Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 13 Hot Pins

Asian Sensation
All week Yash has been calling out Wahid on Facebook even though Wahid doesn't have Facebook. Yash backed up his talk taking 3 points from Wahid. This is possibly a preview of a first round matchup, as Asian Sensation made a huge statement with the win.

Balls n Strikes
Balls n Strikes didn't win the matchup but they did take 9 points from a good Asian Sensation team. The real story was Abdul bowling a season high 162 and bowled a turkey. If Abdul can bowl like that, this team will be very scary to face in the playoffs.

Strike Kings
The good news is they beat the number one team Strikes n Spares this week. The bad news is like usual they take less than 14 points. More good news is, it looks like they have locked up a playoff position. Raise your hand if you want to face Eddie and The Great Don Ali in the playoffs.

Strikes n Spares
Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier. Strike n Spares  lost to Strike Kings this week in a big statement series by Strike Kings. Hey commish, stop taking vacations. Your team needs you!!

Pin Pals
We know Ayaz, we know. Whoseeee better than you? ASIF!!! Asif is on a tear and has made a late push for MVP of the league.  He has bowled 3 more games over 200, and looks ready to lead the Pin Pals to the big dance.

Did Cinderella's Fairy godmother turn Alan from a pumpkin into a bowler? Alan bowled a 206 average sunday and was a big reason for a huge Force victory.

Pin Smackers
Good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite. The fans in Pin Smackers land are getting very angry as this team went from making the championship game last year, to missing the playoffs. Looks like Abhi and co will have to do some soul searching at the end of the season.


Another week another defeat. Maybe Gage has to find is inner Ray Lewis and pump up his team. With 3 weeks left they need to sweep all 3 matchups.

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