Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Force vs SnS Recap

Game 1: 812 – 811 SnS
Game2:  850 – 770 SnS
Game 3: 836 – 849 Force

 For the 2nd time this season these two teams went head to head. Both times SnS has played Force without their best bowler Jason Reis.  Last time they met SnS took a remarkable 21 points from force.  But since then Force has much improved as Prince has carried them from being an 8th place team up to a 5th place team now.

Game 1: SnS 5, Force 2
SnS had a very balanced attack as each one of their players scored in the 160s , with Amaad Bhatti leading them with a 169 followed by Naeem & Raza with a 166 and Mufthy with a 161 . Force was led by Prince with a 199 who went head to head with Mufthy as they were tied for 2nd in most match up points won and took game 1. Abbas Dastgir helped out with a 174 and got force there 2nd point for the game.  Allan bowled his average with a 146 but Riz had trouble going up against the leagues match up point leader Raza and bowled a season low 120. This game was won by SnS in the last frame on the last ball by Mufthy Dastgir. SnS was down 19 points in the last frame. Mufthy bowled a 9 spare and needed a strike to bring home the win for SnS. He showed that he still has what it takes to be an anchor and bowled the biggest Strike for SnS this season. SnS won the closest game of the season 812 – 811.

Game 2: SnS 6, Force 1
Game II would go differently and be a decisive win for the Strikes n Spares. Amaad came
roaring back with a game high 203 and won his individual match up against Allan who bowled a
138. Notably Amaad struck out in the 10th frame for the 2nd time in 2 games. Naeem cooled down and lost his match up to Abbas again 149 – 138. Riz bounced back with a 151 but it wasn’t enough to get Force a point as Raza bowled a 183. Mufthy and Prince battled it out once again with Mufthy evening the score between the two 176 – 160. SnS didn’t let force hang around this time and took total pins by 80.

Game 3: Force 5, SnS 2 plus total pins.
In game 3 Force came out strong. Prince bowled a 200 and Allan bowled a 162 both won their individual points. Riz also stepped it up and bowled a 174 but once again it wasn’t enough as Raza bowled a game high 201. Naeem bowled a 157 and got his point from Abbas who cooled down to a 144. In the end, Force won their first game of the season against SnS but by only 13 pins.

SnS showed once again that even with out thier best bowler they still have what it takes to win . As for Force they came 2 points short of handing SnS 2 loses in one week which only has been done once before this entire season . It was close but it wasn't enough .

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