Friday, November 30, 2012

Number 5 most clutch bowler in the league

5. Eddie "Money" Santana
This is only Eddie’s second season in the league, but he has made a name for himself very quickly.  Eddie has been the anchor for his teams since he has joined the league which is not easy to do. There are less than a handful of guys who have done that.  He took the Other Guys to one game of missing the playoffs during the summer season but has been fun to watch. He is currently 5th in average with 186.4 and tied for third in 10th frame strikes with 9th.  He like other clutch bowlers have single handily won games for his team and the pressure does not faze him. After every shot you know when he gets a strike because he will rub it in the opponents face. The one knock on his game is all of a sudden is average is declining rapidly. Eddie has almost been switched from anchor to bowling third.  Over the past three weeks his average dropped 13.1 pins. Has his average been dropping because he is not anchor, or is it just a coincidence.

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