Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strike Kings vs Snipers Post Game Recap

·     Strike Kings 1 win + 6 Individual Match points + total pins (11 points)
    Snipers 2 Wins + 6 Individual Match points  (12 points)
    Week five was delayed two weeks due to Hurricane Sandy and the snowstorm that preceded it. This would appear to have showed in some key performances in this matchup. None of the top 2 bowlers on each team bowled above their averages for more than 2 games.

In game one, Gage and Guerrier bowled close to the averages with a 168, and 189, but Patrick bowled a 138. With an average of 95 for Patrick, this was a great game for Patrick and helped lead the Snipers to victory. The Snipers did not have a fourth person for this game but it didn’t make a difference. On the Strike Kings side, both Ali and Eddie, who are their best bowlers had bad games  of 156, and 177. This made the attempted comeback in frames 8 and 9 a feat that could not be accomplished. Both Ammad and Nisar bowled above their averages however and Nisar bowling a 141 took the only individual point this game.

Game 2 was a complete turnaround for the Strike Kings and one of their highest games so far this season. Ammad bowled above his average again with a 163. Eddie bowled a 193 while Don Ali bowled a 224. The biggest game however was bowled by newcomer Raheel who had come in for Nisar this game. He bowled a 198, over 60 pins above his average. All together the team bowled a 899 (including handicap) while the Snipers bowled a 699. That’s 200 pins less and would make the difference for total pins in this matchup. Both Gage and Guerrier fell short of their averages this game bowling a 131 and a 118. Patrick and Yasar (who was not present for the first match) bowled slightly above their averages. Strike Kings also took all individual points this game.

The final game saw things tip back in the favor of the Snipers. Guerrier came out flashing back with a 229 while Yasar bowled a 175. Patrick bowled above his average again while Gage had another off game. Of a 131.That would be back to back games for Gage of a 131. On the Strike Kings side everyone came up short of their respective averages and thus took no individual points, same for Eddie. While the Snipers won by over 100 pins, combined with their win in game one, it was not enough to take total pins.

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