Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pin Smackers vs Snipers Preview

Pin Smackers vs Snipers Preview

Pin Smackers are currently 10 points out of the playoffs  which means they will need to win and have Force basically get swept. This is their playoffs and all 4 bowler will have to bring it. Amin called out Sony on Balls of fury last week saying he has been struggling. We will see if Sony can prove Amin wrong. Eugene and Sony both have to bring it if they want to advance.

For Mr. 300 aka Abhi it's time to prove to the world that he can lead his team to the playoffs. Abhi throws great games but also struggles when the pressure is on the line. We will see if Abhi can match guerrier one on one.

Snipers are currently in last place and have no where to go. They played spoiler last week beating Pin Smackers and they have the opportunity to play spoiler again. Gage and Guerrier both had great seasons and have one more chance to show what they are capable of. Like all the Sniper games this game will come down to Pat and Uday. If they bowl above their average, Snipers have a great chance once again pulling an upset.

Prediction- Snipers will win taking 14 points knocking the Pin Smackers out of the playoffs.

Ahbi bowls 2 games under 200
Guerrier takes 3 points

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