Friday, November 16, 2012

Asian Sensation vs Pinpals Preview

This is a rematch of last week’s highly anticipated rivalry between Asian Sensations and Pinpals

Asian Sensation is currently 3rd in the standings with 47.5 pts, and only 5.5 pts away from the 2nd place Pin Smackers. Last week The Sensations struggled against The Pinpals as Amin and Yash were in a funk. The two bowlers that have been consistent are Jin and Khaled. Jin and his 160 avg have steadily improved, while the "Silent Assassin" Khaled is steady as usual holding down the anchor position. He currently has an average of 173.7. Amin had an off week last week, but has won 7 out of a possible 11 pts. If Amin can find his rhythm it could be a different outcome, especially with his favorable handicap. Inexplicability, “THE SHARK" Yash was not his usual self last week. Many people are saying he was distracted from all his hype and trash talking that he did on the website. Yash has to prove he is deserving of being called a “shark”. There will be blood in the water, and like a shark he has to pounce on the Pinpals.

The Pinpals are slowly recuperating from a very sluggish start of the year, but are currently in 4th place with 43 pts. Last week they managed to get 14 pts from a struggling Asian Sensation team.  David has surprised many bowlers around the league with his new approach. He is showing the league that is he putting in the time and effort to practice, and has gotten better every week. Sid "THE KIDD" Farooqi bowled an exceptional game 1 with a 164 scratch but faltered the next 2 games. He did more than an admirable job considering it was his first week of bowling after the summer season. The question is which Sid will show up on Sunday? Then you have Asif, who has the 6th highest average with a 180.  Asif has been consistent this year and has to bowl well if he wants to help the Pinpals take down the Sensation.

The key to this matchup is of course Ayaz “Daddy” Dar vs Yash “The Shark.” Expect them to go against each other this week which could be very entertaining for the spectators and other bowlers. Ayaz “Daddy” Dar does more than talk as he has the 3rd highest average with a 188.3. He usually backs it up, but we will see if the Shark can come through when it counts.

This should be another fun filled battle for 3rd place as both teams will clash this week. Look for Asian Sensations to bounce back and take 2 out of 3 with Yash and Amin coming through this week.


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