Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 16 Hot Pins

Asian Sensation
The Sensation have clinched the 3rd seed which sets up a series vs Cinderella and team Force. Can this team make back to back championship appearances? Or will the Shark and Co. look like dolphins and swim away from the match?

Balls n Strikes
They didn't bowl well but they also didn't have Shumail. By far the most dangerous team besides Strikes n Spares to win the championship. The only problem is teams usually don't win the championship their first time. We will see if Balls n Strikes will prove the writers wrong.

Strike Kings
It has not been pretty, but the Strike Kings have backed their way into the playoffs. Eddie and Don were incredibly off this week which is not a good sign. Now that its playoff time, we will see if the real Strike Kings will stand up.

Strikes n Spares
Here they come!!! This was the best week Strikes n Spares had in over a month as they crushed the Pin Pals. They are riding high with momtenum into the playoffs and as of now look unbeatable. As of now the only team that can beat  Strikes n Spares would be Strikes n Spares.

Pin Pals
Talk about disappointment from the Pin Pals this week. With a chance to take over first place they laid an egg and lost 7-0. Is this the same team that was riding high, or did they just get hit with a reality check?

Prince guaranteed Force would make the playoffs, and he backed it up. Prince has led Force to the playoffs where they will face Asian Sensation.  Hey Shark, are you ready for Prince and his men? If you're not, get ready. BAMMMM

Pin Smackers
There are so many words to describe the Pin Smackers. Overrated? Pathetic? Facing a 3 man Sniper team they had a chance to make the playoffs and chocked. Luckily the weather is nice so they can practice their golf game.


Two weeks in a row they have played spoiler and have knocked the Pin Smackers out of the playoffs. I could only imagine if Snipers were in the playoffs. There is not one team that would want to face this team right now. Congrats to Pat for beating Ahbi 2 games out of 3.

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