Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strikes n Spares vs Pin Pals preview

Strikes n Spares vs Pin Pals

A possible championship preview where two of the heavy weights will be going against each other this sunday.

The Pin Pals have been on fire lately dominating the competition moving all the way up to 2nd place. The Pin Pals are led by MVP favorite Asif  Siddiqui who has been bowling better every week. Expect him to bowl his best in this bowling match as he will be going against the number one bowler in the league in Jason Reis. Chris Farrel and David Deblasio are maybe the best well kept secret in this league. They are a  better secret than the secret recipe for the goodburger sauce. They have potential to bowl in the 200's and really make it difficult for their opponenets. With all this firepower there is no way the Pin Pals can lose. We forgot to mention Ayaz Dar won't be showing up to this matchup which may change the outcome of the game.

Strikes n Spares are geting to be known as the most overrated 1st place team in South Asian Bowling history. They have lost two weeks in a row and are fading fast. A once 25+ point lead has shrunk to a mere 12 points.  Raza and Mufthy Dastigir have been alittle off lately, and we will find out how they bowl under the pressure. They both start off very slow which could spell trouble for SNS. Amaad Bhatti is known as the best lead off man in the game and he will be battling Chris. Amaad has to bowl well especially against Chris's high handicap.  Then we have the undisputed champion of the world in Jason Reis. Jason not only has the highest average, game and series, but leads the head to head matchup against Asif. Jason is known for his surprises leading up to the matchup so we will wait and see what happens.

Without Ayaz showing up expect SNS to easily take 16+ points from this match. With Ayaz there the Pin Pals will probably squeak out a victory.

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