Friday, November 30, 2012

Force vs Strike Kings Preview

Force(#8   41.5pts) vs Strke Kings(#6    65.5pts)

StrikeKings and Force clash as both teams look to make a push in the standings.  Force came away with 3.5pts from last week, but have a new addition to their roster. With the exception the league gave Prince on his rosters issue, hopefully he will have a full squad to go up against an opponent every week. Strike Kings are coming off a 12.5 pts from a formidable opponent in the Pin Smackers.

Let see how these 2 teams Matchup !

1st Bowlers-
Abbas(128.0) VS Nisar(134.9)& Raheel(141.3)
Abbas is added to team Force and hopefully it will pay off as Abbas filled in for the Sensations and performed well by winning his match-up opponent. The Strike Kings have 2 "blue collar" type of bowlers in Raheel and Nisar. Both have been improving their game every week. Raheel has bowled well with a high score of 198 to add to his game and Nisar has been able to close out frames .
EDGE- Team Strike Kings. It will come down to the 10th frame and I believe the combo of Nisar & Raheel will be able to prevail by closing out frames as Abbas will def show signs of rust in his game.

2nd Bowlers-
Alan(135.0) VS  Ammad S.(154.3)
Alan made his debut with Force last week but took away 1pt out of 3 by goin up against Amin. Once he gets to his grove he can be dangerous with his 60pt handicap. His lone point last week came from bowling a 154 scratch but with his handicap will equal to a total of 214. Then you have "EL PRESIDENTE " Ammad Shiekh. mmad is the most underrated bowler in the league by bowling a game high 201 and even bowling as an anchor at time when Eddie has been absent. If you factor in his 45 pin handicap, thats a dangerous combo right there .
EDGE- Team Strike Kings. Alan is still rusty and hopefully will make it in time for the match but, "EL PRESEDENTE" will be "MUY MALO" for team Force.

3rd Bowlers-
Riz(155.2) VS Eddie"MONEY"(186.0)
Riz has been bowling his avg all year long but it does have to be frustrating to come to an undermaned team. It does seem to show as Riz hasnt had any motivation to pickup his game. Riz had his share of highlights by bowling a game high 188. Eddie "MONEY" Santana has been steadily declining every week since a great 1st week where Eddie bowled a game high 236 and avg over 200. Eddie has the meanest hook in the league and the most flamboyant celebration by "throwing the flag" after every strike .
EDGE- Team Strike Kings. Eddie will gain his rhythm and be "Throwing flags" all day.

4th Bowlers -
Don Ali(202.6) VS Prince (178.6)
This will most likely be a one sided affair as Prince is going up against one of the best bowlers in Don Ali. Don has been "hammering" down the pins in recent weeks and now is putting his team on his shoulders by assuming the anchor role. Prince on the other hand is a much better bowler than his avg indicates. His mind on his team arriving to the games has taken a toll on his mental focus. Even though he is still is one of the best and the most humble bowlers in the league.
EDGE- Team Strike Kings ! Don Ali will give his "Hammer" job after every strike and will end it with his arms "Wide Open" pose that he is famous for lol

ROUNDUP- Its what every team looks forward to....."When We Are Facing Force" . An unfortunate reality to a great person in Prince.  Clean sweep for Team Strike Kings

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