Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playoffs- Balls n Strikes vs Strike Kings

Balls N Strikes vs Strike Kings

Two evenly matched teams who have had completely different seasons. BnS have the season lead 25-21 over SK. Strike Kings were expected to be a premier team with the combinations of Don Ali and Eddie. Based on our expectation preseason this team has been mediocre at best. BnS on the other hand came into the league with little expectations and have outdone what was expected. So how do these two teams stack up against one another?

Nisar (138.5) vs the Alis (129.5 and 140.1)
Nisar has done an admirable job all season long as leadoff. His biggest setback, as with all straight bowlers, is inconsistency. He’s been known to bowl in the mid to high 100s but also throw up a stinker. Ali N has been exactly what his average shows. Not much above or below that. Ali S on the other hand has been very inconsistent since trying his curve. No real advantage by either team in this matchup. We expect all players to step up their game with Nisar taking 2 out of 3.

Ammad (154.7) vs Hakim (163.3)
We all know Ammad can put a string of spares together. But, can he put a string of strikes together? Well that’s what it will take to beat Hakim. Hakim has slowly improved each week, getting use to his new curve and ball. The way Hakim has been bowing it will be hard to beat him. Hakim takes 2 out 3.

Eddie (176.6) vs Shumail (186.7)
Eddie has had a down season, once a top 5 bowler now not even in the top 10. Even with his struggles he is known to bowl some tremendous games. Which Eddie will show up the one who can easily bowl a 200 series or the one who bowl below the blind? Shumail sneaked up into the leader boards and currently sits in the top 5. Very consistent with his bowling, not known to blow out the competition or bowl any stinkers. Shumail will win 2 out of 3 but will get blown out the game he loses.

Don Ali (201.3) vs Wahid (176.7)
Don has been Mr Consistent, with some style. He’s the 2nd best bowler in the league. Wahid has also crept up the leader boards recently getting in the top 10. Don being the superior bowler will get the job done taking 2 out 3 from Wahid, but it will be very close.

Keys to success:
SK – Eddie: He will be the deciding factor between a SK win or lose. Bowl a bad game or 2 and Sk will be in huge trouble.
BnS – Hakim: Has been improving dramatically every week. He’s been bowling with a near 170 avg as of late with a handicap average of 163. If he continues to improve he can give BnS some much needed pins.

Game 1 SK will blow out BnS with Eddie going off. Game 2 and 3 BnS will come back strong and Eddie will cool off. BnS will win game 2 comfortably; game 3 will be a close win.

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