bowling for the night.

Please email me at if there are any questions or concerns

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Looking to Join a Softball League?

SASN Radio - Speaking about the New Town Tragedy, Evan Dollard, BJ Ruddel, Farhan Qureshi, and Ayaz Dar

SASN Radio - Newtown Connecticut South Asian Football League BJ Ruddel

December 14th, 2012

Podcast Powered By
Siddique Farooqi speaks about the tragedy that struck New Town Connecticut with the tragedy that happened with the shooting. BJ Ruddel called in and spoke about his fantasy football methods and the book that he has written. BJ is very gifted and has great methods in helping you with your team in any sport not just football. Author of the Fantasy Football for winners.  He spoke about various players who you should be picking up. He mentioned that you should be looking at David Wilson because Ahmad Bradshaw has been up and down. He thought that Wilson would be the man that was going to be getting a lot of burn this upcoming week. Ayaz Daddy Dar talks about South Asian Bowling TV Evan Dollard a celebrity fitness trainer talks about how you can turn up your work outs and what the best work outs are for your body to excel in sports.  Even spoke about some of the people that he has worked with Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali on American Gladiators. He mentioned methods that you can work on to update your work out for slow pitch softball.  Shoulders get tight so he is a big proponent of doing shoulder stretches, and especially some rotator cuff stretches. He has been on American Gladiators and also on American Ninja Warrior.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Bowling Sunday!

Just a reminder, there is no bowling this Sunday, 12/30.

We will return the following Sunday, on January 6th, 2013.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Strike Kings vs Balls 'n Strikes Post Game recap

Game I – Balls n Strikes 764 vs. Strike Kings 757
Game II – Balls n Strikes 775 vs. Strike Kings 839
Game III – Balls n Strikes 823 vs. Strike Kings 876

Strike Kings – 17 points
Balls 'n Strikes – 6 points

This time the Strike Kings had a decisive win. Balls 'n Strikes continued their practice of subbing out their anchor Wahid, though this time it was actually warranted. Eddie played anchor for Strike Kings, replacing an injured Don Ali. The lanes had the standard East Meadow oil pattern…heavy oil in the middle of the lane and medium on the sides, light oil on the back-end, breaking down by the middle of the third game.

Game I went down to the final frame for the respective anchors, Eddie and Wahid. The Strike Kings had a poor showing with Nisar being the only one to bowl above his average with a 160. Ammad’s 108 hurt the Strike Kings’ chances of winning as did Eddie’s 176 and Don Ali’s 194. Nevertheless Ammad was the only one who didn’t win his individual point for the Strike Kings, losing by a wide margin against Hakim’s strong game of a 184. Don Ali would end up taking his point by 7 pins, striking out in the 10th frame, going head to head with Shumail who did the same. The real difference was made however by Alisher and Hakim who both got strikes in the 10th frame with spares in the 9th frame. Eddie had a chance to win the game for the Strike Kings but like Wahid, he left the 10th frame open. Balls 'n Strikes win by 7 pins.

Game II would go differently and be a decisive win for the Strike Kings. Ammad came roaring back with a 188 and won his individual matchup. Notably Ammad had 7 spares in a row demonstrating a strong consistency. Don Ali would strike out in the 10th frame to win his point against Shumail by 2 pins. Eddie won his point against Wahid with a 156, some 30 pins below his average but good enough on this day. Ali N came in for Alisher and won his point with a 163 vs Nisar with a 155 – the only point for Balls n Strikes this game.

In game III Balls n Strikes would sub-out Wahid as is their custom; however, having bowled a 131 and 140 in his first two games, this might have been a prudent decision for once instead of a self-inflicted wound. Nisar would have yet another good showing with a 150, while Ammad would bowl another great game with a 189. Unfortunately for Ammad, Hakim would bowl a 202 and win the point in their matchup. This would be the only point for Balls n Strikes in this game. Don Ali bowled a 236 to easily take his point against Shumail. Strike Kings take the game and total pins for the day.

Key players in this matchup for the Strike Kings were Nisar, Don Ali and Ammad. Nisar bowled an average of 155 for the day – over 20 pins above his season average. He also took two points. Don Ali averaged 211 and took all his individual points on the day. Ammad averaged 161 for the day but more importantly showed he can come back hard after a bad game. He also made a good showing hitting 7 spares in a row. For Balls 'n Strikes, Hakim was key in that he had two big games of 184 and 202, taking two points for the day. Shumail didn’t bowl badly at all, he just ran into Don Ali on one of his good days. His striking out in the 10th frame of the first game shows he can perform under pressure and even though he lost his individual point he can take credit for having won the game for the team.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Draft completed!

In the fastest draft in SA sports history, here are the results of the all-star snake draft:

With the first pick, Ayaz has announced that he will be drafting Eddie Santana of the Strike Kings.

With the second pick, Abhi has drafted Mufthy Dastigir of Strikes 'n' Spares.

With the third pick, Don Ali drafts Yash Mahajan of Asian Sensation

With the 4th and 5th picks, Jason Reis drafts Guerrier Connor of the Snipers, then Prince Panicker of Force with his 2 picks.

With the 6th pick, Don Ali selects Asif Siddiqui of the Pin Pals.

With the 7th pick, Abhi has taken Khaled Ahmedy of Asian Sensation.

With the last pick, Ayaz takes Wahid O. from Balls 'n Strikes.

Completed Teams:

Captain 1: Ayaz Dar
Eddie Santana
Wahid O

Captain 2: Abhishek Kumar
Mufthy Dastigir
Khaled Ahmedy

Captain 3: Don Ali Hugo
Yash Mahajan
Asif Siddiqui

Captain 4: Jason Reis
Guerrier Connor
Prince Panicker

If a player does not show, a 'waiver system' will be used to determine the first pick up.  Lowest pick from round 1 has the highest waiver priority. 

All-Stars Announced!

The following players have been voted into the all-star game:

Jason Reis (Strikes 'n' Spares)
Don Ali Hugo (Strike Kings)
Abhishek Kumar (Pin Smackers)
Ayaz Dar (Pin Pals)

Yash Mahajan (Asian Sensation)
Eddie Santana (Strike Kings)
Asif Siddiqui (Pin Pals)
Guerrier Connor (Snipers)
Prince Panicker (Force)
Mufthy Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares)
Khaled Ahmedy (Asian Sensation)
Wahid O. (Balls 'n Strikes)

Reserves (only if starters cannot come, in order):
Justin Reis (Asian Sensation), Shumail Haque (Balls 'n Strikes), Gage Nestor (Snipers) (all tied in voting)
Raza Dastigir (Strikes 'n' Spares)
Sony Singh (Pin Smackers)

The all-star game will feature 4 teams battling it out, drafted by the captains in a snake draft.  Draft order is determined by average, with the lowest average getting the first pick.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Asian Sensation Preview

Strikes n Spares Vs Asian Sensation Preview

This matchup is a rematch of last week’s debacle where Strikes n Spares took 21 out of 23 points from Asian Sensation. Throughout the week there was a lot of drama and excitement leading up to this match. The one problem was Asian Sensation forgot it's not who trash talks the most, its which bowlers bowl the highest scores. Strikes n Spares showed why they are in first, and the Sensation had to think and wonder what went wrong. The schedule makers have given the Sensation a chance to redeem themselves as they are playing again this Sunday.

The feud between Raza and Jason seems to be over as they are now best friends on facebook. Last night Jason's email account has been hacked and many emails have been discovered. Jason and Raza have been secretly feuding with eachother over the balance of power on the team, calling out eachother in big ways. According to Jason's PR man Adam greenbergstein, lawyers on both sides have been called over this matter. Will this be a factor on Sunday? We will find out. So many storylines but let’s see how these two teams will matchup on Sunday.

Amaad "The Natural" Bhatti vs The "I don't miss spares" Blind

Sources have told us Asian Sensation will only have 3 bowlers so we expect that Amaad will be facing the blind. Amaad is one of the best leadoff bowlers in the game averaging 167.8. He was of fire last week and got a season high for him which is a 209. On many teams he would be bowling third, but that shows the depth of Strikes n Spares. Amaad will need a 151 in each game to beat the blind and take his 3 points. He will have to focus because SNS is going to need more than a 151 to win every game.

Many people think the blind is a joke, but they are wrong. The blind has problems getting a strike, but hits every spare in every frame. We have seen Abhi and even Eddie have trouble with the blind so dont't let that fool you. The blind puts pressure on bowlers by not missing and is very consistent scoring a 150 in every game. The blind has also set the record by most spares in a series with 30.

Prediction- Even though the blind does not miss, Amaad will take all 3 points from this matchup.

Raza "Mr 108" Dastigir vs Yash "The Shark" Manajan

If there ever was a bowler who gets no respect in the league its Raza. Raza put on a clinic last week taking 3 points and bowling 34 pins over his average. Still even with having a great week there is people who are still trash talking him. Even with all the people calling him a tanker he is risen his average to a 166.0 which is very respectable. He also had the high handicap of the week with a 261 answering to his critics who accuse him of tanking. When will the bowlers learn that when you make Raza mad your team will usually lose? Asian Sensation did not listen to this lesson.

Yash "the shark" has to redeem himself as the shark decided it would be better to hide behind a rock than attack. He had a low game of 135 in game 1 and in game 3 was not clutch after not throwing a strike in the last 3 frames. Yash still has an average of 174.5 which means he can still bring it when he wants. With Yash having 16.5 indivdual points and Raza with 16.0 you know this will be an intense matchup.

Prediction Both players will be ready but Yash will come out of this matchup taking 2 out of 3. Raza will bowl well as he does in big matchups, but we predict the Shark will smell blood and go for the kill.

Mufthy "Tighest Outfit in the League" Dastigir vs Amin “Outlaw" Sadiqi

Mufthy has been on an absolute monster lately bowling at least one 200 game a week for the past couple of weeks. He is currently 10th in average with a 174.1 and has been more clutch every week. Every sunday it seems like Mufthy will close out strong with at least one strike in the 10th frame. If he is bowling against Amin this will give him more motivation especially with all the drama going on.

Amin is one of those bowlers who talks a big game but also backs it up. The last two weeks he was top two in high handicap game of the week. Even with all the drama Amin came out firing last week bowling a 207. He currently has a 157 average and is tied for third for 15 match points. Amin is going to need another big game if Asian Sensation wants to win.

Prediction- Amin will be fired up this game and take 2 out of 3 points. Mufthy will bowl well but we except Amin's handicap to be the difference.

Jason "J-Wow" Reis vs Justin "JR2K" Reis

You cannot ask for a better matchup as it is brother vs brother in the anchor position. This is a matchup that will be having fans going crazy as major endorsement spots are on the line. What is there to say about Jason honestly? He leads the league in average (218.4) high game (279) high series (713) and it tied for 2nd in most individual points with 16. After guaranteeing a championship the man has been a machine and nothing will stand in his way. The only way Jason will lose this matchup is if Zeus fires a lightning bolt and Jason's ball splits in half. If that doesn’t happen then Justin has a lot of work cut out for him.

Justin came back last week after coming home from tryouts for the NHL and looked rusty. Justin had a low game of 144 and didn't seem like himself. He was throwing more splits than a banana has on an ice cream sundae. Justin's agent Brian smitgenger has told us that he has been practicing and is he ready to take on the mvp of the league aka the dictator aka J-Wow aka the NSA President. In 9 games this season Justin has only taken 1 matchup point which proves he has to pick his game up especially against J-WOW.

Prediction- Jason is known to throw his lowest game in game 1 as he warms up. Justin is going to have to pounce on that. We expect Justin "JR2K" to take 2 out of 3 points as he is on a mission to beat the self-proclaimed MVP of the league.

Recap- Last week Strikes n Spares took 21 out of 23 points. If Asian Sensation has three players SNS will take 17 points. If the Sensation are pulling a fast one and have 4 players showing up, I expect Asian Sensation to win the game 16-7.


Strike Kings vs Balls 'n Strikes Preview

This match-up features two teams that feature great consistency.  The Strike Kings are good for 10-14 points a week, led by Don (2nd in average) and Eddie (6th in average).  This team finds themselves 4th in the standings despite a winning record (14-13).  The reason is very simple; they never seem to put teams away.  Sure, Eddie and Don are likely to get you 2 out of 3 match-up points, and the 2 of them alone will likely win you a game, but the whole team has really yet to click in the same week, and deliver a huge win.  If they can get everyone together and bowl well, they will really be a threat the rest of the season.

Balls 'n Strikes finds themselves 6th in the standings, and they are consistent in creating confusion among the league.  Yes, they have a full roster, and they bring more than 4 guys a week usually.  But their substitutions have been widely questioned by many in the league, and have cost them a number of points, and is the main reason why they are in 6th.  While they cannot bench Shumail to get him enough games for the playoffs, they have at times benched Wahid, and Hakim, to less than desirable results.  At their best, they have given Strikes 'n Spares a run for their money.  At their worst, they have been blown out of the water by nearly every team.  It's admirable they put spreading out playing time first.  But when will it be time to play to win?

Individual match-ups:

Bowler #1: Nisar vs. Abdul/Ali

Nisar has proven time and again to be clutch.  He proved it again just last week, when he struck in his first shot of a bowl-off to win a match-up point.  He's won 11.5 match-up points, which is roughly half of his match-ups

Abdul and Ali both will have a handicap advantage on Nisar, and have shown they can bowl well at times.  But both are inconsistent, with Ali showing some promise as be begins to control his hook.  Both Adbul and Ali have won half their match-up points as well, so they use their handicap to their benefit at times.

Advantage: Strike Kings - Nisar is more consistent and have proven he can get the job done more often.  Ali and Abdul better hope they can make a huge lead on Nisar early, because if Nisar will close if its a close match-up.

Bowler #2: Ammad/Raheel vs. Alisher/Hakim

Ammad and Raheel both throw hooks and have improved their games as the season has progressed.  They seem not to feel much pressure with the 1-2 punch of Eddie and Don right behind them.  That being said, their inconsistencies have cost them some match-up points.  

Alisher and Hakim have different styles.  Alisher is one of the few lefties we have in the league, and he throws a straight ball with some speed.  So he will be unaffected by lane conditions.  Hakim is learning his hook, and has produced mixed results.  He can't be too off if he hopes to help Balls 'n Strikes win a few extra points.

Advantage: Balls 'n Strikes - Alisher and Hakim have been coming more consistently, while Raheel and Ammad will both be somewhat rusty.  These match-ups will produce scores all over the place, but expect Balls 'n Strikes to come out on top.

Bowler #3: Eddie vs. Shumail/Hakim

Eddie throws the league's nastiest hook.  When he's on, he's just as good as any anchor in the league.  But because of his massive hook, the lane conditions can play a role.  Last week, the conditions were not optimal for Eddie and he bowled his worst series of the season.  It will be up to Eddie to make his adjustments, because he will not be going against a blind his week.

If Shumail qualified  he would be #4 in average in the league.  He's been more impressive than last year even, by coming into series late, and still bowling extremely well.  When he's there, Balls 'n Strikes is a different team.  His presence alone could determine the entire series (depending on how the subbing goes).

Advantage: Even with Shumail, Strike Kings otherwise - Eddie vs. Shumail is a toss-up.  Eddie against anyone else will be no contest.

Bowler #4: Don vs. Wahid

Don has taken over the anchor position and does what he does best; throws 200's with ease.  With the Pin Smackers not too far behind, Don will attempt to carry the team on his back and give them breathing room over the next couple of weeks.  The bad news for Balls 'n Strikes is that he had an off week last week - so expect him to be extra motivated to get his A game going again this week.

Wahid, after a slow start, has lived up to expectations of being a top bowler in the league.  He's done a great job carrying the team and taking on the league's best.  Wahid throws with power and has had a number of monster games this season.  But he's going up against one of the league's best, most consistent bowlers.  He needs 3 huge games in order to win points.

Advantage: Strike Kings - Would you bet against Don having 2 bad weeks in a row?  I didn't think so.

Prediction: This series will be based on 3 things: How the lane conditions affect Don and Eddie; will Shumail show, and will Balls 'n Strikes sub to win, or sub to sub.  I expect Eddie and Don to recover from last week, while the questions regarding Balls 'n Strikes are unknown.

Strike Kings take 2 out of 3 games, and win 14 points.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pin Pals vs Pin Smackers Preview

Preview – Pin Pals (3rd place) vs. Pin Smackers (5th place)

Only 12 points separate these two teams so a pickup of 20 points or more by one team can really change the standings.  Both teams were missing players last week (Adam for the Pin Smackers and Asif for the Pin Pals).  Both teams also have gaps – that is to say, there would appear to be some unfulfilled potential on both sides. 
1) Raheel vs. Chris

Adam won’t be here this week so it will likely be Raheel bowling in the first spot.  He will be matched up against Chris and based on the last few weeks this is an easy call.  Raheel has been showing up this season.  Many teams have seem him hit some key strikes and spares in the 10th frame that made a difference for the Pin Smackers.  Raheel will bowl above his average twice and beat Chris each time.  The game he doesn’t bowl above his average – depends on Chris.  Last week Chris didn’t break 100 in one of his games.  Another performance like that and Raheel sweeps. 

2) Eugene vs. Dave DeBlasio

This is the matchup of the overrated vs. the under-rated.  Eugene has had some good games in the season but his average is nowhere near the top 10 as was predicted before the season started.  He also lacks consistency, throwing a 200+ game only to follow up with a game in the 150’s or 140’s.  Dave has made much progress in his bowling style.  He also acquired a new ball and a nice curve, that when on target, is as good as anyone’s.  He can also change it up and throw a straight ball for right-side spares.  Dave takes two points.  Eugene will take one with a game above 190. 

3)  Sony vs. Ammar (or Asif)

Does anyone remember when Sony had a tough time breaking 120??  Those days are long gone.  He may have an off game here and there but when his game is on, watch out and prepare to be defeated.  Ammar made his debut last week taking a point from Eddie of the Strike Kings but it’s hard to say what he may do based on this single game.  In this matchup Sony takes 2 points.  In the event that Asif shows up, (after the much-rumored tantrum he had a few weeks earlier), he will take two points against Sony.  But those two points will be hard fought with two games above 200. 

4)  Abhi (“the Mayor”) vs. Ayaz “Daddy” Dar

Both in the top five averages in the league this will be a matchup based on experience.  Abhi and Ayaz bowl together on Tuesday night.  Actually Abhi usually bowls more than that as he may sub for other teams during the week.  Abhi can put together a string of strikes as smoothly as anyone.  He knows his game and he consistently makes his spares.  He gets distracted however as the entire league asks him how to adjust scores and change players names and handicaps.  He also gives out free advice to anyone – even opponents – on how to improve their game.  Has Abhi ever though about giving a class on how to work the computers at East Meadow??  If so, he probably would bowl better as he would be less distracted. 

Ayaz recently got a new ball – has that helped him or not?  No one is quite sure.  Switching between balls like he did last week probably didn’t.  Ayaz also needs a few less distractions (read Asif drama and blood pressure spikes when Chris misses an easy spare).  If Abhi is leading by 10 pins or more going into the 10th frame, Ayaz will be defeated as his 10th frames have been mediocre lately, considering he is the anchor of his team.  All that being said, Ayaz is due for a 600 series.  It will be close as ever but as long as there is no drama, Ayaz does indeed take 2 points from Abhi.    

Final predictions:  If Asif shows up Pin Pals take two games and total pins.  If Asif does not show, Pin Pals lose two games and total pins. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week 9 Average Increase and Decrease

Strikes n Spares vs Asian Sensation Post Game

Strikes n Spares- 21 points

Asian Sensation - 2 points

The atmosphere for this matchup was hostile from the outset. Both teams had been attacking each other for weeks both in person and social media. The stakes were high as the number 1 and number 2 teams competed. However, SnS showed exactly why they are number 1, delivering a pulverizing performance and an all out asian domination.

Game 1

Both teams showed up without saying much to each other. Practice sessions were quiet. Right away Raza Dastgir wanted to bowl against Amin and placed himself first in the lineup. The sensations had their own tactical approach, placing Jin as their anchor in an attempt to capitalize on his handicap of 28 pins against the most dominant bowler in the league Jason Reis. Amin backed out of the challenge and felt his chances were better going up against Amaad. Raza came out firing with a new 14lb ball and bowled a monstrous 222 against JR2K who had all sorts of issues with tape. He ended up bowling a season low 144 as he could not find his mark. Amaad bowled a solid 189 easily taking the matchup point from Amin who bowled a 157. Mufthy vs. Yash was perhaps the most even matchup but Yash came out and folded under pressure. He delivered a horrid performance of 135 against the number 1 seed, his lowest for the season. As for the anchor's, Jason bowled a 226 and easily took the point from Jin who was bowling well below his average in this series. Believe it or not, as if it couldn't get worse, he bowled the lowest score out of all the sensations with a 134. SnS came out with a clean sweep bowling an astonishing 806 scratch.

Game 1 - SnS 7 points - Asian Sensation 0 points

Game 2

With Raza starting to cool down a little, this was the Sensation's chance to try salvage some dignity. However, they clearly were intimidated by the presence of SnS. Raza still bowled a respectable 169 and JR2K continued to struggle with a 165. Amin stepped his game up with a 168, but Amaad starting off with 4 strikes in a row easily took the point bowling a season high 209. Yash finally showed some life in game 2 bowling a 191 and took the first point the Sensations gained in this matchup, defeating Mufthy who bowled a 179. J-Wow bowled around 20 pins below his average in this game but if there's anything we learned from this matchup, it's that being an anchor takes greatness both physically in your skill, but also mentally. As Jin's anchor debut, he continued to disappoint with a mere 140 in game 2.

 Game 2 - SnS 6 - Asian Sensation 1 point

Game 3

Finally in this game one of the Sensation's was able to break 200 as Amin bowled a 207 scratch earning the matchup point for his team. The jerk-release curve was working in his favor as he knocked down multiple strikes. All the practices every week before the game seemed to pay off, but the rhetorical question remains - how is he supposed to make his teammates better by practice? JR2k continued to struggle, bowling a 161. Raza continued his 'player of the week' status bowling with a 197. Yash bowled a solid 181, but Mufthy came back with a vengeance as he was not losing 2 points to Yash, and bowled a 222. As for Jin, I feel bad even publicly publishing his score of a 151 as an anchor against J-WOW who did his thing and bowled a 225. Jason ended the game bowling 7 strikes in a row sealing Asian Sensation's fate.

 Game 3 - SnS 6 points - Asian Sensation 1 point

 SnS came and took care of business, reminding all in the league that they are the team to beat. Maybe next week the polls will show a different outcome for the most feared team as they delivered a devastating blow to the number 2 seeded sensations. They have soared ahead in he standings by taking a demanding lead. The rivalry continues between these 2 squads. If I had to give advice to the sensations, it would be to spend more time bowling their game and less time strategizing. However, the way SnS has been playing, all the advice in the world may not be enough to beat this team.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Player of the Week

   This weeks Player of the Week goes to Strike & Spares Raza Dastgir. Raza was under a lot of scrutiny for supposedly not playing to his full potential. With the title "Mr. 108" constantly taunting his every throw, Raza came to prove a point. He even changed the line-up and put himself first so he can go up against his archenemy (Amin who backed out). He went up against one of the more intimidating bowlers in the league Justin Reis and won all 3 games. Bowling with a new 14lb ball Raza came out firing and bowled an impressing 222. Raza was also pretty quite the first 2 games, which also deserves an award. At the end of the day he came to Bowl and bowl he did, bowling 34 pins above his average.

Season Stats Through Week 9

Week 9 Stats

Week 9 High Scores

Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 9 Hot Pins

*************( FOR LINKS right click and press open in new tab)**********
Asian Sensation

This team hit a brick wall on sunday getting destroyed by Strikes n Spares. The Sensation have to practice and stop talking on the boards. Obviously it is not working when the first place team just destroys you. Link

Balls n Strikes

This team is a top 2 team when they have Wahid and Shumail playing. When one is missing this is a bottom 2 team. I am no genius, but if I were Balls n Strikes I would make sure Wahid and Shumail play in every game. Link

Strike Kings

Strike Kings won again this week. But again they barely won and only captured 13 points. Lanes were difficult this week as Don Ali bowled a career low.  The question that is circulating the bowling world and twitter is. Will Don yell at the manager of East Meadow to get the lanes better? Link

Strikes n Spares
After destroying Asian Sensation we have learned that this team can talk the talk, and also walk the walk. Is there any team in the world that can beat this team?  Link

Pin Pals
After losing to Strike Kings this team showed they need Asif as he was missing this week. Was Asif not feeling well? Or was he making a statement to his own team? Asif Asif where art thou? Link

Force has now moved into 7th place and .5  points away from Balls n Strikes for 6th place. Cinderella has a new favorite team. She is wearing the colors of team Force. Link

Pin Smackers 

Pin Smackers win two close games vs Balls n Strikes in 1st 2 games. The problem was Balls n Strikes only had 3 guys.  Shumail comes for Balls n Strikes and they destroy Pin Smackers 6 to 1 in points in game 3.  This team is very confusing. No one knows if they are a good team or not. Link


After three awful weeks Snipers are now in last place by 13 points. The bright side, Uday bowled very well , and looks like he is getting better. Will Gage be too upset though over the Giants lost to bowl next week? Link

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Strike Kings vs Pin Pals Post Game Recap

Game I – Pin Pals 742 vs. Strike Kings 745
Game II – Pin Pals 728 vs. Strike Kings 627
Game III – Pin Pals 766 vs. Strike Kings 778
Strike Kings – 13 points
Pin Pals – 10 points
Here we go again! The Strike Kings won two games in the 10th frame and Nisar hit a strike in a bowl-off making the day a close call on many fronts. Nevertheless taking 13 pins was yet another mixed bag for the Strike Kings. And the oil pattern on the lanes?? East Meadow once again threw everyone for a loop. While SNS and Asian Sensation had players breaking 200 like it was nothing (on the pairs of lanes right next door), ONLY one game in this matchup was above 200. Coincidence or oil machine error – who can know for sure?
Asif was a no-show for the day and it showed for the Pin Pals in game I. Dave bowled a 170, some 22 pins above his average but so did his opponent, Raheel – Dave loses as Raheel’s handicap makes the difference. Eddie actually lost against the blind with a 144 but with handicap he takes the point. Nisar took his point against Chris and Ayaz took his point against Don Ali. The Strike Kings were winning up until the 8th frame when the Pins Pals took the lead. The Strike Kings rallied in the 10th frame however and after Eddie hit a strike and a spare, so did Don Ali. Ayaz needed a strike in his first shot for the win but couldn’t do it so the Strike Kings win by 2 pins.
In game II the Pin Pals came out strong. Both Ayaz and Dave won their individual points. Nisar won his first ever bowl-off against Chris with a strike. Chris bowled first and got 9 pins so the pressure was on Nisar and he delivered in typical last minute fashion. Eddie took his point against the blind, once again losing scratch but winning with his handicap. In the end, Pins Pals take the game by 100 pins, thereby assuring themselves total pins.
For game III the Pin Pals had Ammar make his 2012 debut and bowl in the third spot. Ammar started off with a turkey and would go on to win his point against Eddie. Dave came back with a 176 and took his point against Raheel. Nisar took his point against Chris and Don Ali took his point against Ayaz. And so it came down to the 10th frame. Eddie made a spare and then Don Ali did as well, ending with a strike. Don Ali bowled the high game of this matchup with a 201, which is actually 3 pins below his average. Once again Ayaz needed a strike in his first shot but he missed. Strike Kings win by 10 pins.
It should be noted that in game III, Pin Pals left up almost 15 pins throughout the match after splits were left. In one case there was a 5 pin split left and no pins were taken down on the second shot. Same for a split that left four pins and a couple other splits throughout the game. If the Pin Pals had just hit some of those pins, Ayaz would only have needed a spare and some pins to win the game. The Strike Kings once again capitalize on this scenario. Ayaz gets stuck in the position of needing a strike in the 10th frame for a second time on a pair of lanes that appeared to be the toughest of the week. To put the state of the lanes in perspective, neither Don Ali, Eddie nor Ayaz – with averages of 204, 191 and 187 respectively – bowled a single game above their average. Nisar and Dave were the key players for their respective teams as they both bowled above their averages twice.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Game of the Week Asian Sensation vs Strikes n Spares

SnS #1 124.5pts VS Asian Sensation #2 108pts

There is no doubt that this is the game of the week. Asian Sensation has been rolling the last couple of weeks. They destroyed the Cinderella team in Balls n Strikes , pummeled the PinSmackers and now SnS is standing in the way. This matchup is for first place & JR2K will be attending this sunday to help propel the Sensations to victory.
SnS has been of curise control through out the last couple of weeks, thanks to a fat lead they opened on the league. But both teams have big turmoil within the locker room. Sal Palontonio reported that the Sensations have a some tension between them. This started last week when Amin was frustrated with Yash missing the 10th pin on 3 consecutive frames while playing Balls n Strikes.  Both went at it behind the scenes and also on social media as Amin had some harsh words for Yash. Yash retaliated on social media by posting the obvious stats that his scores are better than Amin's. Will this bickering back and fourth carry on to the playing field? Or will the sensations put all the nonsense to the side and keep the ball rolling as they have been the hottest team in the league.
TMZ reported last weeks fued bettwen Raza and Jason. Raza likes to be the authority and give orders. While Jason is a pure diva and cannot be tamed or controlled. Raza folded and this time Jason was hashtagging #likeaboss in raza"s face. This was a reponse since he was not suspended and played the whole series . TMZ has heard that their might be a "SHOCKING" development this sunday but they dont want to get sued by raza"s lawyer"s if its a false story.

Which team will put the dirty laundry to the side and focus on the lanes? Lets see how these 2 heavyweights matchup!
1st Bowlers
Amin 14pts 155.3avg & Jin"GANGNAM STYLE" 8pts 169.4VS Ammad 10pts 165.1avg

Amin had a rough first game last week but was agitated by his score, and by Yash's bad bowling. He knew his team got blown out the 1st game and needed to light a fire in his game. He bowled a 234 scratch and had the highest handicap score of the week. He also bowled 190 scratch in the 3rd game . His average has gone up an amazing 15pts in 4 weeks.
Jin has been the most consistant bowler and he bowled amazing last week. He had a scratch score of 225. Jin succsess has come by investing in a new bowling ball and considering he still has a 32pt handicap it will be a devastating combo for any opponent.
Amaad is "SELF PROCLAIMED" best leadoff bowler but there is no doubt he is one of few best leadoff bowlers. He has a very unique approach for getting the 10th pin for a right bowler. Amaad "HELICOPTERS" the release in order to get the 10th pin and has been mastering it . Capable of bowling a game high 201 score and his 36pt handicap makes him one of the best leadoff bowlers in the league.
EDGE-Team Asian Sensation. Jin will be throwing in the first game as Amin will sit because the Sensations will be having a 5 man roster on sunday. This will be very close matchup but Jin will show why HE is  one of the best leadoff bowlers in the league.

2nd Bowlers-
Raza "MR 108" 13pt 162avg VS Justin "JR2K" 1pt 173.5
Raza has been filled with controversy lately but it doest not affect his play. He plays a very important role bowling second for this stacked Strikes n Spares team. He knows that he will have to bring it all since he is bowling Justin this week. This is a playoff type game where every pin matters, and I expect Raza to be on his game. We are not worried about any fighting between SNS since on sundays its all about business.
Sal Palantnio reported last week that the sensations will be getting back Justin "JR2k" and comes just in time to faceoff on the biggest stage of the year. Justin has one of the biggest pin action in the league and it  intimidates the opposition and pumps his team with every strike he throws . On most teams Justin is an anchor. This shows the depth of the Sensations that if full roster attends on gameday it can matchup with the best of them.
EDGE-Team Sensations. Raza will be on his game thats for sure with this being an important game.  Justin will show Jwow on who's the better brother and we have breaking news. Sal Palantonio reports that Justin will be practicing on Saturday at East Meadow so he can shake off that rust

3rd bowlers
Mufthy is the most dangerous bowler and as Ayaz lashed out needs to stop shopping at babygap. But at least it hasnt hindered his game. Mufthy is the most lethal bowler in the league as he can easily reel off turkey's and then some.
Sal Palantonio is reporting that Khaled just purchased a new 16lb ball for this matchup and will unleash it on SnS. There is one downfall as Khaled was missing last week. Will he have any rust or have enough time to adjust to his new ball? Stay tuned
EDGE-Team Strikes n Spares The layoff and new ball will effect khaleds game as Mufthy will be celebrating his new turkey handshake !

4th Bowler
Jason "J-WoW" 218.8avg 13pts VS Yash "THE SHARK" 15pts 175.2avg
This will be a difficult task for Yash, but has shown come crunch time he is the most clutch bowler in our league. Sal Palantonio reported the on the field argument that carried itself to social media. Will this effect Yash"s game or light a fire to it? Ttime will tell!
TMZ is nor confirming nor denying on J-WoW"s intentions for this sunday. We have to wait and see what culminates, but Jason has been bowling in another level recently. He is keeping his statement that which ever team he joins will win the championship! Only Raza can deter this freight train that Jason's on because he is pulverizing every opponent when he is bowling.
EDGE-Team Strikes n Spares.  Yash is a great bowler and even with his spat with Amin in game 1 didnt effect his scores as he won all 3 pts against Wahid from BnS. This is not Wahid who he is going up against.  J-WoW will be pumped for this game  and show THE SHARK who is the best ANCHOR in the league.

ROUNDUP-Well as you can see it is dead even for who has the edge. Who will prevail as this playoff type of atmosphere event will take place at east meadow. This is so far the best game of the season and it has been shown as the talks on social media has been very quiet this past week. The quality of play and intensity will be on full display. But this week"s matchup will go to the SnS. There are  two factors which are Khaled"s new ball and J-WoW"s presence. We will have to wait until gameday sunday on what's Jason"s shocking revelation that TMZ will neither confirm or deny.

Oh and attending this event is Rated "R" strong language and explicit celebrations will incur which might be offensive ........VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED !

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 8 Balls of Fury with Gage "Chocolate Thunder"

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SASN Radio featuring Carlos Molina, Razi Hussaini, Mohammad Bahi, Raza Dastigir

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Host Ammad Sheikh was joined by Atif Tatari as they had an action packed show.

From start to finish it was jam packed.

Atif and Ammad talked about the NY Knicks and how they were exceeding expectations. Ammad a notorious Melo criticizer seems to be softening up his tune. They spoke about Carmelo Anthony and the performance of Raymond Felton.

They were joined live by Carlos Molina the undefeated fighter who is taking on Amir Khan live this Saturday on Show Time in Los Angeles. Carlos spoke about growing up in the area and how this was his Rocky moment and how he planned on shocking the world. He did mention that Angel Garcia the father of Danny Garcia was going to be in his corner in a way to psyche out Amir Khan.

Razi Hussaini called in to discuss the most epic games in the history of SA sports. He spoke about his team the Chargers defeating the Bandits in a game that lasted 5 over times.

Mohammad Bahi of the Warriors talked about how they took apart the Slum Dogs and how they were going to execute their game plan this upcoming Sunday.

Lastly Raza Dastigir of Strikes N Spares came on for a few minutes to talk about South Asian Bowling and the controversy surrounding his team mate Jason Reis. He also gave his predictions for this week.

Player(s) Of The Week

This Weeks Player of the Week goes to 2 members of team Force , Abbas Dastgir & Prince Panicker . Abbas & Prince steped up big time when there names were called with some big time strikes to close of the 10th frames of each match .  Abbas bowled 2 career highs back to back games . He's the newest member of SA Bowl and is quickly making a name for himself as he improved his average by 24 pts in one week to a respectable 151 as a lead of bowler . Prince & Abbas also won ALL 3 of there match up points which weren't easy especially for Prince as he went up against the Mayor Abhi. They ended up taking 20 out of 23 points from Pin Smackers an elite team in the league .

Monday, December 10, 2012

Strikes n Spares VS Pin Pals Recap

Game 1 . SnS 817 - 787
Game 2 : SnS 842 - 829
Game 3 : Pin Pals 844 -763

Game 1 . SnS 5pts (3 team and 2 individual ) Pin Pals 2pts (2 individual)
Pin Pals lead off bowlers Chris & David came out firing. Both with above average games 163 & 169 Asif bowled a descent game,he went into the 10th frame with a 143 but struck out to finish with a 173 . Pin Pals got no help from there anchor Ayaz aka "MR 133. " He bowled his worst game in his SA Bowl career a 133. He let his team down big time especially after posting up monster scores on Sa Bowl's  Facebook web page this week . Mufthy came out firing starting his day of with 4 straight strikes . He finished the Game with a high of 214 . Jason & Amaad bowled a subpar games of 198 & 168 .MR 108 went into the 10th frame with a 108, but like Asif he also struck out to finish with a 138. SnS won by 30 pins . Maybe MR 108's Strikes did contribute after all .

Game 2 : SnS 5pts (3 team and 2 individual ) Pin Pals 2pts (2 individual)
Jason put the team on his back and carried them through with a 266 to win the game. As Jason went up to bowl the 10th frame SnS was down 16 pins . Members from the Pin Pals were heard saying lets see "If he really is Mr CLUTCH" . Boy did he live up to his nickname as he bowled 3 strikes in a row . SnS came out with the victory by 13 pins. Jason had some help from Mufthy with another good game of 170 .For the Pin Pals Mr 133 bounced back and had a 190 as Asif bowled a 211.

Game 3 : Pin Pal 7 pts (3 team , 2 individual & 2 total pins ) SnS 2pts ( both individual)
It was Asif's turn to put his team on his back . He bowled 6 strikes in a row this game which really pumped up his team. Chris had another good game with 155, as Dave & Ayaz bowled a 133  and 173 . The only 2 points SnS was able to get was Raza's & Jason's as they bowled a 172 & 203.. Strikes n Strikes were falling fast as Mufthy & Amaad cooled down by bowling well under there averages with a 136 & 151 . Pin Pals were able to take back total pins this game .

Balls n Strikes
When will this team learn their lesson. When you bench Wahid who is your best bowler you will lose the game. This team has to play to win instead of playing to have fun, and be fair.

Strike Kings
Strike Kings won 12-11 this week in a very intense battle. Since week one they have not won more than 12.5 points in a week. That's a streak of 7 weeks in a row for them. With players like Don Ali and Eddie this should not happen. It's still early, but they have focus and get it together.

Strikes n Spares
After TMZ released news that Jason "Mr Clutch" Reis was benched, Strikes n Spares decided to play him. He ended up bowling a 265, and 6 strikes in a row to win game 2. Was this a motivation tactic by Strikes n Spares, or did they get lucky?

Pin Pals
Well Asif showed up bowling lights out to get the Pin Pals to 11 total points. Ayaz was there, but he bowled maybe the worse games of his life. He has a new nickname "Mr. 133", as he bowled a 133 in game 1.  Some people are saying it's just a bump in the road to their 2nd championship. But some people are saying it's something more. Which is it?

Asian Sensation 

The hottest and loudest team in the league laid a beat down on Balls n Strikes. This sets up an epic duel vs the number one team in the league Strikes n Spares next week. Will the Yash "the shark" smell blood and attack? Or will the sensation disappoint again?

"Use the Force" This team is on fire showing up with enough guys and winning games. They are lucky they play Snipers next week who will be missing all of their guys. This team is the new sleeper team that can make a playoff run. Is their time left? Or is it too late?

Pin Smackers
There is nothing to say when you take 3 total points against last place team Force. I have a great idea. Maybe Abhi should help out his out team, and stop trying to help the bowlers of Force get better. This strategy of being "mr nice guy" has totally backfired as every team in the league has gotten better. Ahbi has to hold practice sessions or they are in trouble.

Snipers ended up winning 2 games this week but lost total pins to Strike Kings 11-12. This shows that every pin matters and every ball you throw matters. Next week they have a chance to pick up points as they play force. TMZ broke the news yesterday, that they won't be showing up due to undisclosed reasons. Say Hello, to the new last place team in the league.  HELLO

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Post game- Strike Kings vs Snipers

Game I – Snipers 854 vs. Strike Kings 787
Game II – Snipers 748 vs. Strike Kings 878
Game III – Snipers 849 vs. Strike Kings 789
Strike Kings – 12 points
Snipers – 11 points

Does this score result look familiar to you?? It certainly does to the Strike Kings. In fact, you could sum up their season so far with this result – an almost even split. East Meadow threw SA Bowl a changeup with dry lane conditions, especially on the back end. A lot of right-side spares were missed in this matchup as some people had a difficult time adjusting. Eddie’s massive hook took on new dimensions and he had the highest series in this matchup.

In game I, the Strike Kings bowled around their averages as a team with Eddie and Don Ali both scoring over 200 with a 203 and 209 respectively. Both Nisar and Raheel bowled under their averages with a 113 and 125 respectively. For the Snipers, Gage had a great game with a 203 as did Uday (who barely made it on time) with a 149. Guerrier and Patrick bowled a few pins under their averages with a 99 and 179. Snipers take the game and all individual points except Guerrier who lost to Don Ali. The Strike Kings tried to rally in the 8th frame but didn’t have what it takes.

In game II, the Strike Kings “hammered” the Snipers and made a clean sweep. Don Ali had the high game with a 228 followed by Eddie with a 185, Raheel with a 171 and Nisar with a 161. Meanwhile Uday bowled above his average with a 127 and he was the only one who showed up in this game for the Snipers. The Strike Kings take the game by 140 pins – a margin that would prove crushing later in game III.
Game III saw Guerrier start off with a string of strikes. Then Gage had his own string of strikes. Making most of their spares and then putting some more strikes together Guerrier and Gage made it impossible for the Strike Kings to take the game with a 228 and 213 respectively. Eddie’s 237 couldn’t lead the Strike Kings to victory but when it came down to the 10th frame, the Strike Kings showed everyone who perhaps the best 3rd and 4th bowler combination is in the league. Both Eddie and Don Ali struck out in the 10ths frame to ensure that the Snipers would end up losing total pins. Despite Eddie’s and Don Ali’s strikes, Guerrier had a chance to close it out and take total pins with a strike in the 10th frame but he missed it. Strike Kings take total pins by just 3 pins.

How many times does it have to be said?? Every pin counts!! Whenever you see your opponents blowing off a split by chucking the ball down the lane and making a field goal or throwing a gutter ball, take advantage. In this game the Strike Kings did just that in this exact scenario. They went from taking 10 points to taking 12 and the Snipers went from taking 13 to taking 11. Both these teams need to practice more but they both have promise.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Strike Kings vs Snipers preview

Strike Kings(#5 77.5pts) VS Snipers(#7 63.5pts)

Snipers came off a schalacking last week by Strikes n Spares.  It was purely based on 2 players that were missing. Strike Kings barely beat a FULL Force team by getting 12pts. This will be a great matchup because of playoff implications as Snipers are looking to rebound, and Strike Kings looking to surge towards the top.
Lets see how these 2 teams matchup !

1st Bowlers
Nisar(6.5pts 134.6) & Raheel(6pts 141) VS Pat(6pts 102) Uday(5pts 112)
Pat & Uday are still novice bowlers but Uday needs to showup because his handicap will be crucial in this matchup. Uday has shown he can catch fire by bowling a turkey earlier in the year but by not showing last week his form and approach will be effected.  Pat still leaves one too many frames open and his high game is only a 138. Nisar is one of the veterans in the league that comes up big especially in the 1st slot. Seems like Nisar breaks away against his opponent in the 10th frame as he closes his frames when it counts.  Raheel has big potential as he has a game high score of 198 and with his 55pts handicap will be a dangerous combo.
EDGE-Team Strike Kings Raheel & Nisar are just more consistant bowlers that can recover if they have some open frames. I can't see Pat & Uday winning any of the games, but Uday NEEDS TO SHOW UP in order for Snipers to have a shot.

2nd Bowlers-
Ammad S."EL PRESEDENTE"(7pts 149. VS Yasar(3pts 156.4)
Ammad was a bit off last week as he dropped about 5pts in avg but still with that said Ammad was once an anchor on Strike Kings. He has potential to bowl a great game as his high score was a 201 but his last weeks score of 132, 151, & 140 will not be good enough to win this week.
Yasar has shown he can give a great lift for his team. But he needs to show up this week if team Snipers want to creep closer to that 6 slot. Yasar has great potential as he has a game high 215.
EDGE-Team Strike Kings.  Even with Yasar showing up I can  predict a little rust in his game. Ammad will take all 3pts, and will have a bounce back week after an putrid performance last week.

3rd Bowlers
Gage"CHOCALATE THUNDER"(14pts 165.2) VS Eddie"MONEY"(7pts 187.3)
This is one of the best matchups with these 2 teams squaring off.  Both bowlers bowl with great emotions and flare.  Gage came up huge for Snipers as he took a great matchup pt by winning a bowl off with the hottest bowler Mufthy.  Gage is a beast when he's on as  he showed last week by winning all 3 matchup pts against Mufthy.
Eddie has one of the sweetest hooks in the league.  He was on his game last week as he bowled a 207 and a 190. When hes on he can elevate his team with emotions but at times his emotions can get the best of him.

EDGE-Team Snipers. Gage is rolling and even with his team not appearing last week  it did not create a distraction to his game. Eddie will bowl well but I can see Gage  taking his game to another level.

4th Bowlers-
Gurrier"THE TERMINATOR"(14pts 165.2) VS Don Ali"MR CONSISTENCY"(10pts 204.2)
Another great matchup with these 2 teams. But what happened to the "Terminator" last week? This would have been a great matchup, but THE TERMINATOR was M.I.A. and it is yet to be determined for what reason. He is also losing his rookie of the year lead by Wahid of Balls n Strikes Wahid took the lead in matchup pts, and is creeping closer in avg as well . Will Guerrier show some rust with the layoff, only time will tell. Don Ali is one of the prolific bowlers in the league is starting to show the moxy he lacked in 2 previous seasons.  He has now taken the anchor position and baffled many people in the league because of his great talent. He seemed he was very hesitant by bowling in the 3rd slot and didnt show his true grit  But ever since taking the anchor position, and throwing down the hammer after every strike, Don is showing to be a true leader

EDGE-Team Strike Kings This one is pretty simple as Guerrier will show what happenes when you take a layoff and it wont be a pretty sight. Don will throw down the hammer to the Terminator. and it will be "Hasta La Vista" for Guerrier !

ROUNDUP- This will be close if Yasar shows up for Sniper, but even with that said Strike Kings have great depth that Snipers lack. Strike Kings. take 2 out of 3.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Game of the Week- Pin Pals vs Strikes n Spares

PinPals(#3 87pts) VS Strikes n Spares(#1 112.5pts)

Strikes n Spares is coming off a huge week racking up 19pts but it was to a short handed Snipers team that had 2 bowlers The Pin Pals swept Balls n Strikes in 3 intense games.  Even with their team not being on the same page they racked up 17pts.

Both these teams have internal issues ! Lets see how these 2 teams matchup with all the distractions !

1st Bowlers-
Amaad B.(10pts 167.3) VS Chris"CHRISANITY"(5PTS 131.1) Sid"THE KID"(2pts 125.1)
Chris and Sid are decent bowlers but they do seem to leave one to many frames open . Abdul took Chris on and didnt seems to pounce on his opportunity in which led to Asif leaving the team. Sid "THE KID" can come up clutch as he came in for Asif in the third game last week. Ammad is one of the best bowlers in the 1st slot. He is also  2nd on his team with 50 strikes, but is a bit off in recent weeks. He  regained his approach and went up almost 4pts in avg from last week.
Edge-Team SnS ! Amaad B. will be licking his chops because the Pinpals  lack a good leadoff bowler. I can see "PSYCHO SID" eeking out 1 pt out of 3 points.

2nd Bowlers-
Raza"MR 108"(12pts 162) VS Dave"HGH"(9pts 147)
Dave has found a new approach and boy has it helped the Pin Pals. He single handily won the matchup with the Sensations, and has been on a tear ever since learning the hook in his game. The only downside is he tires out towards the end of the game. Then we have "MR 108", but he was no Mr. 108 last week. Raza improved almost 5pts in his avg but his bickering with Jason might be a distraction this week to his game and to the team.
EDGE-Team Pin Pals. Dave will get his hook going and mastering his technique while Raza is trying to figure out his beef with jason and wondering "How oily are the lanes?"

3rd bowlers-
Mufthy(12pts 173.5) vs Asif(8pts 185)

Mufthy has stepped up his game, but hit a bit of a snag when Gage won a point on a bowl off . Mufthy can easily run off turkey"s making it difficult for any  opponent . Asif is one of the underrated bowlers and if he doesnt show this will be a long day for team Pin Pals. They need his ability to carry the momentum to Daddy Dar. Hopefully Asif put the dirty laundry to the side and help propel his team as he is very vital to this week matchup !
EDGE-Team Strikes n Spares.  Mufthy will bring his turkey celebration to the lanes as Asif will still wear the emotional stress of last week.

4th Bowlers-
Jason"J-Wow"(10pts 218.1) VS Ayaz"DADDY"(12PTS 191.2)
Wow! What can you say bout this matchup ! These are twoheavy weights that fit the bill for an incredible display of skill. Ayaz is the key element to his team and is an opponents worst nightmare eardrums. Ayaz carried his team after the departure of Asif last week , vocally and physically. Ayaz will be determined to prove who is the best anchor in the league. Conflicting reports has come in from TMZ, and it has Jason benched for 1 game. This has team turmoil written all over it. Jason and Raza havent been on the same page in recent weeks. They have been bickering back and fourth on the internet which led to the demise of Jason being benched . Is MR 108 overdosing on using his usual hashtag #likeaboss again? The question is will Jason be ok with the benching or make a statement of his own. Stay tuned to the next episode as "The Days Of Our Lives continues at east meadow.
EDGE-Team Pin Pals. Ayaz "DADDY" Dar will turn his mouth on Full throttle and exploit the rift between Raza & Jason. Jason will be unmotivated to bowl , as I  can't see him match Ayaz"s energy.

This will be a close match as both teams are dealing with internal issues. This will be the best game or soap opera to watch as Pin Pals take 2 out of 3.

Asian Sensation vs Balls n Strikes Preview

Asian Sensation(#2 93PTS) VS Balls n Strikes (#6 75.5PTS)

Asian Sensation coming off a statement game last week by beating a high powered Pin Smackers team by accumulating 16pts. Balls n Strikes are coming off an awful week by getting only 6pts.  Are the Sensations going to put this Cinderellat team t o bed this week? Or will BNS put the Sensation fire out !

Let see how these 2 teams matchup !

1st Bowlers
Amin(13pts 150.6) VS Abdul(7pts 107.0)& Ali N.(5pts 124.3)

Ali N. is still a novice and is tinkering his approach to learn the hook the ball. He is still able to bowl a decent game, but if Ali finds the hook in time it will be bad news for the Sensations. Abdul has one of the slowest ball release but seems to win his matchup pts as he has won 7 out of 13pts. Watch out for his "moonwalk" dance after his release. If he is able to close out frames he could be "moonwalking" all over the Sensations.Then we have Amin who every week seems to be improving his avg & is #2 in matchup pts.  He is the spark plug to the Sensations as not only does he gives them a kick start, but shows the emotion that he wears when he bowls. This emotion is carried to the other bowlers

EDGE- Asian Sensation. Amin will put the Sensation's into gear by bowling more strikes and spares as Ali N. and Abdul are still trying to find their niche .

2nd Bowlers-
Jin"GANGNAM STYLE"(7PTS 165.9) VS Hakim(6pts 147. & Ali S. (2pts 137.7)
Ali S was not playing last week but brings enough to bowl and contribute. He has a game high score in his arsenal which is 160.  Hakim is still trying to perfect his approach and release as he is trying to hook the ball with more swerve.  He still is a solid bowler by closing his frames with spares. Jin has been struggling after missing a week of bowling, and boy did it show last week when he bowled a 114 in his first game Luckily Amin picked it up for him by Bowling a whopping 179. Jin did come back however to bowl a 180 in the next game and a 160 in the 3rd.
EDGE-Asian Sensation.  Jin will comeback and find his groove and will want to take back the 3rd bowler position that he was in for 3weeks.  Hakim and Ali S. wont be able to catch Jin as he will show that he is very dangerous once he is in a groove.

3rd Bowlers-
Khaled"SILENT ASSASIN"(11.5PTS 173.4) VS Shumail "MAILMAN"(4PTS 183.0)
Well last week we said that The MAILMAN doesnt deliver on and it resulted in the BNS racking up a paltry 6pts. Apparently Shumail is the key to Balls n Strikes's success. When he is there they are obviously more in depth and dangerous. When he is not opponents seem to take advantage. Khaled has regained his 3rd bowling position as his avg went from a 167-173 in 2 weeks. He is so locked that he bowled a game high 214 and bowled 603 series while winning all 3 matchups against Sony "Sleepy Sleepy"

EDGE-Asian Sensation Even with Shumail there I cannot see him beating Khaled. He will show why he is called the SILENT ASSASSIN !

4th Bowlers-Yash"SHARK"(12.5PTS 176) Wahid(10.5pts 172.5)
Yash has been a very consistent bowler as he took over the reigns of anchor position of the Sensations. He has thrown 53 strikes for the Sensations in the last 4 weeks. Wahid was rolling, but ever since that coaching blunder he has not been himself.  But he"s still in the hunt for the rookie of the year award. He can propel his worth by beating the hottest team in the Sensations !
EDGE-Asian Sensation. Wahid is a great bowler but Yash will step his game up as he has done ever since his take down of Ayaz "Daddy Day Care" Dar.

ROUNDUP- Well it doesnt take a genius to see who has the advantage.  The Sensations are ridding high as they have been on a tear in recent weeks, but BNS is still not your avg expansion team. Once Ali. N and Hakim find the hook  to their bowl, im sure you"ll hear from this team again.  For now the clock has struck 12 and this CINDERELLA story has a sad ending.

Force vs Pin Smackers preview

Force (#8 52.5pts) VS PinSmackers(#4 80pts)

PinSmackers are coming off  a beating from Asian Sensations last week. Force actually fielded not 4 but 5 players on sunday but came away with 11pts. Prince "HUMBLE" Panicker has guaranteed a playoff spot for team Force. They are currently in last place, so they are going to need to bowl well to fulfill Prince's promise.

Lets see if Pin Smackers can bounce back with Force.

1st Bowlers-
Adam(9pts 122.3) vs Abaas(2pts 127) James LINSANITY(3PTS 119)
Adam is trying to find his approach and trying to build on his game high of 174 that he threw on sunday. It could be a long day for anybody especially counting Adam's 70pt handicap.  Abaas came in and did a admirable job by getting a point last week, and james came in as well rotating. This matchup will be close untill the 10th frame as both team's bowlers do leave plenty of frames open.
EDGE-Team Pin Smackers Adam will start to improve his avg and his momentum with last weeks performance. It will comedown to the 10th frame as Abaas and James will make Adam sweat till the end.

2nd Bowlers-
Eugene"DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK"(8PTS 158) VS Matt(6pts 152.9)
Even though Matt has 6pts it has come while playing 8 games. Thats a great ratio that team Force desperately needs as Matt hasa high game of 178. Eugene was abysmal last week until game 3 , where he finally woke up and threw down the belt with his patented move. He bowled a 220 and finally gave his team that boost it needed to propel them over Asian Sensation.

EDGE-Team Pin Smackers Eugene will finally find his groove as he has the smoothest release for a lefty. Hopefully Matt shows up and gives Prince some much needed help this week.

3rd Bowlers -
Riz(9.5 pts 158.1) VS Sony "SLEEPY SLEEPY" (5PTS 173)
Riz finally looked like he was motivated to play, and who can blame him. I dont think anybody will bring their "A" game if the team is short handed but last week Riz got his motivated by bowling a 173 avg and a game high 190 score. Sony has been "ASLEEP" ever since 2 weeks ago where he slept in and showed up late. Sony"s avg seems more SNEEKY SNEEKY cuz even though he has a 173 avg he only has 5pts in 14 games. That means Sony will either bowl a 130 or a 190. The question is which Sony will arive? Or will Sleeping Beauty still be in his slumber?
EDGE-Team Force Riz will finally comeup big for Team Force and show what he is capable of once motivated. SLEEPING BEAUTY better not wait for his princess to awake him cuz this is not a CO-ED bowling league.

4th Bowlers-
Prince "HUMBLE"(11PTS 175.9) VS Ahbi "THE MAYOR"(6.5PTS 201)
Wow can this be the QUIETEST anchor matchup in SASL history.  Both players are anchors for a reason and both have no emotion or trash talk in their game. Prince"HUMBLE" Panicker shows the same emotion if he throws a strike or an open frame. He just looks down and walks away. He has no smile, no thrust of the arms or the pelvic area. Prince bowled a pathetic 124 in the 1st game last week cuz he probably had to over think with a 5 man team. He redemmed himself with a 204 and 224. Same goes to Ahbi after every throw he has the same mentality except he helps his opposition in their game. Ahbi was a bit overwhelmed with the Sensations in the 1st game by bowling an un-Ahbi like performance of 156 but ended the day with a 238.
EDGE ! Team Pin Smackers. Ahbi will know the importance of this matchup and what his team needs to stay with the ELITE teams. Prince will need to stop focusing on his players and more on his game.

ROUNDUP- Team Pin Smackers knows what's at stake and will be more determined after last week. They will look to bounce back, but Force will need to bring a full roster every week to be consistent. Team Pin Smackers will take 2out of 3 games.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Includes Weeks 4-7
Updated 12/6/12 
South Asian Bowling TV

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Week 7 Hot Pins

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Balls n Strikes

Balls n Strikes got destroyed by the Pin Pals this week. Either Balls n Strikes were not prepared or they did not take Pin pals seriously. Either way they lost.  Link

Strike Kings

Did the Strike Kings forget they were playing last team Force? Force swept Strike Kings in game 2 which no one saw coming. Ammad what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Strike Kings beat last place force by only one point. Link

Strikes n Spares
Strikes n Spares bowled terribly but were lucky, and faced a team with only two bowlers. Is this team good, or just lucky? Link

Pin Pals

Hey did you forget that this team won the championship last year? Pin Pals led by Ayaz and Asif are now coming together. They are in the zone as they took Balls n Strikes to school last week. Link

Asian Sensation

The Sensation are the hottest team right now plowing through their competition, and absolutely demoralized the Pin Smackers last week. Yash "the shark" has been on fire lately showing he really is a top bowler in the league. link

It was a miracle, Force had 5  guys show up to play. This is the first time in at least 3 weeks they had a full roster. The problem was they still lost even with a full team.  Link

Pin Smackers
Did the Pin Smackers forget to show up? Did they forget they were playing Asian Sensation? I think its time to call practice sessions for this team. What is going on? Link


Snipers played the #1 team in the league strikes n spares. The problem was snipers were missing 2 guys. Did Yasar and Guerrier sleep past their alarm clock? Or were they just scared playing against the first place team in the league. link

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