Friday, November 23, 2012

Pin Pals vs Snipers Preview

Pinpals are coming off with 13-10 pts from the Sensations and it all came from the brute force of David Deblasio. David "HGH" rose his avg by 7 points last week. He bowled 192 ad 198 in games 1 and 2 and winning 2-3 matchup pts from khaled. Yash "THE "SHARK" took 2-3pts from Ayaz as he was strugglin a bit 164 & 176 but redeemed himself with a 201 in the final game. Chris has to learn to close out frames as he left one to many frames open and lost to Amin 2-3 matchup games . Asif was bowling to his avg but ran into Jin who was peakin last week, but Asif is the most underated bowlers that is mr reliable.

Snipers  came away with 12-11 pts , very impressive , especially with a "STACKED" StrikeKings team. Patrick bowled a 138, but with a hefty handicapp it was enough to propel his team to victory. If he finds his stride they could do big things especially being 1.5 pts away from 6th place and 6.5 pts away from 3rd place. Gage "CHOCALATE THUNDER" & "THE TERMINATOR" Mr. Connor were bowling their usual avg but Connor"s 229 was quite impressive as he is the leading Candidate with the tab of "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR." The X-factor was Yasar , who bowled a 175 but was not present for the first game . If yasar shows up consistenly, then this is a team you dont want to run into !

Without Asif out the matchup will be focused on Ayaz and Guerrier. They are complete opposite bowlers as Ayaz's mouth never closses and Guerrier is a quiet bowler. Don't let Guerrier fool you cause he is very loud with the scores that he puts up. These two men will battle it out where we predict will come down to the 10th frame in 2 ouf out of the 3 games.

PinPals will continue to roll as David "HGH" shows his brute force, and Ayaz "DADDY DAY CARE" bounces back.  Pinpals take at least 2 games this week.

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