Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strikes n Spares vs Pin Smackers Post Game Recap

Game 1: Score: SnS 6 points (team and 3 individual points) vs Pin Smackers 1 (individual point)

SnS like usual had all their starters vs a Pin Smackers team that only had 3 regular starters because Sony couldn’t show up. Ahbi brought Raheel into the lion’s den for an intense matchup. Just like the previous week SNS went on a roll taking 6 points and just missing the sweep. The only point won for the Pin Smackers was Adam who beat Amaad 186 to 179. Mufthy and Raza took advantage of poor bowling by Eugene who got a 164 and Raheel bowling a 162. As usual the Pin Smackers are still struggling to help out Abhi's 190 performances. The commissioner Jason got back on track bowling a 229 ending the game with 4 strikes in a row to seal the deal.

Game 2: Score: Pin Smackers 5 points (team and 2 individual points) to SnS (2 individual points)

Omair virtually the best individual points match with a record of 6-1 takes over Raza to continue his hot individual match. Pin Smackers had to come out with a victory which they have yet to obtain against Strikes and Spares. In the 5th frame, Mufthy started his string of 6 strikes in a row doing whatever he could to lead Strikes n Spares to victory. He ended the game with a 247. The deciding factor probably was Jason’s 9th frame spare miss. He ended the 10th frame with two strikes but that spare in the 9th would have given them the victory. This game came down to the wire in the 10th frame which SnS have arguably the most efficient clutch performances as team, and maybe the best 1-2 punch in the league. Adam finished off with a spare and a strike while Raheel's and Eugene's missed spares on 10th frame came with 196 performances.. This leaves the clutch master, Jason Reis, and Mayor Abhi countdown, as many believe Jason will finish the game with a victory. Abhi's leading off doubles before start of 10th frame has finished with all 3 strikes in 10th frame (ending with 5 strikes in a row) to take a victory of 4 pins vs. Jason's strike and a spare in 10th frame finish.

Game 3: Score: Pin Smackers 4.5 points (team and 1.5 individual points) to SnS (2.5 individual points)
With a small margin victory of Game 2 for Pin Smackers, they needed to be ready for Raza taking over Omair to get back the victory. Adam finding his rhythm, Eugene's hot performance of 196 and Raheel's struggling for his game has no means for SnS where they are ready and always up for the competition. After 2 subpar performance games by Raheel's, he turned around his game of 168 that has supported the Smackers to fight for another victory. As Amaad, Mufthy and Jason had consistent performances getting strikes and spares collectively that didn’t stop Abhi's 214 performances to get another victory. Jason needed to bowl a 8 to beat Abhi and get the point but he threw a 7 and tied. Jason threw his third game over 210 this series, but it was to no avail.

Pin Smackers showed a lot of heat after almost getting swept the previous week by Strikes n Spares. Without Sony, Pin Smackers came out strong and only lost by 2 total points. This was not a normal game for Strikes and Spares as it seemed like they were off. Jason bowled three games over 210 but didn’t close twice. Raza bowled a 136 and 108 which are way off his average. I don’t know if Strikes and Spares weren’t focused this game but this series showed that they are indeed human.


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