Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Balls n Strikes

Balls n Strikes were destroying the number one team Strikes n Spares as they won the first 2 games by a total of 80 pins. Everything was going great until the coach decided to bench Wahid. Wahid took 1.5 pins against Jason and seemed to be dominating the game. In game 3 the coach decides to bench Wahid and the unthinkable happened. Balls n Strikes went from a dominating lead to tying the series 11.5-11.5. Even though they tied, just awful coaching on Balls n Strikes part for benching Wahid. What were they thinking?

Strike Kings
Finally the Strike Kings showed up and decided to bowl. They won the first 2 games from the Pin Smackers and did not look back. Don Ali "Mr.Consistent" bowled an amazing 213,213, and 215. Ammad decided to join the party with a 159 in game 1 and a 179 game 2. What was more impressive was Don Ali in the anchor position. He sealed the deal in games 1, and 2 for the Strike Kings and seems to be more comfortable there. As there is always good news, there is always bad news. Eddie Santana has been struggling since his amazing start. In week one he had an average around 220. We are now in week 7 and he is below 190. This is good because of the handicap but Eddie has to pick up his game. He needs to practice if the Strike Kings want to keep up this success.

Strikes n Spares
Last week was the first time all year Strikes n Spares were dominated in the first 2 games. This team came out flat and looked like they didn't know what hit them. After a huge team huddle this team went to work.  They responded with a 187 by Mufthy and a whopping 279 Jason in game 3. Jason had stikes in every frame besides the 5th frame in game 3. They came back and ended up with a tie 11.5-11.5. They showed that they could fight off the storm, and even when behind they are never down. This was the most impressive week by them as their back was against the wall and they never gave up.

Pin Pals
Pin Pals jumped in the standings from 5th to 4th as they took 15 points from Snipers.  Ayaz "Daddy"Dar bowled his tail off this week bowling a 231 and a 210. Sidd the Kidd bowled a 151 in game 3 and Chris "Chrisanity" bowled two games over his average with a 140 and 142. Sidd the Kidd continues to imporve his game and if he gets better this team will again be a scary team down the road. Ayaz just seems to be in the zone with his bowling as he is averaging 190 pins.  After this game they are saying Asif who. Without Asif they were an underdog in this matchup but with this victory showed the world that they are the real deal. Next week they have a real test vs the up and coming team Balls n Strikes. Will Asif be there? We will find out.

Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation was looking foward to this week the entire week and as they played Force. Asian Sensation was led by Yash "The Shark" with a 198 and 194. Amin also poured in a great game 2 with a 184. Justin showed up as he bowled for the first time since week 1. He was alittle rusty, and will have to pick up his game come playoff time. Asian Sensation didn't play their best, but they didn't have to as they were basically facing nobody.  After the weekend Asian Sensation jumped from 4th to 2nd place in the standings. Next week they face a real test in the Pin Smackes led by the Abhi "The Mayor". We will see if they can beat the Pin Smackers without Justin "JR2K."

Birds Fly, Fish Swim. and Force can't get enough guys. There really isn't anything to say when Force has to wait 20 minutes just to get a third guy to show up. Time is running out as they are free falling in the standings. Prince has to do something really quick before the clock strikes zero. Riz had a great game 2 bowling a 165 while Prince had a 215 in the same game.  I feel bad for Riz and Prince who are bowling better every week but to no avail.

Pin Smackers

Sony where art thou? Sony decided to sleep in and miss game 1 which proved to be costly. They lost game 1 by only 24 pins, and with Sony there it would of been an easy win. He did bowl well in games 2 and 3 with a 188 and a 196. Ahbi bowled great as he alway did bowling a 201 and 223 in games 2 and 3. We say it everyweek but we will continue to say it. Eugene whats going on? Eugene bowled a 145 and 130 in games 2 and 3 and that is not going to cut it. He is their 2nd best bowler but his game is going down hill quickly. We are not sure if he needs sleep, he needs energy, or if he needs an Ahbi pep talk, but something has to be done. If the Pin Smackers want to be a contender Eugene has to bowl better.

They really didn't bowl bad at all, they just didn't win. Gage bowled an average of 29 pins over all 3 games and Guerrier bowled a 190 in game 2. Pat and Uday were consistent with their averages it just was not enough. They stayed in 7th place but are only 6 points from Strike Kings.  Guerrier has being bowling poorly lately though and has to pick it up. He is the leader for rookie of the year but if they stay in 7th place, he may lose than honor. Snipers should really start Yasar who bowled a 158 in game 2 and practices every week. It is still early, but 7th place for this team is not where this team wanted to be as of now.

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