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Playoff Preview - (3) Asian Sensation vs (6) Force

Asian Sensation (3) Vs. Force (6)

Although this match-up pits a 3 vs. 6 this may prove to be a very good game to watch and does have upset potential in it.  Asian Sensations have been a solid team all season and have few flaws in their armor.  1 – 4 they have above average bowlers that can compete with any one in the league.  There only down side is that they do not have that one elite +180 bowler as many other teams do.  Not one of their bowlers was able to crack the top ten in average.  Force also has a solid team 1 – 4, if they all decide to show up.  Mid season Force was struggling at the bottom of the SABowl standings without any sign of hope.  Then that one fateful day Captain Prince made a promise that would change their season around.  Prince had guaranteed that Force would make the playoffs, he restructured the team and was able to get 4 players to show every week and they slowly climbed the rankings.  The two teams met twice this season with Asian Sensations dominating both times, as Force was shorthanded both times.

Let’s see how these teams stack up (projected line-ups):

Amin Sadiqi (162.8) vs Abbas Dastgir (149.1)

If they had an award for most improved player Amin would definitely be in the running, he has even been mentioned as possible contender for MVP in the mid-season write-up.  Week after week Amin has been able to increase his average which means he is becoming a stronger bowler as he goes and has very few down games.  He has shown that he has +200 game potential and can put up a string of strikes before his opponent even knows what hit him.  He also carries a 38-pin handicap into the playoffs, which, with his big game potential can be devastating.  We mentioned earlier that Asian Sensations do not have an elite bowler on their team, but they also have a lead-off bowler that would easily be a 2 or 3 on another team.  Abbas Dastgir has been a pleasant surprise for Force.  He has a late addition after some of Force’s members went missing, but he was able to pick up the game rather quickly.  Some may credit this to the Dastgir brothers who must have been coaching him throughout the season.  He is new to the league but is already putting up solid games and even has a 192 high game for the season.  Even with the +11 handicap advantage we see Amin taking 2 of 3 games, just look at Amin’s points; this guy wins more than he loses.


Jin Park (167.5) vs Riz Patel (156.1)

Jin and Amin are pretty much the same type of bowler.  They have the same average, same bowling style, and their names are even similar.  What has been said about Amin can also be said about Jin, solid numbers and big game potential.  He does not leave open frames and can hit the big strikes.   One staggering number for Jin is his points total, 11 points in 28 games which is not very good.   What this means is that he is not consistently stepping up to take out his opponent across the lanes.  If Prince is the main reason why Force is in the playoffs, Riz would be the second reason.  When the team was plagued with no-shows, Riz was the only other player that consistently showed.   Like many other players Riz purchased his own ball and altered his throwing style to change from a mediocre bowler to an above average bowler.  Like his counterpart he has solid games and can easily close frames.  He is still looking for his first +200 game this season.   Again Force has the pin advantage but we se Jin talking 2 of 3 in this one.


Khaled Ahmedy (173.9) vs Alan Tang (161.6)

Khaled is the “Silent Assassin,” he puts up big games and flies under the radar as he does it.  He has even flirted with perfection this year.   Against any other 3 this writer would say Khaled would be the underdog, as his points to games ratio shows this.  However in this instance he has more experience and game time vs his opponent.  This writer saw Khaled playing first hand he was not bowling very well; so this prediction may be biased, but his average speaks for itself.  You don't put up a + 170 average without bowling some big games consistently.   Alan started showing later in the season and has come on strong fast.  He is playing as if he has played all season and was even named player of the week.   He has shown that he has +200 potential , but does he have enough games in to be consistent in a playoff environment?  Head to head Khaled is clearly the better bowler but handicap is a factor and we see Alan being the X-Factor for Force.  Alan takes 2 of 3.


Yash Mahajan (175.8) vs Prince Panicker (177.8) 

This match up is as close as it gets.  Two bowlers of equal skill and ability going head to head. With handicap not being much of a factor, win scratch and you win the match-up.   These two players can also handle their opponents, as they are both at the top of the list for points leaders.  Yash has had a vast improvement from last fall season and has gone from an OK bowler to dominant anchor, he can not however have a below average stinker that we have seen from time to time.  If Yash is not on his game an upset is definitely a possibility.  Prince has been the quiet, consistent bowler that he always has been.  He has put Force on his back and carried them to the playoffs. Who knows if any other team could be in their spot after playing with so many blinds in the season.   He has added his patented Potato Throwing to his arsenal, which definitely has an effect on his opponents.   I expect these bowlers to bowl their games and put up the numbers that you would expect of them.  They will be 3 close games, but Prince takes 2 of 3.


Many people are looking for this game to be a Force upset, and although it will be close. We see Asian Sensation taking 2 of 3 games and having the point advantage at the end of the day.

X Factors:

Force: having everyone there (obviously).  Alan Tang: Can Alan put up the big game that we have seen from him this season? We remember not too long ago Alan put up high numbers in the playoffs. We will see if he can do it again.

Asian Sensations: Yash: Can Yash be a true leader and not just bowl his average, but put up a +600 series that he is capable of.



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