Friday, November 9, 2012

Top 2 teams clash Again !

Strikes n Spares vs Pin Smackers

This is going to be an epic rematch as the two top teams in the league clash again.

Pin Smackers are looking for redemption as they are a championship caliber team with great bowlers that just had an off week.

Sony “Sneaky Sneaky” Singh was not himself as the scores indicated by bowling a 144 score. He has been clutch throughout the year, so its bound for Sony to have bounce back week especially when he bowled a 201 earlier this season . Another member who everybody including their mothers know in east meadow, the one and only “Mayor” Ahbi anchoring the Pin Smackers. Everybody knows Ahbi will bring it as he does week in and week out, with his 202 avg and high game of 245.

Then you got Mr. “Discount Double Check” Eugene.  He is also looking for redemption as he was not bowling to his capability.

The key to a win this week is Adam. If Adam is able to harness his power on the pins, and bowl well, the outcome can change.

 Strikes and Spares are looking to take fill command of first place with Jason "J-WOW” Reis anchoring the stacked SnS roster . He is simply the best finisher in the league with his 224.7 avg . He showed last week on very little or no sleep that  there is no stopping the power of the J-WOW”

Then you have the Dastgir Brothers. Mufthy is steadily climbing the rankings as the most prolific bowler with his 166.2 avg, and high games of 232. There is no doubt who is the better Dastgir bowler.

Raza has also improved his play immensely from a year ago with his 165.6 avg and a 201 high game score, shows he is right behind Mufthy.

SnS has great depth with Naeem who has won 4 out of 5 matchup pts and Omair who also won 5.5 pts out of 6 ! Not to leave out “The Player of the Week” Amaad Bhaati who averaged a 192 last week.  If Amaad can do what he do last week its going to be a long day for the Pin Smackers.

This will be an epic match to watch as all 3 games will come down to the 10th frame. Unfortunately for Pin Smackers, SNS will take 2 out of 3 and take full command of 1st place.


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