Monday, January 21, 2013

SASN Radio 1.18.2012 - talking to Chris King voice of the NY Islanders, Lamar Basnight, Ayaz Dar

Host Siddique Farooqi was flying solo tonight. Siddique's first guest was Chris King the voice of the NY Islanders.They talked about the NHL and the lock out and how they are bringing back hockey. The discussion was of the die hards of hockey how the lock out will affect them. The Islanders were previewed thoroughly along with players that were missing and how the shortened season helps them or hurts them.

 Siddique was then joined by Lamar Basnight a player who has come in to the South Asian Basketball League's Western Conference and totally dominated including an epic 22 point 30 rebound and 5 assist game.

 Ayaz Daddy Dar called in to give his weekly update of the South Asian Bowling League. Daddy Dar of course gave his rants and let everyone have it.

 Lastly they talked about Manti Teo and the NFL playoffs, who were they going to pick? Baltimore or New England? Greenbay or the Sanfrancisco 49'ers?

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