South Asian Bowling League Rules

Rosters and player qualifications:

1.  A roster must have a minimum of four players. The maximum number of players for any roster is seven (7).

2.  Rosters freeze at the start of the fourth week of play. All Players that are added after week 1 must be approved by the commissioner. In the event a player is released from a team, the player will be entered into the waiver system. The player must be officially released by the team and approved by the commissioner.  The last place team has first priority to obtain him. If the last place team doesn't want the player than the 2nd to last team has the option and so on.

3.  The regular season is 16 weeks long. For a player to qualify for the playoffs, they must bowl in at least 25 games. In the event we do not have 16 weeks due to weather or unforeseen circumstances the amount of games will be adjusted. It will be one more than half the amount of games bowled. The commissioner has the right to adjust for unforeseen circumstances that occur.

Handicap System:

1.  The league will be using a handicap system. A player’s handicap will be based on a system of 80% of 220. In order to verify a player’s handicap, use the following equation: (220 – player’s average) * 0.8.  (Note: If a player’s average exceeds 220, they will receive a handicap score of zero.)

2.  The first two weeks of the season will be bowled will the players handicap from the previous season. At week 3 the handicap will be adjusted.

3.  Any bowler who has bowled with the South Asian Bowling League will not be allowed to drop an average of 15 pins lower than their previous season. If the bowler has multiple seasons with the South Asian Bowling League, then the player’s highest average will be used as basis (assuming the sample size is large enough).

4.  If the bowler in question has bowled a previous season with the South Asian Bowling League, then their initial handicap will be based on their average from the previous season. Any new bowlers who bowl in other leagues will be verified to make sure their average is accurate. For bowlers who don't bowl in leagues the handicap will be adjusted to reflect week 1 after week 1 is over. It is then possible the team that wins does not win, after the handicap is adjusted and reflects the players score.

5.  After week 3, no player will be allowed to drop an average of 15 pins lower than their current average.


Tanking is defined as a player intentionally not bowling up to their standard to receive a higher handicap. Tanking will not be tolerated in our league as it promotes no sportsmanship and takes away from the competition. To ensure that no bowler tanks, the following provisions will be put in place:

1.  If it is proven a player tanked, then at the next match, the highest average will be sitting out THE ENTIRE MATCH. A suspension means the bowler is physically present. Therefore the highest average on that team that is present that day must sit out. The bowler will be blinded with no handicap as if they were missing (see match play and scoring section for explanation of a blind).

2.  The bowler’s average for the day in question of tanking will be adjusted with a higher series for the day as seen fit by the commissioner.

3.  If ANY team has a 2nd offense with this issue, the top bowler present will be suspended for TWO WEEKS OF MATCHES (6 games), and the team will not be allowed to put in a sub for the suspended bowler. Meaning the highest bowler is replaced with a blind and no handicap.

4.  If tanking occurs at the end of the season, then the punishment(s) can and will be applied in the opening round of the playoffs for the player's team.

Match play and scoring:

(Note:  Practice time starts at 8:15am. Matches start promptly at 8:25am)

1.  Each match consists of three games. Each team starts four bowlers in a match. Substitutions cannot be made within a game. Substitutions can be made in between games. However, any/all bowlers that remain in the match must maintain the same order in which they bowled the previous game (i.e. no order swapping, regardless of substitutions.)

2.  Any player who is in a match is not allowed to practice on other lanes while waiting for their next turn. Any player who is sitting out the current game may practice on other lanes, but will not use league funds to practice.

2a.  Any player who starts a match must finish it in accordance with regular match play (i.e. one player cannot bowl extra frames consecutively to leave early.) If a player chooses to start a match, then once he has to leave, he will receive a score of zero for any frames missed. His current score, with his current handicap, will be calculated and used for the frames the player did bowl.

3.  Team scoring is based on a 23-point system. Three points awarded to the winning team of each game (for nine total). One point awarded to each individual position winner (up to four each game, up to 12 total). Two additional points awarded to the team with the highest pin total for the match.

4.  When setting the lineup for the match, if there are any disagreements (continual switching) among the two teams setting the order, then the higher ranked team must enter their lineup first. Once the lineup is entered, order cannot be changed (see rule 1 on match play and scoring).

5a.  In the event of a tie between two players at the end of any game, a 'bowl-off' will be used determine which player receives a point.  A bowl-off is defined as each bowler taking one shot, with the higher score winning.  If both players score the same number of pins, the bowl-off will continue until a winner is determined.

5b.  In the event of a team tie at the end of the game, each team will choose a bowler to bowl a complete 10th frame.  

6.  After each game, it is the responsibility of the captain write down:
a) The non-handicap scores of his players.

b) Circle the score of his individual players who won their match-up

c) The total team score without handicap

d) The handicap received that game

e) The total team score with handicap

f) The total number of points his team won that game (up to 7 each game, up to 23 each match)

7.  It is the responsibility of the opposing captain to verify the scores and sign the opponent's scorecard at the end of the match.

8.  A minimum of two players must be present by the end of the first frame of any game or the game and the total pins for the match will be awarded to the other team.

9.  Any player who arrives late may enter any game provided the anchor (last) bowler of the opposing team has not completed his second frame. Any frames missed may be made up. No late player may enter after the second frame of that game.

10.  If a team is missing members the blind will be calculated as 10 pins below the lowest bowlers average on your team plus the handicap. The blind will not count as a game played for any missing player(s), and will not count towards the average for any missing player(s).

11.  The league uses foot fouls. Any player who has a body part go over the foul line and touch the lane is subject to have their shot count as a foul if disputed.

12. If a blind is facing a blind then the team who wins the match will receive the point for the blind.  


1.  The top four teams qualify for the playoffs.  The first place team is able to pick their opponent, but it can't be the 2nd seed.

2.  If two or more teams are tied in the rankings, the following tiebreaker guidelines will be in place (in order of use):

a) Head-to-head team scoring

b) Points scored against highest ranked team available, then second highest ranked team, etc.

c) Total pins throughout season (handicap score)

d) Coin flip

3.  Every playoff match will be a three-game series. The same match play scoring and rules from the regular season will apply with the following exception:

When setting the lineup for the match, if there are any disagreements (continual switching) among the two teams setting the order, then the LOWER ranked team must enter their lineup first.

5.  In the event of a team tie at the end of a game, an extra complete 10th frame is played by both teams. Complete 10th frames will continue until a winner has been determined.

5a. In the event of a player tie, an extra 10th frame will be played by both players. Complete 10th frames will continue until a winner has been determined.

6.  After the semi-finals, the two winners will bowl each other in the finals the following week.
To Qualify a player must bowl in 62.5% of the games bowled. 

1.  The members of the winning team will receive a team trophy, along with individual trophies for each player.

2.  The MVP (most valuable player) of the finals will also be given an individual trophy.  The losing team will vote on the MVP from the winning team.  If they choose not to vote and/or do not take their vote seriously, then the winning team or the league commissioner will pick an appropriate MVP.

3.  Individual awards will be given to the following individuals who qualify:

a)  Highest regular season average

b)  Highest regular season individual game

c)  Highest regular season individual series

d)  Most individual match points won (3 awards ranked 1-3 will be given)

e) Strikes leader

f) Spares leader

g) Most improved average from last season. 

h) High game handicap

I) High handicap series 

J) MVP of the league will be determined as follows:
Points will be awarded in a 3-2-1 basis for highest winning percentage, most match points, and where the team is placed in the standings. 1st Place,2nd place 3 ponts- 3rd and 4th place 2 points, 5th and 6th place 1 point
 After the 3 highest players are determined:
Points will be given out in a 3-2-1- basis for high avg, high handicap series.
After that captains will vote in a 3-2-1 basis who they feel should be MVP.
The person with the total points will win the MVP of the league.

All Star Game
There will be eight players selected to the all star game in a 4 vs 4 match up. Each bowler will bowl three games. Players will be selected by all bowlers a week before the game which as of now is 2/1/14. To be eligible to bowl in the all star game you must have bowled in 51% of the possible games.  Trophies will be given to the winning team. 

Pot Games
$30 per week will be set aside for weekly winners of high handicap series and high handicap game. The winner of each will win a total of $15. All winners will be paid out at first round of the playoffs. A person who has an entering average of 200 or greater can only win a total of 3 pots for a total of $45.00. The commissioner has discretion to limit bowlers to 3 pot wins if he determines a player will average over a 200. This is for bowlers who are new to the league.