Friday, November 9, 2012

Match Previews

Force vs Balls n Strikes

This matchup includes 2 teams going in complete opposite direction.

Balls n Strikes are steadily climbing the standings week by week as well as improving in play. Wahid has been bowling amazing, as he is one of the rookie of the year candidates with his 168.9 avg .He also has broken the top 10 in high avg. Hakim N. has been very steady with his 158.7 avg, but is improving as the season goes along. Having Shumail and his 174.0 avg and winning 3 out of 4 matchup points shows great depth along with role players such as Ali N. Abdull Sattar and Ali Sher and their great handicap leverage in game play. It will be a very difficult for teams to match up week in and week out.  This is not your average expansion team as they have been a huge impact in a short time.

This is where it could all turn for Force with only 3 pts separating them from Balls n Strikes. There are only 4.5 pts from the 6th spot. Prince must apply some sort of urgency to his players to show up. There is one thing that is confusing all bowlers around the world.  Force’s record and their roster don’t add up. Prince has been impeccable in his play with his 182.4 avg and ranked 4th in the league plus as an anchor winning 7 out of 12 pts match up points. Having Riz and his 157.2 avg is a great compliment to team Force but that’s where it ends.

Force has a bowler with the best hook in the league “MOE” but is MIA and a steady bowler Matt. Both have shown up in half the games this year , which is the reason for Force’s poor record . If Prince gets his steady amount of players to come to play every week their record should improve.

We will see if Prince can rally his troops and get them to show up on time. If Prince can do this Force has a good chance beating Balls n Strikes.

We are predicting though a clean sweep for Balls n Strikes as Prince’s players are seen on the back of milk cartons’. Prince it’s 10"O clock do you know where your players are?


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