Friday, November 23, 2012

Strike Kings vs Pin Smackers Preview

StrikeKings vs PinSmackers

StrikeKings are coming off a glass half full/half empty week. They took 11-12 pts with 1 win & 6 matchup pts & redeemed themselves with total pins against the Snipers.  The half full part is that Don Ali & Eddie took the week off by bowling a 156 and177 but game 2 is when everybody was bowling at their peak. With Don Ali bowling a 224 and Eddie bowling a 198 but the X factor was Raheel by bowling 198 and gained about 5pts on his avg. Raheel took over for Nisar because Nisar bowled to his avg at 141 & Ammad bowled a 160+ avg. Ammad is slowly climbing the stat sheets as Strike Kings dominated game 2. If the StrikeKings have the same lineup as they did in game 2 by scoring a 899 then they will be making a run deep into the playoffs !

PinSmackers are coming off a week by facing off with the SnS who are the number one team in the standings by getting 10.5 pts to 12.5. Adam is trying to reach his potential as he showed some sign of life by scoring a 186 in the firstgame. He secured the matchup pts as well & winning 8 out of 14 matchup pts throughout the season. The scary part is his 70 pt handicap help which is huge for the PinSmackers. Eugene is in a bit of a funk lately. "MR DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK" has been struggling and the 2 week layoff didnt help his cause. Once in a groove Eugene has the sweetest approach in the game. Raheel did ok filling in for Sony bowling a 135 avg in the 3 game set and winning 1 matchup pt out of 3 but if Sony was there last week the results surely would've been different. sided. But theres nothin to fear when "THE MAYOR" Ahbi is here. Nothing seems to unravel Ahbi , not the 2 week layoff or facing off with one of the best bowlers out there in "J-WoW".  Ahbi carries much of the workload and shows no ill effects of it. As Stuart Scott would say "He is as cool as the other side of the pillow."

Strike Kings and the PinSmackers will be a great matchup, but with Sony missing again it will make the Strike Kings take 2 out of 3.  The PinSmackers will be in trouble as Don Ali poses with his arms wide open after every strike.

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