Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pin Pals vs Balls n Strikes preview

Pin Pals(#4 71pts) VS Balls n Strikes(#5 69.5pts)

Wow another great matchup where both teams have been rolling the past couple of weeks. Even though Balls n Strikes took only 11.5pts last week it was due to a huge blunder by benching Wahid. Pin Pals took a whopping 15pts over a legit Snipers team.
These 2 teams are separated by 1.5 ptsm and will be a highly intense match. Lets see how these 2 teams matchup.

1st bowlers
Chris(133.7) Sid"THE KID"(127.3) VS Abdul(107.0) Ali S.(137.7)
Well these leadoff bowlers arent the most talented but can be the catalyst for their teams. Abdul has been struggling, and his high game score is a measly 126.  Ali S. has been catching fire in recent weeks and has the capability to bowl a decent game (160 high score). His avgerage has gone up 4pts from prior week. Chris has seen his game improving and recently threw a 188 and with is61 pin handicap it makes it difficult for any opponent.  Sid "THE KID" brings his mojo to the lanes and is also capable of throwing a gem. His game high score is a 164  & has seen his avg improve 5pts since last week .
EDGE- Team Pin Pals, Chris & Sid will pull away but it will come in the dreaded 10th frame as Ali S. and Abdul will leave one too many frames open !

2nd Bowlers-
Ali N.(122.4) Hakim(150.8) Vs David"HGH"(144.1)
Ali N. has not been consistent and has not stood out with his play as his 131 high game score indicates. Hakim is the lighning rod to his team.  Hakim has bowled an outstanding 213 game high score to his arsenal and is clutch in closing frames. David "HGH" has the capability to throw a great game but is inconsistent and could throw poor ones at times. No doubt his new approach had the league surprised with his fineness instead of his conventional straight throws. His new approach seems to take its toll in the 3rd game as he tires out .
EDGE- Team Pin Pals. Dave will bowl very well as hes been lethal when he's on.  Hakim should be able to take 1pt out of 3.

3rd bowlers
Shumail"MAILMAN"(183) VS Asif(182.4)
Wow, this matchup cant get any closer. Who says the "MAILMAN" doesnt deliver on sundays.   Apparently Shuamil does.  Shumail is very consistent on his approach, and his gameplay has been on another level in recent weeks as his avg jumped 8pts. He also bowled a game high of 233 last week.
Asif is the most underated player in the league, but can come up huge especially with his game high of 212.  Asif is the catalyst that gets Ayaz "DADDY" Dar pumped.  Asif  carries his momentum to the anchor position and gets his team rolling.
EDGE-Team Pin Pals.  Shumail will come out empty as the PinPals come out very emotional as this game will be extremely tight. You can feel it when the standings are very close & Ayaz "DADDY" Dar yells out ......."GET"EM ASIF."

4th Bowlers-
Wahid(172.3) VS Ayaz"DADDY" (190.05)
Wahid has taken his game to a new leve.  Last week Wahid went up against the best in Jason and beat him. If it wasnt for a bad judgement by the captain, Wahid could've made a statement in the league. He could of also jumped ahead of Guerrier"THE TERMINATOR" for rookie of the year. Then you got the opposite in personality with"THE MOUTH OF EAST MEADOW" Ayaz "DADDY" Dar. Ayaz not only tries to get to his oppnent with the trash talking but also tries to propel his team with his ANTICS, Ayaz backs his talk with his gameplay and can easily carry his team. He is one of the most clutch bowlers in the league, and the most animated !
EDGE-Team Pin Pals. Wahid will try to focus on his gamem but Ayaz will try to throw him off and it will work with his "GO BALL GO" rants.

ROUNDUP- Pin Pals will bring their full arsenal, and all 3 games will be tight. The difference is Pin Pals. have the veterans to pull away, and come out with 2 out 3 victories

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