Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 15 Hot Pins

Asian Sensation
I don't know if this was just an off game but the Sensation have to get it together. Playoffs are 2 weeks away and this is not the time to forget how to bowl. Hey what happened shark? I mean dolphin.

Balls n Strikes
Besides Pin Pals this is the scariest team in the league. They ripped apart the shark and co. without their best bowler Shumail.  WHO WANTS TO FACE US?? NOBODYYYYY

Strike Kings
I dont know whats more pathetic. Eddie's bowling or Strike Kings losing 6-1 in game two to a 3 man force team.

Strikes n Spares
The Danger zone is approaching as if they lose to Pin Pals next week they will be the number 2 seed. This will set up a most likely  second round matchup vs Balls n Strikes. The pressure is on all of SNS to prove to the world they can in fact handle the pressure. What will happen? We will see.

Pin Pals
The Favorite for MVP  aka the coach of the year aka Asif, is on a mision to prove to the world that his team is the best. Sidd the kidd laid the smackdown on Jason this week taking 2 out of 3. Can this team be stopped? Probably not.   WHO'S BETTER THAN US??? NOBODYYYYY

What is there to say? Abbas has a headache aka a hangover? Aww.  Riz can't wake up early? Awwww. Matt uhhhhhhhh im hungry?  It's almost like Force is trying their best not to make the playoffs.

Pin Smackers
Unless a miracle happens the team that went to the finals will be out of the playoffs. Abhi, Sony, and Eugene will be watching the playoffs from the sideline. The word everyone is looking for is pathetic.


This writer is very impressed with Snipers this week. They could of not showed up to bowl, but they bowled their hearts out.  They took out the Pin Smackers in a statement game showing the world that they are here to fight to the finish. Big ups to Gage and Guerrier on this victory.

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