Friday, November 2, 2012

Snipers vs Force Recap

Game 1: Snipers win 857-791
Game 2: Force wins 817-795
Game 3: Snipers win 934-864
Snipers win 16 of 23 points

Everyone knew the Snipers were a team to fear, once Gage got it going and Uday started to get used to things.  Bad news for Force as it had to happen against them.  Gage bowled up to his potential and Uday had a career day for the Snipers as they took 2 out of 3 from Force.

In Game 1, Pat bowled his season high of 128, Gage put in 177, and Uday added in 120 to all score points for the Snipers.  Prince bowled a 201 to get a point for Force, while Riz had a 172 as he continues to get better each week.  But with Matt and Moe missing, Force was once again falling just a little short.

In game 2, Linsanity returned to the league as James bowled a 126 to score a point for Force.  Prince put in his season high of 223 to also score for Force.  Riz and Stan did just enough to get Force a close win.  Gage led the Snipers with a 171, while Uday had a 137 for the Snipers, both of whom scored points.

In game 3, Gage was simply on fire with 6 strikes in a row, finishing with his season high of 244; showing his summer form and just how good he can be.  Uday had a turkey and finished with his season high of 153.  Guerrier avoided being shutout with a great game of 197.  Snipers showed their potential bowling a 934.  Force bowled well; Riz had a 188, Prince had a 182, and Stan had a 162, and James had a 135 (James scored a point for Force). Force had a more than respectable 864, but the Snipers were that much better, taking 6 points, and the series in the last game.

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