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Sunday, March 17, 2013

2012 Fall Season Champions Balls n Strikes

SA BOWL Finals- Balls n Strikes 13 Strikes n Spares 10


South Asian Bowling League Finals - Live

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Watch the Bowling League Finals live.

SASN Radio - WWE Superstar Mark Mero and Spartans Shortstop Hashim Naveed, Pete McCarthy from MLB TV

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SASN Radio - WWE Superstar Mark Mero and Spartans Shortstop Hashim Naveed

March 1st, 2013

Hosts Siddique Farooqi and Ammad Sheikh were joined by former WWE superstar Mark Mero. Mark Mero the former WWE super star has turned his live around. He has sworn off his past and has dedicated his life to helping kids. He is now the most in demand speaker at schools around the nation. He has been talking about bullying and building up children's confidence. A truly inspiring story as he describes his own transformation. He shuns his previous life as a WWE performer and is completely immersed in helping children. Pete McCarthy of MLB TV came on to speak about the the NY Met's upcoming season. How will the Met's finish this season? What about the New York Yankees? Host Siddique Farooqi and Ammad spoke about the Yankees chances and whether or not the Yankees are punting this season. Lastly Hashim Naveed of the Spartans came on and talked about the Spartans. He made it clear that this was not a merger of the Titans players with the Spartans to form a new team. He cleared up some misconceptions but laid down the law.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SA Bowl Finals- Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes

SA BOWL Finals- (1)Strikes n Spares vs (4)Balls n Strikes

How quickly the tide has turned. Sunday at 12:30pm Balls n Strikes couldn’t field a full team and probably would have to forfeit the finals. 48 hours later we find out Balls n Strikes can bowl with all 4 starters which sets up an epic SA Bowl finals. How the commissioner Jason Reis pulled this off we will never know. Can you say commissioner of the year in the South Asian sports world?

Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes features the number one team in the league Strikes n Spares vs the 4th seeded Balls n Strikes. From the beginning of the season every one said watch out for Balls n Strikes and they were right. What makes this match interesting is that Strikes n Spares have never beaten Balls n Strikes. Their record against Balls n Strikes is 0-1-1. But that is why you play the game, and everyone is in for a treat.

Balls n Strikes got to the finals by beating Strike Kings and then beating the defending champion Pin Pals in and epic 12-11 victory. Strikes n Spares not only beat Asian Sensation, but absolutely destroyed them as they only needed to play 2 games winning 13-1. Let’s look at the matchups and see how they compare. (These are the most likely matchups but it is subject to change.)

1. Amaad "The best leadoff man in the game" Bhatti vs Alisher "Killer" "The one man wrecking crew"

Amaad who has a 167.6 average has been by far the best leadoff man in the game. Capable of a 200 game at any time really sets the stage for the rest of his team. He takes a lot of pressure off the rest of his guys by getting off to great starts. Amaad knows he needs to bowl well as Alisher has improved his game great. Alisher's average is a 141 but don't let that fool you. Recently is he been surpassing or getting close to 200 on a daily basis. Not only will his presence give Amaad trouble, but it helps when you have a 55 point handicap. The difference in handicap is +21 to Alisher which he will help his team out.

Advantage- Alisher- We expect Alisher to take 2 out of the 3 points in this matchup.

2. Raza "Why does no one like me" Dastgir vs Hakim "The Captain" Najimi

Raza who averages a 167 came in 2nd in match points with 30 only .5 back from the leader Prince Panicker. Raza gets shaky at times but when you are number two in match points you are winning your matches. Raza knows the importance of the match as he needs to prove to the league that he is a champion and can bowl when it counts. Hakim has averaged a 162, but like Raza has his ups and downs. He can score high as he has bowled a 213 but as bowled low games in the 140 range. Hakim who is no rookie in the bright lights will have to bowl his heart out. The handicap difference is only +4 to Hakim which you have to think gives Raza the edge

Advantage- Raza- This is Raza's coming out moment where he shows the world that he can bowl under the bright lights.

3. Mufthy "Tighest pants in the league" Dastgir vs Shumail "The Mailman" Haque

Mufthy who averages a 179 could anchor any team in the league. He has that much talent and the bright light does not scare him. With a high score of 247 he has the potential to really score big. The one advantage Mufthy will be getting will be a +6 in the handicap department vs Shumail. With games being very close those six points could make the difference. Shumail aka The Mailman probably the most dangerous bowler in the game you haven't heard of. Shumail who averages a 186 has the potential of stringing 5 or 6 strikes in a row at any given time. Shumail single handily put the nail in the coffin in the semifinals vs the Pin Pals by stringing 5 strikes in a row. We expect Shumail again to bring his "A" game as he wants to bring home the SA Bowl Trophy.

Advantage- Mufthy- This will be a very tight matchup so expect the handicap of +6 to Mufthy to play in big factor.

4. Jason "The Dictator" Reis vs Wahid "WAHIDDDDDDDDDDD"

Before the season started Jason guaranted a championship and he is almost there. Jason who was the triple crown winner (High average, high game, high series) averages a whopping 216 and loves the bright lights and the pressure. There will be a lot of pressure on Jason this match, and he has bring it. He has been a little off as of late but we expect Jason to be ready. Wahidddddd will be the cleanup man for Balls n Strikes as he has been all season. Wahid will not say a word during the match as he lets his bowling do the talking. Wahid who averages a 162 will have a 27 point handicap advantage over Jason. With a high game of 257 he will have to put pressure of Jason from frame one. Wahid has beaten Jason more than once so he knows what it takes.

Advantage- Can you really pick against Jason? With Jason guaranteeing victory he will have no choice but to back up.

Conclusion- We will have a new champion in the 2012-2013 Fall Season. Balls n Strikes will win the championship 13-10 as Shumail will be the MVP of the match.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Playoffs Hot Pins

Asian Sensation
Yash the shark came through in the clutch as Asian Sensation defeated Force to go to the next round. Unfortunely for the Sensation they will be bowling against four bowlers not three.

Balls n Strikes
Wahidddddddd,Hakimmmmmmmmm,Alisherrrrrrr,Shumaillllllll. The team that everyone fears knocked out a tough Strike Kings Team to advance to play Pin Pals. Wahiddddddddd CANNOT let daddy dar get into his head if Balls n Strikes wants to advance to the finals.

Strike Kings
After a long and tough season Strike Kings are knocked out of the Playoffs. This is the 3rd straight year that they have not made the finals. Ammad has to look into changing his team if he wants to take a step furthur.

Strikes n Spares
They wanted Asian Sensation well now they got them. Raza vs Amin, Yash vs Jason, can you say excitement. This had the making of a great match. All eyes will be on Jason and Yash to see who blinks and chokes first.

Pin Pals
The defending champions have their work cut out for them as they are playing Balls n Strikes. We will see if they can be the 1st repeat champions and if Ayaz can win his 3rd consecutive ring. It's all about Dave and Chris, so no pressure guys because you are the x factors.

The clock has struck midnight on this cinderella team as Riz once again has let his team down. I guess partying is more important than showing up on time for a playoff game. Could this be the end of Riz in SA Bowl? Could this be the end of team Force?  Or does Prince have a ace up his sleeve to keep the team alive for the fall season?

Pin Smackers
Pin Smackers were at Pebble Beach this weekend as Ahbi hit 4 golf balls into the water. This is not his year as he can not beat himself him golf.


Rumor has it, Snipers are close to landing a big name in the offseason. No Lebron James is not taking his talents to east meadow bowling lanes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playoffs Round One Videos

Playoffs Round One Videos

Asian Sensation vs Force Game 2 10th Frame. BEST finish of the year

Wahid vs Eddie 10th Frame

Alisher and Nisar

Post Game interview Shumail from Balls n Strikes

Post game interview Yash and Amin from Asian Sensation

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First Round Playoff-Balls n Strikes vs Strike Kings

Another playoff for Strike Kings, and of course another defeat. Will the expansion team Balls n Strikes advance to the finals and shock the world?

First Round Playoffs- Asian Sensation vs Force

The question the whole world will never know is what if Riz Patel showed up on time to game 1. Would Force have won the series? I guess we will never know.