Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yash “The Shark” Mahajan


This is Yash “The Shark” Mahajan's third season in the South Asian Bowling League and is quickly becoming a household name. Yash has gotten his nickname because like a shark when he smells fear he attacks.  He’s currently one of the leaders on a dangerous Asian Sensation team that has many teams worried. This team went all the way to finals in the summer season, but fell short losing to The Four Horsemen. Yash has proved he was clutch bowling six strikes in a row to win game 2 of the semi finals to advance them to the finals last year.

Yash currently is 9th in average with a 176.3 and has been improving every week.  “I am by far not the best bowler, but it’s something I will strive for,” Yash Said.  Yash has shown he will put in the work as you will find him at East Meadow Lanes every week working on his game. He is tied for third with 9 strikes thrown in the 10th frame. Throwing a strike in the 10th frame is not easy, but Yash has shown he has been clutch. Yash is also third in individual points with 10.5. This means that Yash is beating his head to head matchup consistently every week.  He has the 5th most total strikes in the last three weeks with 42.

Yash’s bowling has been improving, but what has made him a celebrity is his trash talking. The trash talking has been getting intense especially when he’s going against his rival Ayaz “Daddy” Dar.  “The rivalry causes some electricity within the league, and I really want to kick his butt,” said Yash. Yash will put photos on facebook to talk up his game but he has struggled at times.  “The reason for trash talking, it’s me I can’t help it....If I can get in your mind to affect your game so be it... prove me wrong,” Said Yash. Many bowlers around the league think that Yash is too focused on trash talking and not on bowling. “It has to be getting in his head. The more he talks the more Yash has struggled,” said a bowler in the league.  

As of now Asian Sensation is in second place in the standings and making an improvement every week. The question will be can they beat the best teams in the league?

 “Honestly where will the Sensations finish? Of course 1st. Our team has something other teams don’t, HEART,” said Yash. With this confidence Yash instills into his team, it could only help improve his teams overall ability.


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