Thursday, November 29, 2012

SASN Radio 11/16/2012 - Talking SABL, SAFL, SABowl, NY Knicks, and Hurricane Sandy

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November 29th, 2012

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Host Ammad Sheikh was running solo today as Siddique Farooqi was unavailable. The show started out with Ammad talking up the Knicks. For the longest time Ammad has been critical of the NY Knicks and specifically Carmelo Anthony....does he change his opinion? Talking South Asian Basketball Randi Dhanram of the Killer Cobras came on to talk about his team. He talked up some of his players and made some bold predictions about the team. He was asked about joining the Western Conference the tougher conference of the South Asian Basketball League.  Randi talked about wanting to play the best of the best competition. Burhan Gorgani came on the air to talk about the status of South Asian Football League, he mentioned the situation with Hurricane Sandy. He talked about the fields were commandeered by Nassau County in order to set up a FEMA Camp and how the league is adjusting accordingly. But he previewed the teams that are playing this upcoming weekend, specifically what is going to be done with the league and how the teams are going to handle the rust  with all of the teams not playing for so long. Lastly Prince Panicker called in to talk about Bowling. The South Asian Bowling League lost a few weeks due to flooding in East Meadow. The Bowling alley had no power and some damage. So it took a few weeks for the bowling league to come back online. Prince broke down the match ups and spoke about the match ups and what they were going to do what the action plan was. Next up was Salman Quader of Prime Time Salman talked about his experience in the South Asian Basketball League. Salman is one of 2 players who have 3 championships in the SABL. 2 coming via the HUMANS and 1 with Prime Time. He talked about the evolution of the league. But he also told us about a personal situation about himself. He spoke about his battle with cancer, and specifically Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Lastly Prince Panicker called in to talk about the status of the South Asian Bowling League. The league was also hurt by hurricane Sandy. Prince spoke about the status of the site of the South Asian Bowling League at AMF East Meadow Bowling lanes. He mentioned that they were closed for 2 weeks but had reopened. How the league was looking to build the momentum that it had lost and to talk about the notable match ups for the upcoming weekend.

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