Friday, November 23, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes Preview

SnS had a rematch of last weeks opponent of the PinSmackers but with  different results by getting 12.5 pts to 10.5 pts. Jason was bowling to his expectations last week but sporting a new "DO" as Jason showed if the chia pet can sprout so can hairlines.  Other than his new fondue  a little birdie says that since JR2K is back he will be using Jason's bowling ball. "J-WoW" will be using a house ball on his next opponnent showing its not the ball but the player that comes to play every week. Mufthy bowled exceptionally well by improving 5 pts high in his avg, plus throwing a whopping 6 strikes in a row in the 2nd game. Now we got the "UGLY" in the Dastgir bro"s.  Which is, Raza "Mr.108", not to mention his 136 as well. Everybody has an off week, and apparently was too busy watching the Sensation game than his own.  Omar and Amaad were their typical selves as they held their own but didnt have their "PEAK" games as they did on their first matchup when the team totaled 20-3 pts.

BnS came away with 20 pts against the "M.I.A." force , is this team for real or just lucky with facing a short handed team. With that being said fellow rookie of the year candidate Wahid has been the rock and anchor of the team with his steady performance of a 167 avg. Ali N. has been steadily improving, but cant say anything about Ali S. or Abdul as they did not face anybody except the blinds. Hakim who has a 200 under his sleeve will be an interesting matchup agaisnt Mufthy. Both bowlers have bowled mulitple strikes in a row so this will be the matchup to watch out for.

The hottest team in the League Balls n Strikes will have a their fire put out by SNS because last week's total scores of 706,764 & 792 of BnS will not cut it with an Elite team. Even if J-wow bowls with a "HOUSEBALL" or a different bowl we know he can bowl well with any ball.

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