Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strikes n Spares vs Balls n Strikes Post Game

Rocky vs Apollo anyone?
The first match-up between these two teams ended with Balls N Strikes winning 2 out 3 but ending with a tie in total pins. The second meeting has BnS winning convincingly against SnS.

Game 1:
SnS 837
BnS 756
Started off with a back and forth game, with neither team taking a big lead. Raza and Omair struggled early while Jason and Amaad kept the game close for SnS. All was going well for BnS with a small lead going into the 8th frame. Then the choking began. Leaving the entire 8th frame open, allowing SnS to take a lead going into the 9th. SnS continued to bowl well to close out the game whereas SnS struggled and missed out on a big opportunity to win.
Game 2:
BnS 848
SnS 711
Even with a tough loss in game 1 BnS came out firing. While SnS entered into splitsville. This game wasn’t a one in which you could say BnS dominated. They bowled well but not well enough to win so convincingly. SnS just plain sucked this game. Jason bowls near 70 pins below his average, Omair barely cracks 100, and Raza has a poor showing as well. They only bright spot was Amaad continuing his good week. BnS improved on game 1 when SnS didn't.

Game 3:
BnS 922
SnS 793
BnS built on the momentum of game 2. Leaving only 2 open frames in the first half of the game. They took a big lead early and carried the momentum until the end of the game. SnS put in a decent effort but just couldn't catch up after the great start SnS had. Alisher and Ali bowled well above their averages and Shumail and Wahid continued their good week.

BnS wins 2 games + total pins + 7 individual match points = 15
SnS wins 1 game + 5 individual match points = 8

BnS averaged 43 pins above their average whereas SnS avg 29 pins below their avg in each game.

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