Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hot Pins Week 14

Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation walked into week 14 needing a win and they defeated a 3 man Force team. YAWNNNN

Balls n Strikes
WOW just WOW. Balls n Strikes defeats Strikes n Spares to get their season series to 1-0-1. Instead of saying WAHIDDDDDD, Shumail is telling Raza YOU CANT BEAT US!!!!!!

Strike Kings
Remember when Eddie was a good bowler? Remember when Strike Kings was a good team. Wait you may remember when Pluto was a planet. All three statements have been dissapointing us as Strike Kings is rolling down the hill like Jack and Jill.
Strikes n Spares
Strikes n Spares nation is getting very nervous after a defeat to Balls n Strikes. This is their 2nd week losing in a row and they showed they can not beat Balls n Strikes. A team that looked so dominant suddenly looks very vulnerable.

Pin Pals
The Pin Pals are heating up at the right time. Snipers took them to the limit but Asif and Co. got the job done. This sets up a 1st place match vs Strikes n Spares next week. A Pin Pal victory could mean they will be in 1st place.   WHO'S  BETTER THAN US???  NOBODYYYYY

Hey Force, nice job showing up with three guys. What happeend did you forget to set your alarm clock?

Pin Smackers
I have never seen Sony and Abhi so emotional after watching them last week. They know they need to start stringing wins together if they wanan sneak into the playoffs. The question is will Sneaky Sneaky Sony bowl well enough to sneak into the playoffs?


You have to feel bad for this team. This week Uday stepped it up big time but they still got destroyed by Pin Pals for a 2nd straight week. Oh well, at least the Ravens won the Superbowl.

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