Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Balls N Strikes Vs Force Post Game Recap

Game 1 – Balls n Strikes wins 706-669
Game 2 – Balls n Strikes wins 764-657
Game 3 – Balls n Strikes wins 792-696
Balls 'n Strikes takes 20 out of 23 points

Force was undermanned this week going into battle with only 2 players. Only Riz and Prince showed up for Force, so Prince had to pull a miracle if he wanted to come out with a win.

Even then Force had a chance at taking game 1 going down only 37 pins against a rusty Balls n Strikes team. Riz P was consistent all day going 153-146-163. Riz also took 2 out of Force's eventual 3 points. Force shouldn't get discouraged though, Balls n Strikes had similar attendance issues to start the season and they paid dearly with back to back weeks scoring a total of 5 pts, but now they're in 3rd place in the standings.

Prince was a little rusty, only bowling a 152, 147, and 169. Maybe he got distracted that two guys were missing from his team. Nevertheless he took only 1 point from his opponent, when we expect more from Prince. Only losing by 37 in game 1, if Prince bowled a high game which is a capable of, Force would of pulled the upset.

Alisher carried the burden in the opening round going 27 pins over his avg scoring a 160. He single handily saved Balls n Strikes the embarrassment of losing to a 2 man team. Then Wahid turned on the heat in games 2 and 3 scoring a 195 and 181. These scores with the help of Wahid easily gave Balls n Strikes the victory and almost the sweep over Force. After week 5, they vaulted over 4 other teams to the #3 spot in the standings. AbdulSattar and Ali N both took care of business and got their points against the blinds.

Although it was enough to beat a depleted Force team, Balls n Strikes definitely underperformed, and the rust from the 3 week break definitely showed. They will need to get back on track to have any hopes at upsetting the #1 team in the coming week. Hopefully Balls n Strikes can bring in their big guns for their upcoming match up vs. Strikes n Spares.

As for Force, Prince has to find new guys or get his team to show up. Every week it seems like he does not have enough guys to compete. It looks like everyone is going to want to play Force due to the fact they can hold field half their team each week.  

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