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Pin Pals vs Asian Sensation Preview- Game of the Week

Pin Pals vs Asian Sensation Preview – Game of the Week


Our game of the week puts Asian Sensations vs. Pin Pals and this match up will definitely not disappoint.   We have two of the hottest in the league going head to head in a battle for second place, only 2 points separate these two teams between a first round bye and wild-card week where anything can happen.  Asian Sensations are looking to reclaim 2nd place while the Pin Pals are looking to give themselves a little breathing room in the final weeks.


This will be the 3rd time that these two teams have matched up against each other with the Pin Pals winning the first 2 matches by a score of 2 – 1 each.  Pin Pals are the defending champs that got off to a slow start, but have been improving week by week and continue to beat opponents.  Some would say that Pin Pals have had the toughest schedule this year as they have not faced up against a blind this whole season, teams definitely bring their full squad and A games when playing the champions.  Asian Sensations is hands-down the deepest team in the league, if this year followed the 5-man format as it did last year it may be them who would be on top of the leader board, substitutions are not a problem for this team as any 4-man combination is dangerous.   If this writer is not mistaken I believe they were the only team to beat the juggernaut that is SnS this season.


Let’s see how they match-up.


Chris “Chrisanity” (137.4) vs Amin (161.8) / Jin “Gangnam Style” Park (161.8)


Amin has been improving his game week by week and it shows as he put up a monster 248 game last week.   He is near the top in individual points won and some could argue is the best lead-off bowler in the game.  All that being said Jin is just as good  and even has a slightly higher average than Amin.  Asian Sensation can definitely get a string of strikes put up from their leadoff bowlers.  Chris “Chrisanity” has also showed great improvement in his game over the last few weeks ever since changing his throwing method and even posted a career high 225 game last week.  Add that together with a 58 pin handicap and that is nearly impossible to beat.  If Chris can keep up his hot streak the Pin Pals should coast to that first round bye.


Advantage: Asian Sensations – Although Chris has shown improvement and will have a decent pin advantage he needs to prove that last week was not a fluke and that he can consistently put up big numbers.


David “HGH” AKA “McGwire” (157.3) vs Justin Reis (167.7)


David was selected the first 2-Time PotW last week after posting an incredible +600 series, and some may say was a strong reason why the Pin Pals beat Asian Sensation the first time.  It is impressive to see a #2 bowler put up one +200 game, but to do it in all 3 is down right unfair.  He is also at the top of the list of individual player points.  David was a pure straight bowler at the beginning of the season, but ever since he has transitioned to the curve, people have begun to take notice.  He bought an old ball from teammate Asif and has been perfecting his game week by week.  You may say that Asif is the “ball whisperer” as he has matched up many players with an old bowling ball of his and improved their game.  Justin Reis was MIA from the first two encounters between these teams and perhaps the outcome may have been different if he was there.  He is a solid bowler and has the most powerful throw in the game and can easily put up great numbers.


Advantage: Pin Pals – This should be a very close match-up, but because of David’s slow start at the beginning of the season he still holds on to a +40 pin handicap, which will be the difference.  If we are hearing “DAVID MCGWIRE” being shouted throughout the bowling alley, you will know Asian Sensations are in trouble.


Asif “Suck It” Siddiqui (191.2) vs Khaled “The Silent Assassin” (174.5)


This match up has two great bowlers and two of the quietest bowlers in the league.  Asif has been on fire the past few weeks and has moved up to 4th in high average of the league to put himself in the company of the elite.  Although not much has been written about the All Star game, Asif pulled his team to the finals and could have easily been voted as All-Star MVP.   He is by far the best Set-Up man in the league and would easily be the Anchor on any other team.  Asif has a solid game and will rarely leave a frame open, if his strikes are falling, you will not beat him, but he has to be there on time or else the Pin Pals will be in trouble.  Khaled is also a very strong and consistent bowler, he had struggled in the first two match-ups between these teams, but since then he has picked up more confidence and is bowling much better and should give Asif a good match.  He has the ability to string strikes together and has even came close to perfection this season during practice.


Advantage: Pin Pals – Khaled will put up a good fight to keep it close, but we Asif pulling this one off.


Ayaz “Daddy” Dar (184.2) vs Yash “The Shark” (174.9)


Where has Ayaz been the past few weeks?  Although Ayaz game up big in early games the last few weeks he just hasn’t been putting up the numbers that he is known for and has seen his average slowly decreasing.  That being said he still holds the #5 spot in top average.  Lucky for Ayaz his teammates have picked him up during those weeks.  Ayaz has been bowling decent games, but the consistent strikes are just not falling for him, could it be the new ball or perhaps being tired from playing in so many other leagues during the week?  Yash has moved to the anchor spot and has never looked back, ever since he faced up against, and beat, Ayaz in their first head-to-head match up he has gone up against the best and taken care of business as shown by his 19.5 player points won, the highest for an anchor behind Prince by ½ a point.  Yash has the ability to put the team on his back and dominate a game, but with such a solid team he may not need to.


Advantage: Tie – This match up all depends on which Ayaz shows up on Sunday, if it is the same old Ayaz as previous weeks you will see Yash take this easily and win bragging rights over his nemesis.  If Ayaz can some how find the magic except this match up to come down to the 10th frame, or dare I say “bowl-off”.

Predication: Asian Sensation take the match 2 – 1, even closer by points.

This match up will truly be one to watch as the two teams look to solidify their spot in the play-offs.  Look for the Asian Sensation to bring the season series closer, only to be decided in the play-offs where these two teams will most likely meet again.

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